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Privacy policy of
Below is the privacy statement for This page is updated from time-to-time, all updates to this system will be published here. We will explain with whom we may share the information and what type of personal information is gathered, stored, tracked and used.

The information that we keep track of and gather

We highly respect that you desire to have your personal information protected and confidential. Here we explain to you what type of information we can ask you and when we can ask you. will ask for some personal information when a new user will need to register on the site and make an account or join a service such as e-mail newsletter and e-mail alerts.

It is all up to you for making the decisions regarding if you want to proceed with the process that will ask you for personal information. We will only ask for your e-mail and name because we only provide articles on this website.

Please note: You will not be able to comment on an article if you do not provide the requested information.

How SecuredYou uses this information

So that we can provide with cybersecurity news, articles, alerts, services and e-mails that are informative.

  • To help us create content on the website that is relevant to our users.
  • To give you offers that you might be interested in.
  • To help us gather feedback and improve our website.


All of your data is encrypted and secured to a high standard using the best information security practices. We have ensured there is no one else who can access this data and that it is kept safe and secure from unauthorized access, misuse, destruction, and loss.

We have now also added HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure). This ensures all traffic sent between you and our website is encrypted and secure.

Opt-out of our services

There is no obligation to keep receiving our emails you can opt-out from the newsletter whenever you want. You can do this by opening any past email that you have received from us and clicking on the unsubscribe link, or if you reply to one of those e-mails and put ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject of the reply, we will remove you from our database as soon as we can.


We may use cookies on our site. Cookies only help us to show you content from our site that is most relevant to you based on what you have been browsing. Cookies also help us to keep your email and name already filled in the comment section so every time you want to engage with us you will not have entered them again and again.

SecuredYou will also use cookies so that it can track the visits you make to our site only for analytical purposes. Our website server can even log your IP address when you visit our site but note that this information is 100% anonymous doesn’t tell who you are.

Google Adsense

Some of the advertisements on the site may be delivered by Google. Google uses a browser cookie called “DART Cookie” it enables them to serve the ads to the users based on what they are reading on our site and what other websites they may have visited on the internet.

DART cookie uses information that is “non personally identifiable”. It does NOT track any personal information about the users. This includes any names, email addresses, and other physical addresses.

You can opt-out from the use of the DART cookie. You can do this by visiting Google’s Ad and Content network policy page located at the following URL:

You can also opt-out from the personalized advertising in Google Ad Settings from the following URL:

Personal Information Request

You can request your data that we keep about you. This is so that we are complying with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law. You can contact us to request for all the information we hold about you and we can send that information to your desired email so that you can view it, we will export all your data to your email address. It may have all the information that we stated in the privacy page that we collect about our users when they use our website.

Information for Contacting Us

To reach us for any other information about our Privacy Policy you can fill in this contact form.

Last updated: 01 May 2020.