Top 8 Best Windows 10 Icon Packs Free Download (2022 Edition)

As we all know that Windows 10 has a unique touch in Microsoft’s line of Operating Systems. It is different from others both in performance and style. This page brings you beautiful Windows 10 Icon Packs of 2022 to change your icons forever. Its Operating System drew from the pitfalls of Windows 8 thus displaying a new sleek and flat design.

Windows 10, despite the new look, kept its flexibility. Today we will be sharing 8 best Windows 10 Icon Packs to free download. A lot of us love to customize our windows experience, and the new Microsoft flagship made it a lot easier for us to change its appearance. Today we as users like to customize our icons first. This page also includes Windows 10 folder icons that can you install.

The stock icons there is windows 10 remind us about its classic look. Thus, the full range of icon packs available online provides us with a lot of options. In this guide, we shall discuss some windows with ten icon packs. Today icon packs are available on the internet from different sources, so you have to be careful and make sure that your sources are safe. Use anti-malware Fox to scan the downloaded file or zip.

Windows 10 accepts icons with .ico, dll and .exe type. Many of the images shall be there in .ico, but you will come across ones in .png. These, however, can be converted by using different tools. Please note that you might need a Windows 10 icon pack installer.

Some of the icon packages come along with executable files to replace the default icons. Due to this, it is necessary and essential to scan and download the data for your safety. Make sure to read and go thoroughly through all the instructions provided.


How to Change Icons in Windows 10?

The icons such as the user, User files, Control Panel, and Recycle Bin are known as the Desktop Icons. By default, the recycle bin is available on the desktop. If you desire to change the look of any desktop icon, follow the steps:

  • Until you access the Desktop icon settings. Click the Change Icon
  • You shall see a default icon pack in the change icon window. In here you can choose any icons that you wish for
  • Now got to where you have saved your customized image
  • Select the icon and click on the OK button

How to Change Folder and Shortcut Icons in Windows 10?

The folders and shortcuts can be customized easily, but you need to do this for each folder individually. You might need to download a third-party app to change icons faster. For this follow the steps:

  • In the first step, you need to click right on the folder
  • Go to properties
  • Repeat the same for shortcuts
  • In the new folder properties, you are supposed to click on the change icon
  • In the shortcut, properties click on the change icon if you are customizing an alternative
  • Click on the browse option
  • Now choose your icon in the window
  • Click on restore defaults in the change icon, If you wish to restore the default icon

8 Best Windows 10 Icon Packs for 2021/2022 (Free Download)

Following is the list of the best Windows 10 icon packs to change the looks and feel of your PC.

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Folders Flat Colors

Folders Flat Colors Icon Pack for Windows 10

This work is done by dtafalonso. This is perfect when you want to maintain a clean look and have variety as well. This icon pack mixes and blends very well with most of the Windows 10 themes.

Its features icons come in a variety of different shades. Other icon packs like simplus have two or three colours. All of this creates a simple yet exciting look and style.

Download Folders Flat Colors Icon Pack

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Update: Folders Flat colors has now been updated to v2.

Simplus Icon Pack

Simplus Icon Pack Download

Simplus icon pack comes with a simple design. The icon design of simplus is straightforward and elegant that removes clutter and creates more of a seamless look.

This icon pack usually comes in light and dark sets. Its light features muted colours blend in easily with the light-coloured theme, and the dark sets of icons are quite brighter. This is perfect to see the icons and make them pop.

Download Simplus Icon Pack

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Insignia Icon Pack Theme

Insignia Icon Pack Theme Download

The insignia icon pack theme is an overall perfect icon pack for customizations. It is used to carry icons for typical applications, folders, and web applications. This beautiful design is, however, slight different from the flat metro theme that windows 10 carries.

The insignia icon pack pays homage to traditional designs. Its light shade gives depth to the colors. Moreover, it uses soft edges without changing much of the logos. This icon pack is perfect if you wish to contrast yet complement a theme on your Operating System.

Download Insignia Icon Theme

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winOS10 Flat Icon Pack

winos10 Flat Icon Pack for Windows 10

The winOS10 flat comes with a variety of icons, but it replaces the default windows icons. So we can say that this icon pack is best suitable for directories and desktop icons. You are not required the files as this comes in .png, .ico, .dll and .icl.

The winOS10 flat is used to contrast with the theme of windows 10. Its soft edges integrate and mix in with the hard edges of the metro theme.  The icons of individual folders make it very easy to identify your folders.

Download winOS10 Flat Icon Pack

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Numix Circle For Windows 10

Numix Circle for Windows 10 Icon Pack

The best thing about Numix circle for windows is that it can manage and stand out without breaking the overall aesthetics of the default windows 10. It applies the same colour palette that blends in well with the rest of the OS. It has bright logos that are distinguished easily.

Here the unique thing is the shape of the icons. Its circular shape has excellent contrast with the angular form of the metro. It is thus an excellent break from all the edges.

Download Numix Circle for Windows 10

BRUCE Square Icon Pack (V1.0 Updated)

Bruce Square Icon Pack for Windows 10 Download

Bruce Square, just like the Numix circle for windows, fits in very well with the angular metro of User Interface (UI). It is different from others in the way that it carries a gradient background and a white logo in the foreground. The logos of the application are known to stand out quite well.

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A softer tone is seen in the background that is invoked by the colour gradient. If we talk about the cover design, then it is very striking. It does not conflict with the style of default windows. To put in short words, this icon pack is best for darker and simpler themes.

Download BRUCE Icon Pack (V1.0)

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Shadow 135 Extension Icon Pack (Folder Icons)

Shadow 135 Extension Icon Pack

The shadow 135 is an extension icon pack that is used both for macOS and Windows 10. It reminds us of Google’s material User Interface (UI). Its colours blend in easily with the Metro user interface of Windows 10. A dynamic look is created by the rounded squares and the inner circular inset.

The white logos with shadows show depth. A black variant, which is the artist has different sets of icons for system icons, apps, and even icons related to brands. Its extensive selection is used to ensure consistent design all across the Operating System.

Download Shadow 135 Extension Folder Icon Pack

In Pixelated Icons Set for Windows 10

In Pixelated Icon Set for Windows 10

The in pixelated icon pack, however, is very different and unique from the rest of the icon packs that are discussed and described on this list. Over the icon pack aims to provide a quirky design in spite of trying to blend in with the metro User Interface (UI).

The inspiration for this design is inspired by the 8-bit pixel art that is popularized by the ’80s and 90’s video games. A playful and youthful vibe is driven out from the light-coloured palette. This icon pack comes in both .ico for windows and .icns for MacOS.

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Star Wars Icon Pack

If you are a Star Wars fan then you will love this icon pack. It contains references from The Last Jedi and the Fallen Order. You can now set your icons to look like Yoda, Darth Vader or even Kylo Ren.

Windows 10 Icon Pack Installer Download

Not all of us have the patience and time to manually apply the above Icons on our desktop. This is fine. We have a solution for you. You can now use the Windows 10 Icon Pack Installer which works on 32-bit and 64-bit architecture and does not require heavy system resources. It is as simple as open > select Icon pack > Install > Done.

Keep in mind that if you want to try a newer style, you will have to repeat the above process.

Download Windows 10 Icon Pack Installer

Which Windows 10 Icon Pack is your Favorite?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you the best icon packs for Windows 10 to download. We have discussed features that each icon pack carries and what folder icons it brings. Install them to make your look Windows look beautiful yet elegant and fresh.

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