We all use Windows on our PCs and have come across numerous problems at some point. Today I will show you how to fix the common Windows 10/11 problems by giving you a solution to each problem!

As we have been using Windows for decades so I know that you might know everything about it so I must not tell you about its history and simply skip towards the 10 Common Windows 10/11 Problems and their solutions.

How To Fix Most Common Windows 10 & 11 Problems
How To Fix Most Common Windows 10 & 11 Problems

If you have installed or upgraded your Personal Computer (PC) to Windows 10 you will know that there is a big improvement in the new version of this Windows and has some really new and great features. However, like the other Operating System, it is not perfect and sometimes you will have to face some problems. Unfortunately, there are very few PC’s are unsafe from this problem and are without a solution.


The top 10 Common Windows 10/11 Problems and Their Solutions

Now I am going to name the problems in the form of a list and after listing them I will explain them one by one. The list of these common problems is:

  1. Not enough space to install a Windows update.
  2. PC boots slowly.
  3. Files open in the wrong application.
  4. Windows uses 4G data.
  5. DVD movies don’t play.
  6. Too many notifications.
  7. Your privacy settings aren’t good.
  8. System restore is missing
  9. Too many pop-ups
  10. Printer problem.

Now we are going to discuss every single problem one by one. The explanation of these problems is given below:

Not enough space to install a Windows update

Windows 10 Not Enough Storage Space Problem

This is a very common problem that is usually heard by the Windows user is the Windows 10/11 update problem. In this problem window’s updates do not install even if you try to install them thousands of times. This can be solved with the help of freeing up your computer space and you can do that with the help of software named CleanMyPC. It will uninstall all of the useless apps and all their temporary files and clean up the registry base of windows. It will remove these files automatically, once you have scanned your PC, you can also choose and review the results of the scan you can also decide about which file you want to delete or keep.

The other way of solving this problem is to free up space in your device automatically. You can do this with the help of built-in Disk Cleanup tool.

PC Boots slowly – Long startup times

This problem is also common in the windows that your windows might be booting slowly. First of all, you have to check two things in order to solve this simple problem are:

First, you have to check that your Windows is up to date and that it hasn’t been infected by any malware.

To check for malware you have to perform the following steps:

  • Press the Windows key + i.
  • Choose the Update & Security section.
  • Then select the Windows Defender.
  • Once you have opened the Windows Defender Click Full scan and then scan now.
  • After scanning delete the found malware.

Once this process is finished reboot your system and your problem will be solved.

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Files opening in the Wrong Application

As we all mostly double click a file or folder to open it, if the file is broken within the Windows, as it often becomes corrupted or broken, it won’t open in any of the apps that you want it to. You can fix this by simply clicking on the Start Menu and then Choosing the settings section. Then you have to click on the System tab and then you have to look for the category which is labeled as “Default Apps”. In this option, you can select which app can open that type of file and you also can specify an app for many different file extensions.

Too many Notifications at once

Microsoft has put a great feature in the new version of Windows and for that, they have added the Action Center in Windows 10 which is really great for keeping all of the Notifications of every single app in one single place. But there is also a shortcoming of this feature and that is you will also get messages from the apps that you don’t want to view or watch. You can switch these options off by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the Start menu and then choose settings.
  • Click on the System option, then choose Notifications & Actions.
  • Then you can switch the toggle to control which notifications appear or disable them forever.

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Windows uses 4G Data

If you are using a hotspot for connecting with the internet or connecting with any other 4G Network, the only thing that you should be worried about is for the Background Processed that are running in the Background of the App and that background downloading process might eat all of your data or bandwidth. The internet connection is also a big issue in as people have problems connecting to Wifi and Ethernet.

  • The first step is to click on the Start Menu and then choose the Settings.
  • Then click on the Network & Internet.
  • Then you have to select Wi-Fi, then advanced options.
  • Then turn on the “Set as Metered Connection” option.

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DVD Movies Don’t Play

There is another big problem with the latest version of Windows. It does not have the built-in installed DVD player anymore and which is a very big problem for the people who want to watch movies on their Personal Computer.

This is kind of stupid to say but Microsoft assumes that everyone nowadays is watching movies online and that’s the only reason that there is no DVD Player in the latest patch updates. In order to watch DVD movies, you will have to buy and download a DVD player from Microsoft, but there is another secret player for you and that is a VLC media player. It’s totally free software and it will play your DVDs.

Your Privacy Settings Need Changing

There is another single problem and that is the default privacy settings which are turned on and that might be fine for many of the users. But still, you have to change them if they aren’t right for you so you have to follow these steps in order to change them:

  • First of all, you have to go to settings from the Start Menu.
  • Then choose the privacy section.
  • Then you have to go through each section and then you have to select the left-hand side.
  • Then you have to review the settings in every section and then use the toggle switch to adjust them according to your preference.
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System Restore is Missing

System restore is a very great option when your data is missing or corrupted you can reverse the time and restore all of the data. But what would you do if that option is missing? Yes, that option is missing from this OS. If you want to turn this setting on then you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all click on the start menu and then type “system restore” in the search box.
  • Then you have to select the restore point.
  • When you see the properties panel, you have to click on the tab named System Protection.
  • You also have to make sure that you have selected the drive C: in which windows is installed.
  • Also, click on the radio button available within that dialogue box.
  • Then use the slider to specify the hard drive you want to use for the restore points. (5-10% should do the trick.

Too many Pop-ups

The pop-ups are a really frustrating thing when they appear on the screen of your Personal Computer. But there is really good news for you that the Edge has a built-in feature of the pop-up blockers, but it is off by default. You can turn it on by opening the edge then clicking on the button with 3 dots and choosing settings, view advanced settings, then turn on the Pop-up Blocker.

Common Printer Problems in Windows 10/11

Printers are a really important device nowadays which is almost used everywhere and in every field of life. Sometimes in Windows, the printers become faulty and stop working but it also can be easily fixed. Follow these easy steps to solve this problem:

  • You have to go to the Control Panel then choose the option of Devices and printers.
  • Then right-click on your printer and then you can choose to remove it.
  • Now you can download the original drivers from the website of your printer.

Are your Windows 10 Problems Fixed Now?

Fix Windows 10 Problems Guide

That was all the information that I could gather up for all the problems in Windows 10/11 with their solutions. If you face other problems also then you should consider upgrading your Windows with the new updates being released without being properly tested. Another annoying issue faced by many people is the watermark when the trial expires. However, you can always activate Windows 10 free for lifetime.

Windows comes with many new features and even a new look. If you don’t like the current look of your PC and want to change your theme check our top 9 Windows 10 themes to download. Alternately you can also head to Windows 10 official FAQ for more information.

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