If you are confused and don’t know what Google Chrome Elevation Service is then this page explains everything related to Elevation_Service.exe.

Google Chrome, A powerful web browser, and a search tool. It is famous because of its various tools and extensions which are completely embedded within it. There are many tools which are for the recovery options or different functions for safer and smooth browsing over the internet. Some of these tools are for the security of their users or customers. Google Chrome Elevation Service is one of these tools.

What is Google Chrome Elevation Service and How to Disable/Stop It?
How to Disable Chrome Elevation Service and What it is?

I did a lot of research on this particular topic, or you can say a service which is named as Google Chrome’s Elevation Service. This Service or tool is installed in the folder where you installed Google Chrome. So this clearly says that it is a built-in service of Chrome.

The service has a specific .exe file in the chrome folder which is mostly installed in the following directory: Program Files (x86)\ Google\ Chrome\ Application\ 74.0.3729.157.

After some delving, I found that Chrome itself installs this particular service, and it is required as a recovery component. This recovery component repairs the Google Update option when Chrome is not functioning well.

Now if you try to open (services.msc) which is the Services Console on windows. You will probably notice or find the Elevation Service of Google Chrome, which is for both startup type and service status, which is already set to manual and stopped state by default.

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What is Chrome Elevation Service or elevation_service.exe? (Updated for 2022)

Elevation Service Exe

To make you quickly and thoroughly understand this question. I am going to answer it in two main points which are as follows:

  • The first thing that I want you to know is that elevation_service.exe is a single executable or accomplishable file which is by default installed by the Chrome Browser on the Computer (in which you installed chrome). You will find this executable file at the following location:

C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Google\ Chrome\ Application

You can copy this location and paste it on the search bar and hit enter the next destination will be opened.

  • When you install Google Chrome on your laptop or PC, various components are installed along with it. The Recovery Component is one of these components which are registered over Windows and only available for Chrome or Chrome Builds. The primary task of this component and an elevation service is required for repairing the Chrome Installation or establishment. Google Chrome users do not mostly use this service.
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Note: Read our guide on how to find exe files of any program. This will help you in finding elevation_service.exe!

As I mentioned earlier that Chrome Elevation Service is only used and installed for Google Chrome or Chrome Builds. This primary use of this service is only used at the moment when you have to make the Chrome Recovery. This particular service or tool is totally licensed to Google Chrome.

Remove Chrome Elevation Service
Remove Chrome Elevation Service

It repairs or rebuilds the Chrome Updater, also known as the Google Update when the specific algorithms which are set by Google detect that Chrome has not been updated for several days or time. After all, Google Chrome can only be installed Per-user or per system, so that’s why elevation service is needed or required to repair the install case.

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How to Disable or Block Google Chrome Elevation Service?

If you want to block the Elevation service permanently, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is open Run dialogue and type (services.msc).
  • After that, you have to find Google Chrome Elevation Service and then double-click on that option to open the Properties dialogue box.
  • After that, you have to click Disabled option which is available under the startup type and press

Note: We do not recommend you to block this service nor do Google.

Why you should Remove Chrome Elevation Service

In this age, you have to keep everything updated and to the latest version. Elevation_Service.exe does exactly that for Chrome. It keeps checking for updates and any changes from Google. However, this does require it to sometimes run in the background and cause your PC to run slower. According to Google Git, It is a recovery component that makes sure the updating mechanism of Chrome is always working and you are always on the latest build.

It does add up more services to your startup process. This might slow it down, removing elevation service will just give you a slight boost on performance.

Google Elevation Service

If you type ‘services.msc’ in the run you will see that from Windows services you can see all the services that startup.

  • Go to ‘Startup type’.
  • Select ‘Disabled’.
  • Done, it is gone now.
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Note: This process has also been spotted running on Windows 11 and the fix above applies to it too.

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Do you need Google Chrome’s Elevation Service?

Yes, you do need it to make sure Chrome updates regularly. In this guide, we discussed another Chrome Service, which is also embedded within the Chrome Setup. Now you know What Google Chrome Elevation Service is. This service is used for the recovery of Google Updates if they have stopped installing automatically.

The first thing which we discussed in this guide was about this Service. After that, we learned about the executable file of this service, which is available in the folder where you installed Google Chrome. Last but not least we discussed how to block this service permanently, which I don’t recommend you to perform, and Google also prohibits you from doing it. There are different sets and services in various browsers.

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  1. Err from you statement
    Last but not least we discussed how to block this service permanently, which I don’t recommend you to perform, and Google also prohibits you from doing it.
    If Google prohibits one from doing it, then how can we disable or even deleting the executable files? It may be ‘recommended’ not to disable/delete or otherwise prevent it from running, but that is not ‘prohibiting’.


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