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WiFiKILL Free Download – No Root and Mod APK

WiFiKILL APK Free Download No Root/Mod 2022 is one of the applications with the help of which you can make your wifi connection fast and reliable even with the public networks. Now to work be able to function well, a quick and safe internet connection is mandatory. Plus, in today’s time, keep in mind that wifi has become the basic need of all, from talking to friends, getting new information every day to checking your emails we are all surrounded by it.

Today everyone seems to be in a pinch while using the public wifi in our everyday work commute, coffee shop, and even at work. Many people are connected to the same network at the same time. They make our lives miserable by wasting precious speed by buffering something stupid or not required.

These are the reasons why the Wifikill app has been developed. Now imagine just image that while sitting in a coffee shop, you were able to disconnect everybody else and then use the wifi all by yourself. This is what this application is for, and you know that you need one to live in a world of technology.


WiFiKILL App Features

WiFiKILL APK No Root Download

It is quite tempting when you can kick everyone off from some specific network and have power over the bandwidth while using a public system, but this is not the only benefit you get by using this application. There is a unique feature to the list. These are as followed:

  • Comes with a user-friendly interface

It comes with a straight forward yet easy user interface. It allows all the users to gain a good yet the high speed of internet connection out in all the public networks without any effort and hassle.

  • Comes free – any surprise?

The best part about this application is that it comes free, which is very helpful for all the users who are always on the run and need to use the public networks all for free for downloading and using.

  • Displays all the devices in the same wifi network – Good for finding anyone using your wireless

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This shall present the user on the list of all the devices that are connected currently with the same network as your device.

  • Runs in the background – Does not eat many resources
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It runs in the background, and like this, conducts timely scans for all the intruders that may come in your systems way.

  • Check other sites – Allows you to check wireless traffic

Now users are also able to check what website they are on and rate their data transfer as well. If you see them checking or searching for some stupid stuff, then just stay away and do not waste your precious time. We are so lucky to get this feature, right?

Now, if you are in a restaurant or a coffee shop and wish to know the name of the cute girl or boy, then this application comes in hand as well. It can show the name of every device that is connected to the same network. There are chances that the names would be the same.

  • Able to select who stays in the network – Block people from joining WiFi

The best part is that you get to decide who you want on the network and who not. You can, while surfing in the coffee shop, keep your friends on the web and kick everyone off.

  • Disable others from the connection – Remove people from your WiFi

If you are a generous person, then you can quickly kick others off the network and then disable them from the future, ruining their precious grey cells. Now for this, you do not need high-speed internet without any interruption.

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How to Install the WiFiKILL App Apk

WiFiKILL Mod APK Free Download

Now the installation process may not be as effortless as it would have been with the Play store. It is not that difficult. For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • First things first, before you begin with the process of installation, you need to do something; otherwise, your device shall notify you that your facility has been blocked.
  • You need to go to the settings and look for security options that are likely to be disabled; you shall be able to find the “unknown sources” option. It is more likely to be disabled, just enable both of them.
  • As you have now unchecked the “unknown sources” you need to find the downloaded file. It might be there in the download folder. If not, then just search for it.
  • As you find the apk file, click on it to run. As you tap on it, the installation process shall begin.
  • Now you need to show some patience while doing this; it takes time.
  • Once the installation is completed, you are all set to use this and become a master of any public network with much ease.
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How to Download the WiFiKILL App Apk Latest Version

Download WiFiKILL Apk Latest Version

The world would turn into big chaos if we were able to find this application there on the Google Play Store. Now, who shall get it? The one who is the fastest in using it shall get it.

It requires some research, some patience obviously, and then you shall be able to blackout everyone else and use the wifi all by yourself. To get this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you need to download the Wifikill apk file. This is a must.
  • You can get both V1.7 and V2.3.2. Choose the one that you like. We recommend the second one as it is more up to date.
  • Now you need to tap on the release button of your choosing, to begin with, the download process. Follow all the procedures there from the home screen.
  • As the process completes, you are not ready to install it.

Disclaimer: This app should only be used on networks where you have full access and authorization from the owner of the system to perform the actions it can do. We will not be held responsible for any damage or issues you may cause jamming and stopping other people’s wireless networks. It is purely for educational and research purposes.

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Alternatives to WiFiKill

WiFiKILL Free Download APK For Android v2.4 – No Root/Mod APK

I have now provided you with the WiFiKILL Apk Download with No Root. I have also included the Mod Apk version of the app that has extra features. There are great alternatives, too, such as Netcut and Zanti.

Author: Anodev

Version: 2.4

Download WiFiKILL APK Latest Version (No Root/Mod)

WiFiKILL APK Download (Analyze and Jam WiFi)
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