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Here you will find all tutorials, tips and guides that will help you increase your privacy online. Keep your online data private and limited by reading our articles in this section.

Hide Your Reddits in r/all

How to Hide or Filter Subreddits from /r/All In 2022

Reddit's front page that is /r/All features such kind of content that is upvoted in the default Subreddits. These are defaults that are based...
9 Best Private Search Engines for Privacy 2020 - Alternatives to Google Search

Top 9 Private Search Engines for Privacy 2022 – Google Alternatives

Privacy? Who doesn't love privacy in this century? Your data is the new valuable companies are after. Well, today, we have reviewed the top...
How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently on AndroidiOS 2020

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently in 2022

Telegram is a messaging application. It is just like WhatsApp, but the difference is that you cannot deactivate the account from the app, and...
How to Fake GPS Location in Life360

How to Fake Your GPS Location on Life360 App in 2022

This is a family or grouped-centered location sharing communication, chat and driving safety tool that is designed primarily with the purpose to:Provide users...

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