Top 11 Best Free Android Antivirus Apps for Security in 2022
Top 11 Best Free Android Antivirus Apps for Security in 2022

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life, usage of smartphones is no more limited to calling or messaging. In fact, these smart devices host some of our most sensitive information such as credit card details, GPS location, and other private data in the form of media. Here are the 11 Top Free Android Antivirus Apps to Secure your smartphone. Now the question is with risk security breaches rising every day is it safe to keep your data in a smartphone? Yes if you take proper measures to protect your phone from several types of threats.

We have picked some top-class antivirus apps which can be downloaded from the Google play store. Please note that all of this software is tested and verified by an independent security institute called av test except for one app that is 360 security. Have a look below if you are an android user. If you are an iOS user please have a look at another article that contains a list of top antivirus apps for iOS.


Top 11 Free Android Security and Antivirus Apps (Best Choices)

The list below is in no particular order and is rated based on their features, detection capabilities, performance, and stability. Let’s have a look at the list below.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

This one is a great security app and definitely one of the top-ranked antivirus apps regardless of the platform. As per av test, Kaspersky was successful in detecting a threat or virus and malware 99.9%. Kaspersky offers two versions of this app, one is free of cost and the second one is, of course, paid but with some premium features.

The real difference between paid and free versions is that free one only scans viruses, malware and other threats only manually. The premium version offers real-time protection, anti-theft, protection from phishing websites and in order to provide extra security for your private data it offers an app lock. To make it easy for you to decide Kaspersky is offering a free of a cost 30-day trial.

Kaspersky Android Antivirus Download

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Avast Mobile Security

This app is available for different platforms including windows and android. This one is one of the biggest antivirus brands which offers free security for millions of Android users. This easy-to-use app can completely scan your device for viruses, malware, infected apps and files, spyware and other malicious tools, all it needs from you is a single tap of a finger. Avast is also offering premium features such as app lock, camera trap, and sim card security. You can purchase these features in the app features.

There are some other features which come along with the free version as well, such as a ram booster, firewall to protect rooted devices, a scanner for Wi-Fi to make sure you are connected with a secured network, a web shield and a photo vault lets you protect your private photos. Give all these amazing features avast is a great choice to try for free if not premium.

Avast Antivirus Mobile Security Download

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Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android 

This one is another awesome free antivirus that lets you protect your device against all types of threats and malicious attacks. This app is quite lightweight, uses very few device resources and lets you scan your device in the blink of an eye. It uses cloud technology to perform supper fast scans. This is a lightweight app hence it doesn’t drain the battery of your device or slow it down. It provides real-time security and scans them in advance of the app before it is installed.

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There is a premium version also available and you can download 14 days trial also. The premium version offers security against malicious websites, a malware scanner, and an app locker. Note you can enjoy all of these features in the trial premium version as well.

BitDefender Android Antivirus Download

Norton Security & Antivirus

Norton offers top-notch security for different platforms, it provides great security features even in the free version. Norton detects threats with 100% accuracy and removes viruses and other threats. Norton can help you find your missing device by triggering an alarm. It helps the user to protect their data by enabling them to remotely lock their device. You can even use a filter to block spam calls and messages.

There are standalone apps available on the play store which offer the same features which are provided by the Norton premium version. Also, note that you can enjoy all premium features by downloading the 30-day trial and if you like the premium features then buy.

Norton Security and Antivirus App Download

Sophos Mobile Security

Though this one is not that well-renowned tool, it actually won the av test award once. So it makes it one of the best on our list. The amazing thing about his app is that, unlike other free apps, it doesn’t show you ads and provides excellent security at the same time. It offers almost all features that are provided by other premium antivirus tools.

It not only provides protection against viruses and malware but also offers a device tracking facility in case of loss or theft. There is a built-in web filter that helps you secure yourself from malicious websites. Security adviser helps you in securing your device from different threats. It also scans available wifi networks and alerts you against the least protected networks.

Sophos Mobile Security Download

Security Master – CM Security

Previously it was known as CM Security, now it is upgraded to security master. We have looked at its profile on the play store and it has got a lot of good reviews. It’s all in one sort of app which can help you to protect your device from viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks and tools. Other important features include message security, junk cleaner, phone booster, spam filter for calls/SMS and battery saver.

CM Security Master Antivirus Download

DFNDR Security

Though it is not as renowned as McAfee or Kaspersky Av-test has ranked it among the top antivirus apps. That is why we are also putting this app in our top antiviruses list. This one is a free antivirus tool that keeps your device’s performance up to the mark. This app can not only help you to safeguard against viruses, but it also protects you from hacking and phishing websites. It keeps monitoring the data usage of different apps, hence helping you to boost your internet speed. One problem with this app is that being free it shows a lot of annoying ads.

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DFNDR Security Download

Avira Antivirus Security – Your Umbrella for Security

Well, who doesn’t know about Avira? One of the oldest in the game, you can surely rely on this app for your data security and data protection. It’s a complete security package and you can use it for free. It has a privacy scale and scans each app to ensure that each app meets the privacy standards.

In addition to protection from viruses and malware, this app lets you track your device in case you drop it or get it snatched. You can track the pinpoint location of your device. Its premium versions include some additional features such as browser security and camera protection.

Avira Antivirus Security App Download

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360 Security – Protection everywhere

It’s a great app and a huge number of downloads show that users trust this app. It offers all features which are provided by other antivirus apps, in addition to those features it offers lock screen function, CPU cooler, and theft protection. If someone tries to access your phone without your permission it takes the pictures instantly. Remember it’s free but shows ads.

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock – best for smartphones

McAfee is definitely one of the most renowned antiviruses in the world, we think the name itself speaks a lot about it. It has won several awards from different security companies, websites, and IT magazines. This app offers amazing features like wifi security, phishing filter, ram cleaner, and app lock. It has a great easy to use interface and they also provide video tutorials for different features. Its premium version is quite pricey as compared to other tools. As per the av-test, they found it 99.5% effective. Considering its big name, this app can definitely be trusted foAndroidid security.

McAfee Security: Antivirus Download

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AVG AntiVirus – The best in its class

AVG/AVG Pro is probably one of the best antiviruses for all platforms. This is a complete set of features that are required for a top-class antivirus. It includes features such as periodic scans, junk cleaner, memory booster, spam filter, power saver and wifi security. Avg also has a premium version which includes additional features such alarm clock, VPN and these add-on apps can be downloaded for trial from the PlayStore.

AVG Antivirus Download

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Final Verdict – Which is the BEST?

Next-generation security solutions for Android smartphones have come a far way. There are newer technologies being developed every day with artificial intelligence being integrated within security. Today we have shown you the 11 best Free Android Security and Antivirus Apps. These Android antivirus apps will keep your droid going while it is in any environment, i.e. While using a public WiFi connection. As we have said before that security is 50% awareness and 50% based on applications. All of the apps shared above are great in their own perspective but our personal top picks are Avast and Kaspersky.

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