8 Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2022 - Download Anime Torrents [FREE]
8 Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2022 – Download Anime Torrents [FREE]
The best yet creative storylines are brought in by anime movies and television shows. Today we live in a vibrant active world where we are populated by imaginary yet real characters. Today we are sharing the 8 best Anime torrent sites 2022 to watch and download free Anime. Anime can take us towards unexplored areas of imagination where everything seems to be a work of art. But we cannot say that anime has become popular as a lot is not seen coming from Hollywood.

Moreover, you have to download free anime torrents for it to work. Before you get started we this we recommend you to be safe while you are torrenting. Therefore you are required to read the following safety notice.

You might be surprised to know that what you browsed over the internet is visible by the internet service providers. These companies have the power to collect your data and then hand it over to third parties. So you must keep your data protected and secured. Therefore you must plan on what you are going to download and share

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Anime brings about something for everyone out there. From romantic stories to horror adventures, it has all for you. This is the reason why we are going to explore the best places available online for downloading anime torrents

Now follow through with the article to get to know about the best anime torrent sites.


8 Best Anime Torrent Sites 2022 – Download Free Anime Torrents 

Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs Anime Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesHighly up to date; Easy to navigate; Helpful tagging system; Plenty of video formats to choose from.
Account Registration RequiredNot required. You do not have to sign up for any service.
AvailabilityBlocked in certain countries and by individual ISPs. HMA! Pro VPN is recommended for torrenting.


Horrible Sub is the kind which once you get is going to full fill all your Anime needs. It is considered not only as of the best anime torrent site but also an interesting anime community. In this, you can talk to other anime fans through comments or using IRC. You can easily preview available files on torrents.

They also carry a dedicated page by the name of schedule in which you can keep a track of all the upcoming movies, seasons, and episodes. Its video quality ranges from 480p to 1080p.

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Nyaa Se/Si

Nyaa Se Si Anime Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesIncredibly popular; Handy filtering options; Plenty of healthy torrents; High server count;
Account Registration RequiredThere is no need to sign up and make an account.
AvailabilityBlocked in certain countries and by individual ISPs. Always recommend using a VPN to access it.

Nyaa is considered one of the best anime torrent websites. It had a few issues in the past but for now, all have been resolved. Here you can count of different a kind of content that is organized neatly and is indexed as well.

Once Nyaa gets open in your web browser it directs you towards the list of available torrents. You can organize it according to your set criteria like by name, size, date and the number of leechers seeders. As you click on the torrent you want to download, Nyaa will immediately show you a short overview. This is from where you are going to download the torrent file. The best part is that you are not going to create a user account for this.

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Visit Nyaa Si

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BakaBT Anime Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesMade by true anime fans; Restricted community; High-quality torrent files; Plenty of new content; 90,000+ users.
Account Registration RequiredAccount invitation is needed either by the website administrator or another forum member.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide.
Mirror URLsNone available. Original BakaBT is live.
Is it Safe?Yes, it is recommended by many and has safe and virus-free anime torrent files.

As you cannot register freely on Baka BT therefore many of you would assume that it is a secret amine community. In spite, you need to be invited by the website’s team. To be sure that their community comes with amine fans you need to go through an interview with the administrators. Don’t worry you do not need to worry about this. As you get in you can download and share anime torrents from the massive library carried by the website

To join this you need to use IRC, where it comes with two channels; #bakabt-support and #BakaBT. You need to keep your attention here as you shall be soon invited for an interview.

Visit BakaBT

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Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho Torrent Site Download Anime

Prominent FeaturesNiche torrent website; Active community; Provides subtitles; Plenty of healthy torrent files.
Account Registration RequiredYou don’t need an account to use Anime Tosho.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.

The most active amine community online today is the anime Tosho. It has a lot of popularity and the website is all about anime torrents. You will not only find a bunch of anime files here but also be able to download files fastly due to the higher number of seeders.

The anime Tosho comes with an easy user interface. It comes in the English language. Here you can find a steady stream of anime torrents that include various types of media like television shows, movies, books, and pretty much everything you are looking for.

Visit Anime Tosho

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Anime Torrents

Anime Torrents Website for Anime Downloading

Prominent FeaturesConstantly updating; Features the freshest content; Easy to use; Provides a forum as well; Private torrent tracker.
Account Registration RequiredYou will have to sign up using your email and create an account to use AnimeTorrents.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.

The anime torrents will present you with the latest and hottest anime television shows and movies when you register for a new account. The website comes with a high-quality amine before anyone else offers which is a benefit for all. There come various ways in which you are able to sort the available content and then categorize it by various media types. Moreover for your pleasure, it comes with many subbed and dubbed torrents.

As this anime torrent is very popular therefore it has many regular users. It can translate to a large number of seeders per unity which means that you will be able to download anime as fast as your internet connection allows you to. Use must try out this anime website at it surely is the best.

Visit Anime Torrents

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Shana Project

Shana Project Anime Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesIntuitive UI; Rich content library; Plenty of seeders; Automated anime downloads; Client setup instructions.
Account Registration RequiredNo account is needed just visit Shana Project and start downloading your favorite anime torrents.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.

As anime torrents sites are seen to be niche communities, therefore, you are not only able to download torrents but you are also required to seed them for some time. As after all this is the only way to create a sustainable torrent community. The Shana project comes indifferently as it does not have any particular limitations and you are free to download whatever and as much as you want.

As you open the anime torrent website you will be able to see a big list of movies and television shows. You can sort them out according to your need either alphabetically or season-wise. If somehow you are registering for an account then you can keep track of your favorite torrents as well as automate torrent downloads.

Visit Shana Project

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Anime Layer

Anime Layer Torrent for Watching Anime Online

Prominent FeaturesIn Russian; Long-standing torrent site; Includes a forum; Regularly updated; Plenty of fresh torrents.
Account Registration RequiredYes, you have to create an account to use Anime Layer.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.

As many torrents usually come in with a simple list-based interface the anime layer makes things a little different for you. It is a Russian website that comes with a beautifully designed user interface. The torrents listed here come with detailed information, screenshots that include a precise number of leechers and seeders. This helps you decide whether a particular needs to be downloaded or not.

As the website is in the Russian language therefore fortis you are going to rely on a live translate service that should not be a very big obstacle. Therefore go and create a user account today.

Visit Anime Layer

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Project GXS

Project GXS Anime Site

Prominent FeaturesAn active community; Plenty of fresh torrents; Comes with a Discord community; Helpful filtering via tags.
Account Registration RequiredNo account registration is required.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.

The project GXS website serves as a repository of anime content that is found online. It is a good way to find reliable content in spite of just searching for it all over the internet. As you click on any title, a list of available files shall open in front of you which are going to be either torrents or direct downloads. In the end, it is up to you which method will work for you.

This brings in for you a helpful page titles index. Here you can browse the list of available titles in alphabetical order. As you click on any one of the links then a list of available links and video file resolutions will pop up. In the case of television shows, you will get an overview of episodes and seasons.

Visit Project GXS

Which Anime Torrent Site have you picked?

This page has the 8 best Anime Torrent sites to download free anime. These anime torrent sites provide you with a download of Anime in 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K HD quality to watch. Let us know of any other Anime sites that you use so we can add to our list and expand it.

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