Looking for a free trial antivirus? Look no further as here we will provide you with McAfee Total Protection 2022 Free Download with 90-Days Trial!

Today we are going to talk about a free and excellent anti-malware software named “McAfee Total Protection”. It is an antivirus that has been programmed, created and maintained by McAfee, Inc. Which in the past was known as Intel Security and a Network security company as well?

McAfee Total Protection Free Download 2022 [90-Day Full Version Trial]
McAfee Total Protection Free Download 2022 [90-Day Full Version Trial]
It does not only come singularly as an antivirus but it is a whole package that contains different anti-malware and system optimizing tools that are required for your Personal Computer (PC). McAfee has designed this software to be used on larger and complicated networks that require management and antivirus software to keep multiple PCs safe from any malware.


McAfee Total Protection Full Review (6 Months and 1 Year Trial)

First, let’s talk about the shortcoming or disadvantages of this amazing Software which is not that big problem. That shortcoming is about the price of this version. Those good days are gone when you can install this great anti-malware software for free and now McAfee, Inc. has put a price for this valuable software. They are demanding $109.99/£89.99 for this amazing software which is not worth the security of your devices. Plus this amount is for installing this anti-malware software for 10 devices.

As compared to other Anti-malware software this software is much cheaper than the others. For more information, you can visit each and every anti-malware software website singularly and compare the price.

Now before closing this tab after checking the price review of this amazing software, I would like you to check the prices of the other anti-malware software singularly by opening the website singularly. You can also get special discounts on special occasions plus there are the best antivirus deals available over the internet. All of your questions will be answered once you open the internet and search for them singularly.

McAfee Total Protection Services

McAfee Total Protection 2019 Services

In the past few years, McAfee Inc. has been creating strong and careful software for your Devices that will automatically detect all of the viruses and malware available or attacking your device.

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Even though if your device gets infected and is not solvable by your built-in device’s anti-malware software then McAfee is the best choice for your Personal Computer (PC) or any other device. McAfee engineer is always working on the backend of your device and keeping it safe from any kind of harm at any cost.

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The interface of this amazing Anti-malware software has been changed a bit and a little upgraded because of the new year 2020, with a couple of important and attractive changes to shift off the focus towards the speed and privacy from the security, but all the other tools are the same.

There is also a Vulnerability Scanner available in its place still. For Example, This regularly searches for the update of its definition files and also for the Vulnerable Software and downloads the latest versions for the installation and even searches for the latest and important windows updates.

There are new and advanced versions of the total protection including the antivirus scan and web/mail protection. The scanner also has been the award winner and also is the best of the signature-based scanners available.

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McAfee Total Protection Features

McAfee Total Protection 2019 Features

There are many features that had been introduced by McAfee Inc. in the older version of their McAfee Antivirus. They have been so much success in the past few years and even though their services are being used by the other anti-malware companies. McAfee Inc. has added new and upgraded features in their new version of the McAfee Total Protection which is totally good and required by your Personal Computer (PC) or any other device that you are using. Alternatively, I would also ask you to give Norton antivirus a try. In terms of security, it is similar to McAfee!

The latest updated features of 2020 McAfee antivirus:

  • Cloud-based threat analysis.
  • Safe Web Browsing.
  • Performance Optimization.
  • Cross-Platform or Multi-device.
  • Safe Family.

Now I am going to explain every single point in detail or an explanation of every single point. The detailed information point is given below:

  • Cloud-Based Threat Analysis:

As we all know that all of the storage is being stored in cloud-based storage. Even though Microsoft is converting all of its services from hardware storage to cloud-based services and storage which is a whole new technology. So the McAfee has upgraded its services and storage towards the new technology of the cloud-based threat analysis because it is possible that there might be malware files available over the cloud storage.

  • Safe Web Browsing:

This feature is used to keep you safe from harmful websites that might contain any malware and might damage your computer system. It warns you even before a threat tries to access your personal computer or any device that you are using. It keeps you safe from harmful websites, links, and files.

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  • Performance Optimization:
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This feature keeps your Personal Computer or the device you use well optimized and keeps it fast as you just bought it now. This feature stops the videos from auto-playing on the internet and minimizes the usage of your mobile data or Wi-Fi usage. It also maintains your device’s speed and keeps it clean from the temporary files.

  • Cross-Platform or Multi-Devices:

This feature is totally introduced this year by McAfee Inc. and this feature is very useful if you have access to multiple devices and you have to look after it all the time but with this amazing software you can totally be free from the risk of malware because this single software can look after your almost all of the devices. You can manage all your devices with this single software.

  • Safe Family:

This feature of McAfee is really useful for parents who want safety for their children over the internet. This feature will always be installed within the browser of your device and monitor your device away from the ads and adult material available over the web. Which is quite good for your children and keep them away from bad things present over the internet.

Do you already have it?

Some new laptops and PCs are coming pre-installed with McAfee. Read our guide on how to remove McAfee Security Scan Plus. After removing that you can install the total protection which is much better.

Download McAfee Antivirus Free Full Version Trial (90-Days)

Download McAfee Total Protection 2019 Full Version Trial

We talked about McAfee Internet Security/Total Protection Download with 6 month or 1-year trial. We talked about its features in detail and also find their usage in real life. McAfee is really good Anti-malware software but this software just has a price problem but still, it’s always to do a small comparison. If you are still having problems in deciding which one to choose, read our guide to see the best free antivirus for Windows 10/11.

It’s not just Windows that has to be kept secure! If you have an iPhone check the best antivirus for iOS. If you have an Android we highly recommend you to have an Antivirus installed!

There are lots of packages for this particular anti-malware software. You can select any of the packages you want according to your requirements. You can view these packages on the official website of McAfee. The link for McAfee Total Security is given below:

UPDATE: You may only receive a 30-day trial for the time being.

McAfee Total Protection Download (Free Trial)

McAfee Antivirus Free Trial Version Download
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  1. McAfee just sent me a notice that my subscription was expired and on 11/5/2019 I bought a subscription that expiration date 12/17/2020 from McAfee online the order confirmation if you folks are not going to give me my order then give me my money. It cost me $31.64 THANKS.


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