If you are bored with the Linux Terminal and want to enhance it. You will find the Top 6 Best GNOME Desktop Environments for Linux with free download links on this page.

If you want to know about GNOME Desktop, then there is a possibility that you might know about Linux Distros. If you don’t know about Linux Distro or Linux Distributions, then you won’t be able to understand the GNOME Desktop. Linux Distributions are the Operating System (OS) which are made up of different software collections.

Top 6 Best Gnome Desktops for Linux Distros 2022


What are GNOME Desktop Environments?

As for GNOME Desktop, they are the open-source and free desktop environments that are specifically designed and developed for the Unix-like Operating Systems. GNOME stands for “GNU Network Object Model Environment.” But now this phrase has been removed because it doesn’t suit the working the GNOME Project.

For now, GNOME is an element of GNU Project which has been developed by GNOME Project itself. GNOME Project is composed of paid contributors and volunteers, and the most significant contributor is the Red Hat.

Red hat is a company that programs and develops different software frameworks that help in improving the various software programs. GNOME 3 is the latest version of the GNOME desktop which is used in all of the most recent distributions of Linux available over the Internet.

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Top 6 Best GNOME Desktops for Linux Distros Free Download (2022 Updated Edition)

Debian Testing

The first Linux Distro with GNOME desktop in our list is Debian Testing. This Linux Distribution appears with the GNOME desktop by default. This is not going to be permanent, but it will be changed after some years due to the evolution in technology by time.

Debian has many features of the real GNOME Desktop, but it doesn’t consist of some new software that is available in other Distros.

The good thing about Debian is that it helps you to report bugs directly to the community and provides you with suggestions through which you can accomplish all of your computing needs.

Debian gnome desktop


  • It gives you the experience of a vanilla GNOME desktop.
  • Debian is known for being highly stable and continuously patched.


  • This OS requires more knowledge about its maintenance because there are many chances that you will face misbehaving software.
  • You have to be existent with different software bugs because of its testing version.

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Elementary OS

The second Linux Distro with GNOME Desktop in our list is Elementary OS. This Linux Distro ultimately looks like Apple Desktop. The developers of this OS have named it Pantheon, but still, it seems like the Apple Desktop.

Elementary is based on another OS named Ubuntu. Still, there are many updated programs and software in this Linux Distro. One of these programs is the Epiphany web browser.

Elementary OS Gnome environment


The third Linux Distro with GNOME Desktop in our list is Fedora. Fedora consists of a rare ecosystem in which it opens updated and new software for its users. This distro is specifically recommended for the Computer Geeks who are fans of innovative software.

Fedora also consists of a vanilla GNOME Desktop, and it is also used by most of its developers. This means that every new update and feature is available for the Fedora first then other Linux Distros. Fedora also consists of further distribution of software named Flatpack.

Fedora Gnome Desktop


  • It is the best Distro that gives you complete access to unmodified and the latest GNOME Desktop.
  • As is mentioned earlier, it is suitable for geeks and developers.

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Zorin OSZorin OS Gnome Environment

The fourth Linux distro with GNOME Desktop in our list is Zorin OS. This Distro is just like windows desktop, which makes it easy to use for Windows users. The latest version of this distro consists of the Windows 10 desktop. This OS also includes WINE which is used for running the Windows software and programs.

This Distro is also Ubuntu-based, and this will take a lot more time to deploy a new GNOME Desktop after the original release of Ubuntu.


  • Professional users use Zorin, so if you have any issues, you can get help from them online.
  • Zorin OS consists of Windows Desktop, which is easier to use for Windows users.

Linux Mint Cinnamon

The fifth Linux distro with GNOME Desktop is Linux Mint. This Distro is very popular over the internet. Linux Mint is also Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution. It consists of the Cinnamon desktop which you must have guessed by its last name. This distro also includes Windows-like a desktop with a taskbar panel and a start menu at the bottom.

The best thing about the Linux Mint is the software updater tool. The user of the Linux Mint can use this tool so they can install all of the latest updates and keep their systems updated. There is an option of auto-updating which grants permission to Linux Mint to keep the system up to date.

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Linux Mint Gnome

  • Advantages:
  • It is best and easy to use for Windows users.
  • It is rated as the best Distro because of its updating software.
  • Some of the apps in GTK like Builder are not compatible with the Cinnamon desktop.

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Ubuntu Linux

The last and the most potent Linux distro with GNOME Desktop in our list is Ubuntu. As I have mentioned in my other article, Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distro in the Linux community. It is a Debian-based OS that is mostly referred and recommended to new users who are willing or have a dream to use Linux. The advantage of using Ubuntu is that soon, professional apps will also be available for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu started using the services of GNOME desktop last year, but they also did little modifications of their own. The customized desktop by the Ubuntu developers is just like the Unity desktop, which makes it easier to use for the old users of Unity.

Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Environment

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Advantages:
  • This OS is especially available for users who are completely new to Linux.
  • The customized theme of Ubuntu makes it look wonderful other than the original GNOME theme.


Another open-source desktop environment that you can use on any Linux or BSD OS. The main perks of Xfce are that it is very light on resources and easy for anyone new to GNOME.

It brings a ton of changes and improvements that otherwise would have not existed in your bare Linux install.

Download Xfce

More additions:

  • Cinnamon
  • Pantheon
  • Mate Desktop
  • Qtile
  • i3 Windows Manager

Which is your favorite GNOME Desktop?

In this guide, we talked about the best GNOME Desktops environments, which consist of GNOME environments. At first, I gave you a brief introduction about the Linux Distro, and then I gave you a complete description of the GNOME Desktops. There are also Linux Distros for Hacking, however, you will need Kali Linux for such tasks.

Then I displayed a whole list of Top 6 Linux Distros with GNOME desktops. Then I explained every distro which I wrote on the list. I also told you about the advantages and disadvantages of each distro.

According to my opinion, all of the listed Linux distros are awesome to use, but you can use any single distro which fulfills your requirements and needs.

Debian Testing
Elementary OS
Zorin OS
Linux Mint Cinnamon
Ubuntu Linux
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  1. Man, these are desktop environments. Those are distros that ship with gnome.
    A desktop environment is a tool that allows you to interact with the system by a graphical interface, Gnome and Kde are two of the most famous ones. Gnome Desktop Environments(because they are based on Gnome’s gtk) are cinnamon, mate, pantheon, Zorin OS’ Desktop and so on


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