5 Best GBA Emulators For Windows 10 2022 - Play Game Boy Advance on PC
The Best GBA Emulators For Your Windows 10 PC

Do you wish to play your favorite Game Boy Advance games on your PC? Don’t worry; you have landed at the right place as we have compiled for you the top 5 best GBA Emulators for Windows 10/11 2022 that you can download for free. These are one of the most excellent hand-held emulators that were developed by Nintendo. With this, the players can play games anywhere they want despite the time.

Below is a handpicked list which we have tested in-house on a decent machine. You should be able to run these with a high FPS and smooth gameplay on your integrated chipset.

Let’s get started before you run away.


5 Best GBA Emulators For PC in 2022 – Play GBA Games on Windows 10/11 (Download Links)

Higan GBA Emulator – Emulating Consoles

Higan GBA Emulator for Windows 10 PC

The first one to make it to the list is the Higan GBA emulator. It is effortless, and due to this can run on all the kinds of hardware out there.

The users can control this software the way they want to. Moreover, it is also able to support game emulation for Famicom, Sega master system, Super Famicom, Gameboy Color, and many others.

On this software, the emulation is perfect, but you may face some issues related to audio and other items during the gameplay. This issue was seen in a few and not in all the games.

The Good

  • It has a fast setup
  • Able to support various consoles
  • It offers enhanced color reproduction

The Bad

  • Users may experience a sound lag in some games
  • Some users also report a lag in FPS and stutter at times.

Download Higan Emulator For Windows 10/11

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mGBA – Open Source Game Boy Advance Emulator

mGBA Emulator for Windows 10 Download

This is seemed to be the best emulator for your Windows PC and other OS for emulating the Game Boy Advance console. Such emulation programs carry some additional features that were not seen before.

  • You can save the game at any point you wish.
  • Using game hacking techniques
  • Patches for the games

Now, mGBA supports the following enhancements:

  • Cheat codes such as the ones found in PUBG
  • It also can override the game as well as enable the ROM patches.
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The Good

  • Carries a variety of games
  • Users can use cheat codes
  • Comes with a simple setup and installation process

The Bad

  • It lacks some of the advanced level features
  • Hasn’t been updated in a while

Download mGBA Emulator For Windows 10/11

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BatGBA Emulator For Windows – A great choice

Best GBA Emulator for PC Download

Another one to make it to the list is the batGBA emulator. It is effortless in its type thus lacks some of the advanced options.

The best part about this one is that it comes in tiny size and thus occupies little space on your system. It can run on any hardware with much ease. Moreover, it is present for many years now and allows its users to play and enjoy all the Gameboy advanced games on their windows PC.

The emulator does good for what it is designed for, thus no complaining. The one little problem is the lack of some advanced features.

The Good

  • Easy installation process
  • It can support all commercial as well as non-commercial GBA games
  • You do need to a lot of knowledge to use it
  • The most simple emulator available in town
  • Ready to run every GBA game that is available

The Bad

  • Lack of advanced features
  • New 32-bit and 64-bit support is not implemented

Download BatGBA Emulator For Windows 10/11

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VisualBoyAdvance – Game Boy Emulator

VisualBoyAdvance Emulator for PC Free Download

This is seemed to be one of the oldest Gameboy advanced emulators. In the past, its software used to show some issues like lagging, but with time it has been optimized to get most out of the current hardware.

Now all the features that are offered by VisualBoy Advance shall not be founded by people in the handheld console. The best part about this one is that once you use this, it shall change your gaming experience, and you can enjoy the game the way you want to.

This is the best emulator available at the moment as it gets updated regularly and can run all the games and that too for free.

The Good

  • It can support both new and old hardware’s
  • You can save the game at any point you wish
  • It can support remapping of the buttons and controller
  • You can take screenshots
  • You can record the gameplay
  • Users can use cheat codes
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The Bad

  • It may lag if running an old hardware
  • Needs more CPU and RAM

Download VisualBoyAdvance Emulator For Windows 10/11

No$GBA Emulator – Emulate DS with NDS Roms

Download no$GBA Free Latest Version

This is also known as the No Cash GBA Emulator. It has a lot of popularity due to its name as the features it has.

The best part about this one is that it not only runs the GBA games but is also able to run the Nintendo DS games. Although there are not many games with proper development for the Nintendo DS games, still there are many games that run entirely.

This is an excellent emulator that can run all the GBA games with a lot of ease but may face some minor problems with Nintendo DS games.

The Good

  • It can emulate both the NDS and GBA games.
  • It supports the use of controls.
  • Comes with the best optimization
  • Users can configure the game the way they want

The Bad

  • The Nintendo DS games might face some issues and problems.
  • The author has recently added no new compatibility.

Download NO$GBA Emulator For Windows 10/11

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Other great Alternatives:

  • Boycott Advance: A great GBA emulator for MAC. It has all the nuts and bolts of the Windows version.
  • John GBA: An excellent choice for those who love to emulate consoles on Android phones.
  • GBA.emu: This is great for gamers who love to simulate BIOS and ROMS. The main feature is that it allows you to save your progress at any given time! Something that is not possible on the original Game Boy Advance console.

Which GBA Emulator are you downloading for your PC?

So this was our list for the 5 best GBA emulators for PC in 2022. These are all %100 compatible with Windows 10 and are available for free download.

Do let us know below in the comments if you have any alternative methods for emulating GBA games?

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