If you are looking for the best Android emulators for Linux in 2022 this page is your best bet. These are emulators that will help you run Android apps in Linux.

Smartphones are a category or class of multi-purpose mobile computing devices or mobile phones. These devices consist of an extensive portable Operating System (OS) which allows you to surf the internet, access multimedia, and attend calls with the use of specific Applications. Smartphones consist of different sensors which are controlled by different software.

10 Best Android Emulators for Linux 2022 - Android Apps on Linux
10 Best Android Emulators for Linux 2022 – Android Apps on Linux

Fortunately, there is a way through which you can access all of the smartphone applications, or in other words, you can make your Computer System run or act as a smartphone device. It is quite possible if you have Linux OS installed in your Personal Computer (PC). The Linux ecosystem can be used to access the OS named Android, which is available for smartphones. We will also provide you with direct download links for android emulators to run APKs in Linux.

To use Android OS in your PC, you will have to install several Android emulators into your Linux OS. Emulators of Android are pieces or parts of specific Computer Applications that allow you to run or use your favorite Android Apps or games precisely from your Computer with Linux.

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What are Android Emulators for Linux

Emulators or Android Emulators are the Android Virtual Devices (AVD) that describe any Android device. You can use an emulator as a platform or program in which you can test or run any Android application on your PC. Emulators come in handy when users run or execute those applications which require more resources that can be fulfilled by the Android emulators in Linux System.

Android emulators run as a pot software that works like a regular Android smartphone. Due to some hardware problems or low specifications, many newly updated games or apps do not run on several Android devices. To solve this problem, you can use an emulator to run those applications smoothly.

Top 10 Best Free Android Emulators for Linux Distros – Run any Android App in Linux

There are many Android emulators available for almost every OS. I am going to list the top 10 emulators available for Linux. The list of these emulators is as follows, and they are not in any order:


The first emulator in our list is the one that is popular in the market which is targeting several users to install it. This emulator works perfectly in the Linux system. Like any other Android Emulator Shashlik doesn’t require its users to fit any virtual machine to run correctly. Alternatively, this incredible emulator consists of the core components of an Android OS and combines it directly with your system. Still, this Android emulator beats its other competitors when it comes to performance.

Shashlik Android Emulator

Features of Shashlik:

  • Shashlik doesn’t require any Virtual machine, but it integrates the core of Android packages to be used in a Linux system.
  • Shashlik consists of an OpenGL base of Linux system which means more graphics configuration, especially for games.
  • Shashlik is also usable for Linux distros mainstream, the creators of this emulator advise you to run it on the platform named KDE Plasma.
  • The one shortcoming in Shashlik is its lack of running the apps which require Google Play Services.

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The second emulator on our list is ARChon. It is an astonishing Android emulator available for Linux which will make you astonished. According to my, this is one of the rare emulators for Linux. This emulator doesn’t function in any virtual machine, and it is unlike any other emulator which you can set up in your Linux system. This particular emulator also makes use of Google Chrome’s robust runtime and joins the emulation compounds directly into it. It doesn’t matter about which version of the kernel you’re using this emulator can be run in every Linux system.

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ARChon Android Linux Emulator

Features of ARChon:

  • The first feature which I like about Archon is that it doesn’t provide you with the entire Android OS but lets you use limited apps on Chrome runtime.
  • This particular emulator is open source and free to download from any website.
  • The developers of this emulator can repair the android applications to make them execute on the Linux system.
  • This is the best emulator which can run applications without the need for the whole Android OS.

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The third emulator in our list is the first emulator which was developed for Linux, and the main target of this emulator is to run the Android emulation according to your PC hardware. This emulator is designed for the x86 based processor and AMD hardware. It is famous because of its successful running of the abundant capability of intensive Android apps. In other words, it does not lag any Android application.

Android-x86 linux emulator

Features of Android-x86:

  • This particular emulator needs a Virtual Machine installed to install Android apps on your PC.
  • The Android-x86 consists of built-in support of Wi-Fi, and it also provides you to configure network connections and an initiative GUI that you can access.
  • You can also mount your own existing Android storage memory in your Android emulator directly it can be done quickly with Android-x86.

Android SDK

The fourth emulator in our list is Android SDK. It is one of the best emulators for the Linux system. If you want direct support from Google along with all of its services, then I would recommend you to use this fantastic emulator. Almost every Android developer uses this emulator to test their Android applications. From Internet Browsing to the latest gaming, you can do all of this with this single emulator.

Android SDK Linux Emulator

Features of Android SDK:

  • Android SDK allows its developers to customize their created apps as they want and make it the leading app in the store.
  • Android SDK beats almost every emulator, which is available over the internet.
  • Android SDK is officially an Android development utility. This emulator comes up with the support of all the smartphone functionalities, which include Wi-Fi, GPS, and SD card support.

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The fifth emulator in our list is an OS that is based upon the Android OS, which target is to run all of your favorite apps in your Linux system. This emulator gives the power to its user to make use of their system resources inefficient way.

Bliss Android Emulator

Features of Bliss:

  • The performance of Bliss is higher than any emulator in our list because it is easy to customize.
  • On the other hand, it is a complete Operating System that runs Android applications.
  • Bliss is a highly secured emulator because they take security seriously.

Andy OS

The sixth emulator of our list is a powerful emulator because of its advanced game control. This specific emulator is designed only for gamers who usually play games which their smartphones cannot run because of the lack of hardware requirements. Other than gaming, Andy OS is famous because of its perfect performance.

Andy OS Android Emulator for Linux

Features of Andy OS:

  • Andy OS allows you to sync all of your smartphone data with the help of the emulator.
  • In Andy OS, you can use your smartphone as a Controller through which you can do Keyboard mapping and Push Notifications easily.
  • Andy OS also allows you to larger your storage space on your request, which is not available in any other emulator.
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Andro VM

The seventh emulator in our list is a project which is developed by Genymotion, and it is indeed the best emulator for the Linux system in our directory. This emulator also offers you the feature of Offline Connectivity, which is not available in any other emulator. This means that Andro VM allows you to run the applications without any lagging which requires any Network Connection.

Andro-VM Android Emulator for Linux

Features of Andro VM:

  • Andro VM is a Virtual Machine you can guess that by the last two words of its name. This particular emulator supports OpenGL, which makes it the stronger emulator.
  • Like any other Linux Android emulator, Andro VM runs very smoothly.
  • The most important feature which is available in the Andro VM is that it can also run several apps without any network connection. Those apps do not even lag while they are running.

Jar of Beans

The eighth emulator on our list was basically developed for the Windows OS, but with the help of WINE, it can run on the Linux machine too. So this means that the Linux version of Jar of Beans was created by WINE. Unlike other Jar of Beans has quite a lot of useful features.

Features of Jar of Beans:

  • This emulator comes with built-in support for all of the Intel Hardware which makes this emulator faster.
  • You can modify or select the screen resolution according to your requirements.
  • This emulator also lets you save the customized settings which are created by you.


The ninth emulator in our list is the best Android emulator available for Linux systems. GenyMotion is a versatile emulator which allows its user to run any virtual device in the cloud. Genymotion also gives you 3000+ options or configurations.

Features of GenyMotion:

  • With this emulator, you can make interruptions for SMS or calls for testing the working of your application.
  • This emulator allows its developers to test several websites in different browsers from their Linux Systems.
  • This emulator is 100% compatible with Android Studio and SDK tools.

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Last but not least! The tenth emulator available on our list is Anbox, which is specially developed for playing games and all other applications which might not work correctly in older smartphones. This is one of the modern emulators in the list which has the motto to enable every user to use their favorite apps on their Linux systems.

Features of Anbox:

  • Anbox consists of every component which is available for the Android OS and allows you to run all of its services directly from the Linux Machine.
  • With this emulator, you can select any Android version you like to run your favorite App.
  • The stack design of this emulator makes it secure compared to other emulators.

Which is your favorite Android Emulator for Linux?

In today’s article, we discussed the Top 10 Android emulators for Linux systems. In this article, I shared a list of 10 emulators which you can install in your Linux systems and run all of your favorite applications or games from your PC. The first thing we discussed in this article was about Android emulators. Enjoy running your favorite Android applications to run in Linux using an emulator.

Then I shared the list of emulators with you which support the Linux OS. Then I explained all of those emulators one by one and also told you about all of its features. You can install and use any of the emulators which meet your requirements.

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