6 Best Free SQL Injection Tools Download 2022 - Database Hacking
6 Best Free SQL Injection Tools Download 2022 – Database Hacking

We will be sharing the best SQL Injection tools that you can free download. These database hacking tools are completely open-source. Today most of the frequent attacks against web applications are SQL injection. This is being used against those websites that use SQL to query data from the database server. A successful SQL injection attack is one that is capable of reading sensitive data, which includes email, credit card details, and passwords from your database.

Moreover, the attacker can, along with reading, also modify or delete the data from the database so we can say that SQL injection can be very harmful. The SQL injection tools listed below also work on Windows 10/11/7. These tools also work on Linux including Kali Linux.


Different Types of SQL Injection Attacks

Based on the scope, there are different kinds of SQL injection. These are as followed:

  • Compound SQLI
  • DataBase specific SQL injection
  • Blind SQL injection
  • Classis SQL injection

In this guide, we are going to discuss with you some open source SQL injection tools. These tools are potent and can perform automatic SQL injection attacks against the target applications.

6 Best SQL Injection Tools Download 2022 (Open-Source)


It is an open-source SQL injection tool that is most popular among all the SQL injection tools that are available. With the help of this tool, it becomes easy to exploit the SQL injection vulnerability of a particular web application and can take over the database server. It also has a powerful detection engine that can detect most of the SQL injection-related vulnerabilities.

The tool supports various database servers including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, SAP Max DB, and HSQLDB. The tool also supports different SQL injection attacks including Boolean-based blind, time-based blind, error-based, stacked queries, and out of the band.

The best feature of the tool is that it comes with an in-built password hash recognition system. With this, you can identify the password hash and then crack the password by performing a dictionary attack.

You can download or upload any file from the database server when the DB server is MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server. Moreover, for these three databases, the tool allows you to execute arbitrary commands and also retrieve standard output on the database server.

The tool lets you search for the specific database name, tables, columns after connecting with a database server. This becomes useful when you want to search for a particular column, but the database server is vast and contains too many databases and tables.

You can download SQLmap from the following link:

Download SQLMap

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BSQL Hacker

The BSQL hacker is an SQL injection tool. The tool helps you perform a SQL injection attack against web applications. This tool, however, is for the ones who want an automatic SQL injection tool. The BSQL tool is made for blind SQL injection. The device is fast and can perform multi-threaded attacks for better and quicker results.

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The BSQL hacker can support four different kinds of SQL injection attacks. These are as followed:

  1. A time-based blind SQL injection
  2. Blind SQL injection
  3. Deep blind (based on time delays that too are advanced)
  4. SQL injection error-based SQL injection

The tool works in an automatic mode and can extract the most information from the database. It comes with a graphic user interface as well as console support. Try any one of the given user interfaces, from the visual user interface mode you can save or load the collected attack data.

The tool supports various injection points that include a query string, HTTP headers, Post, and cookies. It usually supports proxy to perform the attack. The device uses default authentication details to login into particular web accounts and performs attacks from the account. The tool helps SSL protected URL’s and can be used on SSL URLs with invalid certificates.

BSQL hacker tool supports MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL. MySQL, however, supports in an innovative way that is not as effective on this database server as for others.

You can download BSQL hacker from the following link:

Download BSQL Hacker

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Safe3 SQL Injector

This is another yet powerful SQL injection tool. The tool makes the SQL injection process automatic. It helps the attacker to gain access to a remote SQL server by exploiting SQL injection vulnerability. The safe 3 SQL injector tool has a powerful AI system that can easily recognize the database server, the type of injection, and the best way to exploit the vulnerability

This tool can support HTTP and HTTPS websites. The users can perform SQL injection through getting, POST, or cookies. The device supports basic, digest, NTLM HHTP authentications to perform a SQL injection attack. It supports MySQL, oracle. PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SQ Lite, Firebird, Sybase, and SAP Max DB database management systems.

It supports a read, list or writes any file from the database server for MySQL and MS SQL. It lets the attacker execute arbitrary commands and also retrieve their output on a database server in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The tool supports:

  • Web path guess
  • MD5 crack
  • Domain query
  • Full SQL injection scan

You can download the safe3 SQL injector from the following link:

Download Safe3 SQL Injection

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SQL Ninja

The SQL ninja is yet another SQL injection tool that is used to exploit web applications that use a SQL server as a database server. However, the tool may not find at first the injection place but once discovered; it can easily automate the exploitation process and extract information from the database server.

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The tool is capable of adding in remote shots in the registry database server operating system to disable the data execution prevention. Thus the device allows the attacker to gain remote access to a SQL database server.

The tool can be integrated with Metasploit to get a graphic user interface access to the remote database. It supports both the direct and reverse bird shells for TCP and UDP.

The SQL ninja is not available for the Windows platform. It is there for Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS X, and iOS operating systems

You can download SQL ninja from the following link:

SQL Ninja Download

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Mole is an automatic SQL injection tool. It comes in free of cost. This tool is an open-source project that is hosted on source forge. For this, to work, you need to find the vulnerable URL and then pass it on in the tool where is used union-based query techniques to detect the vulnerability from the given URL. The mole comes with a command-line interface that is easy to use. It offers for you auto-completion for both commands and command arguments, thus making it easy for the user to use.

You can download mole from the following link:

Download Mole

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This is another open-source SQL injection tool. It is a MySQL injection and takeover tool. The device comes with a command interface that lets you inject your SQL queries and then perform SQL injection attacks.

The tool is fast and efficient. It claims to use a robust blind injection attack algorithm to maximize the data gathered data.

The tool supports HTTPS and performs attacks through both GET and POST. It supports cookies, socks proxy, HTTP authentication, and binary data retrieving.

If the user wishes to use a SQL injection tool against a MySQL attack, then he should prefer using this tool as it is specialized for this specific database server.

You can download SQLSus from the following link:

SQLSus Download

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Over to you – Which SQL Injection Tool have you chosen?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you the different SQL injection tools that you guys can download and make your hacking life more fun. We have discussed various features of tools. If you found this article helpful enough, then do leave comments in the section below. I would also recommend having a look at Havij which is an automated SQL hacking software too.

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