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In our How-to section, you will find guides and tutorials on everything related to Security and Technology, and most importantly how to stay safe online.

Dark Mode Theme for Windows 10

How to Enable Dark Mode for File Explorer in Windows 10/11

Learn how to enable/turn on Dark Mode in Windows 10/11 File Explorer. Today we can see that Windows 10 has made a lot of ease...
How To Fix Error Printing Message on Windows 10 2020 (4 Working Ways)

Guide: Fix Error Printing Message on Windows 10 & 11 in...

Today we will be showing you how to fix "Error Printing Message" on Windows 10/11. This will be fixing printers in error states once...
Ping IPv6 in Windows

How to Ping an IPv6 Address in Windows and Linux CLI

Internet protocol version 6 is also known as IPv6. This is introduced to replace IPV4 because of the exhaustion of its addresses. Today we...
How to update flash or uninstall adobe flash player

How to Update Adobe Flash Player or Uninstall Flash Player

There are many uses of the adobe flash player like it can increase the opportunities for dangerous yet malicious hackers to compromise your computer....
How to Install Python 3.7 in Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04 and 19.10 2020

How to Install Python 3.8 in Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04, 19.10, 20.04

Python is considered to be an object-oriented, interpreted and high-level programming language along with dynamic semantics. It is beautiful for rapid app development. This...
How To Make a Pendrive Bootable using CMD in Windows 10 2019

How To Make a Bootable USB Drive on Windows 10/11 in...

Today many software are present that let us boot the pen drive quickly. Following are the software’s that can be used widely to make...

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