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If you are looking for the best and free hacking tools to download for Linux and Windows then you are at the right place! Here you will find all types of tools for various operating systems.

Top 15 Best Free Hacking Tools and Security Utilities 2020 (Download)

Best 15 Free Hacking Tools and Security Utilities For 2021 (Download)

Security utilities and hacking tools make lives easier today. We do not need to put ourselves in a lot of rush. Just download the...
9 Best Free Keylogger Software for Keystrokes Monitoring 2019 (Download)

The 9 Best Free Keylogger Software for 2021 (Download)

To capture/monitor the keystrokes that are typed on a keyboard, A Keylogger is used that is either a piece of software or a small...
Ghost Framework Download for Android and Windows (Latest)

Ghost Framework for Android and Windows Download (Latest)

You have landed at the right place as we have covered step by step how to exploit Android ADB to get the long-term connection...
DroidJack APK Free Download 2020 - Powerful Android RAT Tool

DroidJack APK Free Download 2021 – Powerful Android RAT Tool

Are you looking for an Android remote administration tool? Here is DroidJack APK Free Download in its full version. This is a closed-source RAT...
LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) Free Download 2019 - #1 DDoS Booter

Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) Free Download 2021 – #1 DDoS...

Low Orbit Ion Cannon also knew as LOIC Free Download, is a tool. It is used to launch Dos and DDoS attacks. The small...
Hashcat Password Cracking Tool Free Download 2019 - #1 Hash Tool

Hashcat Free Download 2021 – #1 Hashing & Password Cracking Tool

Hashcat tool claims to be the world’s best and fastest CPU based password hash cracking tool; that is not as fast as GPU powered...

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