Top 5 Best Free Call Voice Changer Apps for Android In 2022

Want to prank your friends or family? Want to sound like someone famous or change your voice to a male or female? Here are the 5 best voice-changing apps for Android in 2022 that let you do that. With these users can change their voice during a live call. It carries a few options as though it is fun but has less audience.

Let’s get in!


5 Best Call Voice Changer Apps for Android 2022 – Change Your Voice during a call

MagicCall – Male to Female Voices

MagicCall Voice Changer App for Android

This one carries multiple voices, thus making it the best application. It makes them sound like a celebrity voice changer, male, girl, Kim Kardashian, fake call, Halloween theme background, funny, female, say it with Trump, Funny jokes phone, prank call. All the goodies that you would expect!

It carries various features in terms of changing voices as compared to others on the list. The best part about this one is that it takes presets that make you sound like other people. This is something that it claims, but it did not work for us.

Moreover, users can also create their very own custom preset that can be used later as well. If you want to fake being at a party, then it has some fantastic background noises too. The only drawback is that for this you need to register your phone number even if you wish to try the application.

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Call Voice Changer – Change it during a call

Call Voice Changer App for Android

Feel like having fun with your friends over phone calls? You can now change your voice in real-time and add crazy effects to it the next time you’re calling them.

Developers say that this is the funniest application in the world. It is fun to use. With this, users can add effects while on call. Moreover, along with changing the pitch, you can add effects such as a cuckoo clock, bells, and many more.

Download Call Voice Changer APK for Android

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Voice Changer with Effects – Real-time changes

Voice Changer with effects app download

This one does the same, just like other applications on the list. With this, users can manipulate their voice during a phone call, but despite using presets, it gives you more control. Users can change different properties like pitch, factor, shift, size, and much more. The best part is that you can add echo effects, change pace, etc. Moreover, you can load on your music and then add your own to it.

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Download Voice Changer with effects APK

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Funcalls – Chane and record your voice in a call

Call Voice Changer During Call Apps for Android

You can now fool your friends by changing your voice while on a real call. You can change it from high and funny to deep and scary. With this, users can play funny, recorded sounds.

This is a perfect application that came as a surprise. Despite doing this to be heard like a celebrity and failing it; it merely changes to 5 presets:

  • Helium balloon; very high.
  • Funny sound; high pitch sound.
  • Man sound; low pitch.
  • Scary sound; shallow pitch.
  • Natural sound; how you sound naturally.

During the call, you can use 10 different background effects. The best part about it is that it gives the option to record the fun call so that you can later share it in your friend’s group.

Download Funcalls App APK

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Best Voice Changer App – Sound like Celebrities

Best Voice Changer APK

This one comes with a limiting factor. For this, you need to have a SIP account and make calls to those that have an account too, or you can also do have web research of “free sip account”.

If you wish to make a call to a landline or mobile phone number, then you need to create an account that carries a .com address. Keep in mind that these accounts are not exactly free. It comes with a free version that provides only 3 sound options; deep, robot, and chipmunk. Whereas the premium version carries 2 like saw-man, cyborg, alien, robot, freaky, and many others.

Download Best Voice Changer App APK

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How to Change Voice during a live call?

It is pretty easy if you want to change how you sound while you are on a call with someone. Follow the below:

  1. Make sure to install any of the apps listed above.
  2. Start the app and hit on “Record” or “Change voice“.
  3. Now call the person you wish to prank.

Which App have you used to change your voice during a phone call?

We had been requested to provide a list of the 5 best call voice changer apps for Android 2022 that you can download their APK. We have added applications that help you change voices during a call and change them to sound like a male or female.

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