Let’s face it, data encryption also known as cryptography is your best friend currently. Privacy and data security should be your #1 priority. On this page, we will recommend to you the Top Six Best Free Encryption Software for Ultimate File Security 2022. You will also be able to download them for free and links will be provided. Below we will tell you about the six awesome desktop top encryption tools that you can use to secure your personal data from data theft and leaks.

The main objective of this article is to help you find the best tools for locking your files. This will ensure no one can view your confidential data. There are numerous tools out there that can be used for encrypting data but, we will show you the ones recommended and most secure ones with the strongest encryption technologies. These are the best choices for everyone that wants the highest level of file security and privacy. These will help you encrypt your data and store it locally on your hard drive. Security tools are a way of digital life now. You must implement it if you want to be safe.

Let’s begin!


Top 6 Best Free Encryption Tools for Ultimate File Security (Download) 

These programs are listed in accordance with their features and security. They are also rated depending on what level of cryptography they use and how friendly they are to use by the end-user.

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AxCrypt – Best File Security and Encryption Software for Windows

Best Free Encryption Tools Download for Windows AxCrypt 2022
Top Best Free Encryption Tools Download for Windows (AxCrypt 2022)

This is the only encryption tool that you will need on Windows. It is free, fast, and simple to use and has a very clear interface. It has many features including file shredding, portable release, automatic key generation, and allowing you to access encrypted data without having AxCrypt installed. You can encrypt individual files and folders. It also allows you to encrypt files for a specific amount of time which decrypt themselves when the time comes. You can create files and folders and organize them. Every encrypted file will have a ”.axx” extension, which indicates that the file is safe and encrypted.

It is compatible with all Windows operating systems. You should have no issue with compatibility. It is light and does not use many system resources. Read our comprehensive guide on how to use AxCrypt for file encryption and security and learn all about this amazing tool.

Download AxCrypt

BitLocker – Making encryption easy on Microsoft Windows

 Best Encryption Software Tool Free Download
Best Encryption Software Tool Free Download – (BitLocker)

This is all you will need to enable full-disk encryption on Windows. It supports strong encryption methods including AES 128 and AES 256-bit. It comes with many new changes and features in the past few years as it has been updated. Below is a full list of features that BitLocker Drive Encryption provides:

  1. It provides you the highest level of security when your laptop/desktop has TPM (Trusted Platform Module). This ensures your data is secure and will inform you if the PC has been tampered with in any way.
  2. It allows you to encrypt the drive which holds the operating system. This ensures that your OS is secure and encrypted.
  3. You can view your files, edit them, and do anything while they are encrypted.
  4. Adds an additional layer of security when you boot your PC. It asks you for your decryption key when you turn on your computer.
  5. You can encrypt each individual drive and folder using BitLocker. It also allows you to encrypt or lock removable media e.g. flash drives.
  6. It allows you to set a password or PIN (Personal Identification Number), to your drives and other storage devices.
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Note: There are misleading videos and tutorials on the web that claim BitLocker is weak and can be defeated. Please do not follow them or believe what they say, just always have the latest update installed.

Compatible with:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 Enterprise, Pro, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows Server 2012 and above.

Update: Now also supported on Windows 11.

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VeraCrypt – The king of Encryption Tools

VeraCrypt Best Encryption Software Tool Free Download
(VeraCrypt) Best Encryption Software Tool Free Download

This is one of the most modern encryption software available to be used out there. It has superior security and the strongest encryption algorithms for maximum protection of your critical data. It has brute-force attack safety measures. It can be used to easily encrypt system partitions, full disks, create an encrypted volume/drive, and much more. Below is a list of features VeraCrypt comes included with:

  1. Ability to encrypt folders, files, and full disks.
  2. Fully open-source wipes away fears of any backdoors or hidden access.
  3. Able to make your OS hidden in the drive.
  4. Compatible with smart cards.
  5. Safe from cold-boot attacks.
  6. It is free to use in any way you like.
  7. Capable of making a hidden volume inside another volume.

Download VeraCrypt

7-Zip – The quick encryption tool

7-Zip Top File Lock Encryption Program Download
(7-Zip) Top File Lock Encryption Program Download

This is the only free encryption tool/software you will need to encrypt your private data and documents. It is the easiest to use and can only encrypt individual files. It is mainly used for extracting archives and .rar files as well. It works with all current and old Windows operating systems. Below is a list of all the features 7-Zip provides.

  1. It can be used as a file manager.
  2. Supports AES-256 bit encryption in all of its formats (7z and ZIP).
  3. Available in multiple languages for ease of use and understanding.
  4. It does not eat all of your system resources. It’s very light on resources!

Download 7-Zip

DiskCryptor – The all-in-one encryption tool package

DiskCryptor is the swiss army knife of the best encryption software that you can download today. It offers full-disk encryptions and can easily encrypt your system partition. It is open-source which is a huge factor when deciding which program to choose. DiskCryptor is fully compatible with other apps as well in the same category, this includes TrueCrypt. It is the newer version DriveCrypt Plus Pack supporting whole disk encryption or WDE.

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Encryption algorithm support includes:

  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Twofish
  • Serpent (Cipher)

Why install DiskCryptor?

  1. The fastest encryption tool.
  2. It provides the same level of performance and speed of a non-encrypted PC.
  3. Works with all types of internal and external storage devices including SSD.

Download Discryptor

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HTTPS Everywhere – All you need for web security

This is a plugin for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser. It makes sure that you always access secure versions of the website. It enables HTTPS by default on sites you visit by forcing them to use that version. This encrypts all the data sent between you and the website server for high-end security. HTTPS Everywhere adds an extra layer of encryption and privacy to your internet activities. It authenticates the user with the server using web encryption.

Please be aware that only supported websites, that support hypertext transfer protocol are secure. It is highly recommended to install HTTPS Everywhere because not every website is secure now.

Download HTTPS Everywhere


Update: Updated versions of the software have been added.

LastPass: This is a cloud-based data encryption and password management tool. It also provides secure storage for highly classified documents.

CyberGhost VPN: I would also recommend using a VPN when transferring or accessing personal information. This will help keep the internet traffic encrypted at all times.

Final Word – Encryption Software Tools are key to file security and better online privacy

We all should care about our privacy and security. It is our responsibility to make sure our data is safe, secure, and encrypted always. Encryption comes only at one cost, and that is the time! It only takes a little time to encrypt data and to decrypt it. There are various tools out in the wild and lots of varieties of developers and companies offering them. However, the best advice you can get from me is that only use software that is open source and free.

I hope this article helped you in choosing the Top 6 Best Encryption Software Tools for Ultimate File Security 2021 that are available as a free download!

Please share this page with your friends and family! Let us know in the comments below if you know any better software for encrypting data.

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