7 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites To Download The Best Torrents 2022
7 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2022 – Find The Best Torrents

Currently, there are only a few handfuls of torrent sites that are trustworthy. There are hundreds of torrenting sites out there that allow you to search for torrent files. This is something new in the world of torrents and many people might have not heard it. Because of the level of concerns that were out there a torrent search engine was created. In this article, you will learn about the top 7 torrent search engine sites to find your favorite torrents in 2022.

Many intelligence agencies including the FBI arrested the owners of KAT and TPB many of their users were left in the dark. They did not know what to do and many clone sites started to appear shortly after. They were also known as (search engines for torrent websites). This page is a proper guide to fulfill all your torrent needs.


What exactly is a Torrent Search Engine?

These are search engines just like Google.com. They allow users to find the best torrent files they would like to download. It has the same working basics of a search engine, for example, it ranks the torrent files based on user feedback, seeds, and popularity. Many popular torrent sites like KickAss Torrents and Pirate Bay have their own search engine.

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7 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites to Download Torrents (2021 Selection)

Below we will be sharing with you the latest list of torrent search engines that have been updated and released.

Let’s start!

Disclaimer: The sites provided below are only search engines and allow you to find the torrent files. They DO NOT host any torrents. However, please use these only for educational and information purposes only.

TorrentSeeker – Seek the torrents you deserve

This is one of the best torrent search engines you will find on the internet. TorrentSeeker works just like Google Search to find torrents from a list of top 100 torrent websites on the web.

The reason to use this search engine for finding all types of torrents is that of its powerful scrape technology. The interface is very simple to use and is straightforward.

Visit TorrentSeeker

Torrents.me – Find the trending torrents in any category

This site is unique compared to other torrent sites. It shows you the trending torrents from around the world. It also shows you the queries that are popular. It has very long lists all types of torrents from finding your favorite movie and TV shows torrents and so much more.

The interface is very clean, modern and sleek. There are no harmful ads that pop out of thin air. Yes, there are torrent sites that respect the ender users as well.

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Visit TorrentsMe

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Toorgle – Search Engine Powered by 450 Torrent Sites

Yes, you heard that right! It scrapes over 450 popular torrent sites like KAT, TPB, RARBG, Extratorrent and many others to get you the best results possible. Toorgle is fully inspired by Google. When you first visit the URL, it will show you a torrent bar where you can enter your desired keywords.

Wait but Toorgle looks very old and the interface looks like from the early 2000s. No! The reason behind this design is to make this site load faster on computers with a slow internet speed connection. We have received many requests from our visitors to publish a guide on how to increase the torrent download speed in 2022, we are on it!

Visit Toorgle

Veoble – The Black Search Engine

This is one of the most advanced search engines especially built for searching torrent files from around the web. It consists of a dark theme, as it’s a trend nowadays that everyone likes dark mode because it’s easy on the eyes. Below is a list of features Veoble provides:

  • Torrent search for files and images.
  • Powerful query tool to narrow your searches based on category or language.
  • Uses a version of custom Google Search.
  • Gives you a much more advanced uTorrent search using official proxies and mirrors.

Visit Veoble

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Torrentz2 – Reincarnation of Torrentz

This is an excellent alternative to the original Torrentz site that is now shut down. It is a straight-up clone of the original version. It comes with the exact same interface and the database is the same as well. You can search over 60+ million torrents that are sourced from around 92+ torrenting websites.

Guess what’s the best part? It has an onion version which you can visit using Tor browser. As soon as the site loads up you will see the search bar on the top and there is a help section as well to help you with any issues.

Visit Torrentz2

Xtorx – Helping you find the best torrents fast

We all want to be able to save time in our lives no matter how much we can save. Xtorx is an excellent torrent search site that gives lightning-fast results to its users. It is a great alternative to Torrentz2 or Torrentsme. It looks and feels very similar to the rest of the torrent searching sites in the wild. Wait but why does it exist then?

  1. It is much faster when compared to its alternatives.
  2. It provides you reliable and fast torrents directly from uTorrent, Btjunkie or The Pirate Bay.
  3. It provides you with the most relevant results matching your query on the top.
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Visit Xtorx

BTDB – The BitTorrent Search Engine

Having nearly 28 million torrents indexed in this search engine this is the best site for all your torrent needs! Be it you want to watch movies, play games, watch TV shows and listen to the latest music.

BTDB was designed to provide users with the best torrent search site they could ever find. It has all the bells and whistles you want. It provides you with a secure version of itself as well that is encrypted.

Pro Tip:

Always refine your searches! Narrow your query. You can use filters when you search for torrents. Many of these sites allow you to select the category, relevancy and even see the rating of a torrent before you download it. This helps you to decide whether this torrent is good, has the content I want or if the downloads are fast!

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How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites Easily

Popular torrent sites can be blocked for many reasons including for copyright issues and so on. There are countries where they may not be blocked and there are countries they are blocked. However, the answer is to use a VPN. A virtual private network service like Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and TunnelBear will help you unblock torrent sites.

Always use a security program: Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10 PC.

Which Torrent Search Engine are you using?

We all have our own favorite torrent searches and search engines. I hope the above selection of Best Torrent Search Engine Sites For 2022 will help you with your torrent hunting a lot better compared to before. All the sites above have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, they will help you to find torrent files very easily and quickly.

You can find torrents for free movies, TV shows, music and much more. The search engines listed above show you torrent files from ExtraTorrent search, KickAss search, uTorrent search and Pirate Bay search.

Please do share this page with your friends and family! Do let us know in the comments below if you know of any other search engines for torrent searching!

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