Top 9 Best Hacker Search Engines To Use in 2022 (New List)

Different users wonder what tools are being used by hackers to look for various vulnerabilities on devices connected to the internet. Everyone uses specific hacker search engines, but there are which are designed for cybersecurity research purposes.

People believe that hackers are evil, but in reality, they are quite the opposite. Most of them are dedicated to investigating and finding security flaws. Affected organizations can offer a solution concerning this. Today we share with you a list of the 9 Best Internet Search Engines that are being used by Hackers 2022.

Let’s start!


Top 9 Internet Search Engines Built For Hackers

Shodan – IoT and Connected Devices search engine

Shodan IO Internet Search Engine

This is a web service with which users can see which devices have access to the internet or have any security flaws. This is an ideal service like to check if there are webcams, smart TV, alarms, air-conditioning and others in a digital home connected to the net and vulnerable to various types of attacks.

This is deemed to be the most popular and one of the most used search engines as it provides users with:

  • More information
  • Let users see in details if there is any kind of security flaw in their device.
  • What information it carries regarding our public IP address.

Visit Shodan Search Engine

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Censys – Find Insecure Devices Online

Censys IO Search Engine

This is a payment tool where users can see all the attacks suffered by various systems and apps that too in real-time. It carries a free domain search engine where

  • Users can access as well as see different information regarding domains like which ports and protocols are being used, which certificate is valid.

Moreover, it also has a certificate search engine where:

  • You can see which key is valid and which one is last valid.

It also has IPV4 address engine from where:

  • Users can find relevant information.
  • Find the approximate location of the IP address.

The best about this one is its ability to see how a detected security breach has been resolved. Visit the official website to know more details regarding this tool.

Visit Censys Search Engine

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ZoomEye – Xmap and Wmap based search engine (Hacker Friendly Search Tool)

Top Hacker Search Engines

This one got developed for the Chinese market. It carries a search engine where you enter the IP address, a word a get the information regarding it. We recommend that you use a translator, though the information on the results will be shown in English the menus and data will not be changed.

It carries a fascinating section known as statistics in here:

  • Users can see various stats of the planet of all kinds, from multiple countries, browsers, servers, protocols and much more.

Visit ZoomEye Search Engine

GreyNoise – Visualizing Search

Cyber Security Search Engine

This one carries a search engine in which users can enter an IP address and also search for words. Now depending on what we have come, it shall show us information regarding attacks, malicious websites or any faults it finds. It carries a section in the lower right side known as explore trends where:

  • User can see stats updated in real-time like anomalies detected in ports, malicious attacks and much more.
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The best thing about this one is that it comes in free, but if you are looking for more accurate and specific information like IP lookup, more advanced queries or eve support, then you need to go for the payment option for companies that is around 2.999.

Visit GreyNoise Search Engine

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PublicWWW – Search Code Online

This is a web search engines that allow users to:

  • Search for HTML. JS and CSS code on any web page.

Its use is simple and is quite useful. For this to operate:

  • Enter the website.
  • Then enter in the search box, the code you wish to find out if it is on any website.
  • Once introduced click right in the bar where the code has been added.
  • Hit search, and it shall show desired results.

If you wish to know what syntax we can enter in the search box then you need to click on query syntax: RegEx.ccTLDs and it shall open up a new page with different ways to search for the code.

Visit PublicWWW Search Engine

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WiGLE – Wireless Networks/Routers Search Engine

This is a search engine designed for wireless networks by coordination. To put it in short, as we enter in Wigle we can find a map, at the right we can enter latitude and longitude coordinates to visit some point on earth. As we zoom in, we shall be able to see various hotspot networks available.

Wifi devices, Bluetooth and telecommunication antennas are also there. It is quite useful to see what is surrounding us and if we have any network available near us.

Visit WiGLE Search Engine

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Haveibeenpwned – A search engine to find data breaches

With this users can find out if using the address of their electronic mail some password of some web page has been filtered. Due to leaks and theft of information in recent times, we recommend that you give this website a try. It’s easy to operate. For this:

  • Enter your website; enter in the search box the email address we wish to find out if any website has filtered the password.
  • Once done you need to click to the right in the bar where you have introduced email direction, the button pwned.
  • If somehow you do not see that your email address is filtered, then you shall be able to see a green and white search bar with the text “Good News- no pwnage found”
  • If your email address is filtered, then it shall show the text in red and white “Oh no- pwned”.

In the event of filtering, the first thing that needs to be done is that we change the password of the email. Next, in this web if we download the complete site then it shall tell us where it has found it; it has filtered our email address as well as password.

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This one can save users from problems of improper access; thus, from RedesZone we recommend that users test their email address to check if they have been filtered or not.

Visit Have I Been Pwned Data Breach Search Engine

Hunter – Cyber Security Focused Email Search

Hunter Email Search Engine

This is a website that carries a big email database on which users can enter the name of the company, and it shall show us all the email addresses that it has filtered related to it. If you wish to find an email address, then this is quite a handy website. It is simple to operate.

  • First, you need to enter the website.
  • Then in the search box, enter the name of the company that you wish to check if any of the email address has been filtered.
  • Then click to the right in the bar where the direction of the email has been introduced.
  • The button “find email addresses” or when we introduce the company’s name can appear already there in the searcher.
  • Once clicked, if it does not find out anything, then a message shall appear below the search box “this does not look like a domain name.”
  • If results are found, then you shall see the found email addresses and next to a green icon if they are still active or can be yellow if you do not know.
  • Now a downward arrow will appear on the right side of each email address which would tell us which website has found the email of the company that we were looking for and also determine whether the place from which it has been found is active or not.

Visit Hunter Email Search Engine

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Pipl – Search Peoples Identities

Pipl Search Engine

This is yet another search engine with which users can identify people behind the email address or phone numbers. The best thing about this one is that it can find everything regarding a person like their name, email address, contact information, personal data, personal information and much more. This is seemed to be the world’s largest people search directory where you can almost find anyone! An excellent OSINT tool that is widely available for data collection.

Visit Pipl Serch Engine

Which Hacker Search Engines have you been using?

The internet is full of valuable information nowadays. As data is classed as the new “Gold” everyone is after it. This article has explained the 9 best search engines for hackers in 2022 that you can use for finding IoT devices, open ports, insecure routers/server,s and more.

Do let us know which top hacker search engines are you using and why? We have shared our picks by doing an extensive review and testing of each!

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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