John the Ripper is a password cracking and hacking tool or software which is completely available as a free download and developed for the Unix Operating System (OS). But now it can run on a different platform (approximately 15 different platforms). These platforms are as follows: Unix, DOS, Windows, and Win32, etc. It is a very popular password cracking and testing or breaking software program it combines a whole lot of the number of password crackers in one single package.

John the Ripper Password Cracker 2022 Free Dowload

John the Ripper Password Cracker Download is an old but very good password cracker that uses wordlists or dictionaries, in other words, to crack a given hash. This particular software can crack different types of hash which include the MD5, SHA, etc. This software is available in two versions such as paid version and free version. It is totally cross-platform. This software is also distributed in several numbers and forms of “native packages” for the operating system that you want to target and it is very easy to install a software program and can be used for optimal performance.

What is John The Ripper Password Cracking Tool?

The primary purpose of this program is to detect and crack weak Unix passwords. Wherever many Crypt(3) hash types are not most commonly found on many other UNIX systems. This software integrates a very large number of patches which also consist of GPU support (OpenCL and CUDA), it also supports a hundred numbers of additional hash and cipher types (which also includes the popular ones which are named as NTLM, raw MD5, etc.) and even the compressed private keys, RAR and ZIP files or archives are supported by this software.

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But in order to use this software with all of its complete features, you will have to verify this software’s authenticity. You will have to download the “Windows binaries” archive. You should be careful and cautious of downloading any fake software setup because it might harm your computer and even someone in the backend might be stealing your personal data from your Personal Computer (PC).

John The Ripper Password Hacking Tool

Additional Files for John The Ripper

  • Patches:

You can also download the older versions of John the Ripper, unofficial builds, patches, and many other files that are related to this software. These files are also available on the internet from where you can download the complete software with all of its features including patches.

  • Documentation:
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You can also download the documentation files for this amazing password cracking software from where you can get all the information about the software and even vary between the different versions of this software. There are several changes in each of version of this software. So you will require information about every version and it also contains tricks and hints through which you can master this amazing password cracking software.

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  • Source Code:

There is also a Wiki section available where there are user community resources available for this software. This additional file is mostly used by the more experienced users and the developers of different software may browse the source code for this software online, the source code of this software also tells the software developers about the history Information of this software.

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  • Wordlist Collection:

There is a whole collection of wordlists that can be used with John the Ripper. It also contains the wordlists of the most common words for more than 20 human languages, it also contains the files which contain the common passwords and all of the unique words with all of the languages combined. Alternatively, you can download our wordlist full of passwords.

John The Ripper Password Wordlists

  • Image File:

You can also download an image file for this password-cracking application. This image file (ISO) is the files that can be used by creating a virtual drive that acts as a DVD Drive but it is not physically available within your PC. This image file includes the prebuilt copy of John the Ripper which will be ready for use without any requirement of another OS and with this method you don’t even have to download or install this software on your PC.

  • Password Checking Module:

There is also a Password strength checking module for the programs which are used to change the password. It can be used to prevent the users from the password choosing that can be easily cracked with programs like John the Ripper.

Announcement: JTR is now confirmed to work with the new Rockyou Password List that was the result of a data breach. This is a positive addition because now there are even more credentials and logins that could be cracked because of the new dataset.

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John The Ripper Password Cracking Tool Free Download (2022 Edition)

In this guide, we learned about the password cracking software named “John the Ripper“. This tool is totally free to download and very good for password hacking and cracking. As I said before you should download the original version of this software because there are many other versions available on the internet which may contain malicious files. These malicious files can harm your computer or there might be hackers in the background and watching over your files or copying them.

Release: 1.9.0 (Stable).

John The Ripper Download

John The Ripper Password Cracker Download
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