Ultimate Facebook Scraper Free Download (2022) - Scrape Profile Data (UFS)

Ultimate Facebook Scraper 2022, also known as UFS, is software that is free to download used to scrape almost anything and everything regarding the profile of a user. This is a tool that is used to automate your social media interactions to collect photos, videos, posts, followers, friends, and much more.

It works pretty flawlessly, and the developers have put a lot of effort into building this Facebook group scraper. It is widely accessible on Github and is #2 in the Python section.

Let’s discuss it more!


About Ultimate Facebook Scraper (UFS)?

This is also known as web scraping. It a process through which we can import information from a particular website onto a spreadsheet or a local file that is saved on your system. This is seemed to be a very effective way to get all the data from the web and, in some cases, are used to channel that data to another site. It uses are as followed:

  • Can research web content/business intelligence.
  • Get to know about the pricing for travel book sites or price comparison websites.
  • I am sending the product data from an e-commerce site to any online vendor like Google shopping.
  • Finding the sale leads or conducting market research by crawling public data sources like Twitter and Yell.

It comes with a vast number of apps. It comes in hand where data needs to be moved from one place to another.

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Ultimate Facebook Scraper Features

Download Facebook Page Scraper

Now a bot that can scrap almost anything regarding a user’s profile includes the following things:

  • Videos
  • Uploaded photos
  • Tagged pictures
  • Friend lists along with their profile photos, including followers, following, college and work friends, and much more.
  • Public posts there on the timeline of the user

The best thing about this one is that islets user to organize data neatly so that it can be used for research and educational purpose by the researchers. There are no rate-limiting issues that much as it does not use Facebook’s Graph API.

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How to Install UFS

To use this Facebook Scraper make sure you have:

  1. Google Chrome ready and installed.
  2. Make sure to have Python installed.
  3. Make sure your Facebook account has 2-step verification enabled (or a demo account).
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To install this, you need to have with you the latest version of Google Chrome and also need to install Selenium module as well using

pip install selenium

You need to run the code by using python 3; the system is multi-platform as well and is tested both on Linux and Windows. It uses the latest version of Chrome web driver. We have placed for you the web driver, but if it does not work then you just need to replace the web chrome driver with the latest one

git clone https://github.com/harismuneer/Ultimate-Facebook-Scraper.git

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How to use Ultimate Facebook Scraper

Download Facebook Group Scraper

There is a file by the name “input.txt.” In the following format, you can add as many profiles you want with each link on a new line

keep one thing in mind that the link only carries the username or the id number at the end and not any other information. Be sure that it is in the same format as mentioned above.

Note: to download profile pictures of friends and users; there are two modules: Large size and small size. These are set to small-sized images by default as the larger size takes a lot of time, all depending on the number of pictures to download.

Note: keep one thing in your mind that this tool is only for research purposes. Therefore the developers of this tool shall not be responsible for any misuse of data by using it. This is being used by many researchers and open source intelligence analysts.

Facebook Crawler Download

This tool uses the xpaths of “divs” to extract the data. As frequently facebook website is updated, the “divs” get changed. Keep in mind that we need to update them according to the correct scrape data.

The developers of this tool have devoted their time and effort in developing and maintaining it. It needs a lot of support from all of you to keep it alive.

The code is easy to understand. Thus users can update the relative paths in the system if they see that data is not being scraped from the user profiles. It keeps an updated site; thus generates a pull request.

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Note: This tool is for educational purposes only. Please read their scraping policy before proceeding.

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Update: New link and version has been added.

Download Ultimate Facebook Scraper 2022 Free – Scrape Groups and Profiles

This is genuinely a fantastic data scraper! The best part is that it is a very well organized and well-documented software. This Ultimate Facebook Scraper is now available for free download and can be used as a group and page scraper.

Authors: Haris Muneer and Hassan Elahi.

Ultimate Facebook Scraper Free Download (2022)

Download Ultimate Facebook Scraper 2021 - Scrape Profiles and Groups
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