Top 8 Best Free Movie Download Apps for Android In 2022

If you are a movie lover and looking for a free movie download app for Android in 2022, then you have dropped at the right place. We bring for you a list of the best free movie download apps APK to download. For your android device with the help of which you can stream or even download your favourite movies.

These apps allow you to watch MP4 movies, HD movies and 4K movies all on your mobile. As we live in a highly technological world where smartphones have revolutionized entirely in the way we watch movies and television shows. We have long left the era in which people used to rely on physical compact disc to store and share different media files.


8 Best Free Movie Download Apps APK for Android 2021 (Download)

We have compiled for you the list of best free movie download applications for android. These are as followed:

Popcornflix – Free Movies/TV/Shows

Free Movie Download App for Android APK Latest

It is considered to be the perfect app for downloading free movies. It carries around an extensive collection of around 700 free movies that, too, are available in high definition. Such a catalog is enough for a year if you are the kind of person who watches two movies a day. The best part about Popcornflix is that it continuously keeps itself updated and keeps on adding new movies to its watch list.

The movies on Popcornflix are organized in the form of different genres such as romance, comedy, drama, urban, action or thriller, family or kids, horror, Bollywood, documentaries, and much more.

Now keep in mind that Popcornflix is a legal app that can be downloaded easily from the Playstore. Moreover, there are no watching restrictions; thus, you can watch as many movies as you want.

The Good

  • It can be found on the Play Store
  • Comes with exclusive and new content
  • Annoying advertisements

The Bad

  • Comes with slow streaming speeds
  • Carries a small catalog for TV shows

Visit Popcornflix

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Free Movie Apps for Android Download

Mobdro is another movie downloader application that is used for streaming and downloading movies. The content available on this app is in high definition quality. Moreover, it comes with streaming and downloading speed that is entirely to rely on. The Mobdro application offers users a vast collection of free TV shows and movies.

It carries content that is organized in a well-mannered way, you can search for different filters like language and genre and make search easy. Last but not least, the process of installation of this application is much similar to any other app. You can use the Mobdro form for downloading a new movie, and that all for free.

The Good

  • It comes with a clean User Interface
  • Carries different Language and genre filters
  • The content is organized into categories

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Megabox HD – Free Movies App

Megabox HD is a very useful application that is used to download your favourite movies for free. Most of the content available of the mega box is in HD quality. The best part is that you can also stream or download free movies to view offline. You have to install the mega box HD app and install it manually, and it is not available on the play store

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Megabox HD app is available for Windows and macOS, which means you can now enjoy TV shows and movies on the big screen. It carries a decent collection of the latest and exclusive movies and TV shows. Another exciting thing that you need to know about the mega box HD application is that by any chance you create a free account, then you can add movies to your watch list.

The Good

  • It is available for PC, can be installed only using an emulator
  • Carries an enormous collection of exclusive movies

The Bad

  • It comes with an Outdated UI
  • It also lacks personalized content
  • It does not allow bookmarking videos or watching trailers due to a bug.

Visit Megabox HD App site

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Download Free Movies for Android MP4, HD and 1080p

Crackle is yet another application that is used to download free movies. The best part is that it is available for both Android and Ios users. Crackle, too, like other apps, consists of a decent collection of exclusive movies and TV shows. Crackle app offers the fastest streaming speed. Comes with a clean user interface and is very easy to navigate

It comes with some random ads, but they are not a very big issue. It comes with the best features like alphabetical order, full episodes, genre, recently added clips, trailers, and much more. As you login into crackle, it starts to suggest personalized content. You shall not find any watching limit on crackle

The Good

  • Come with fast download and good streaming speed
  • It is available for both iOS and Android

Visit Crackle Site

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This is yet another free movie downloading the application. It offers thousands of hit movies and TV series and all that for free. Now Tubi is indeed a well-developed app that can be used to download free movies. The best part about this is that it lets users to personal queue to bookmark which videos they would want to watch. New TV shows and movies are added to the collection of Tubi every week.

Most of the content that is present on Tubi comes in HD quality. It also carries a dedicated “not a Netflix” category. The user is also able to stream content on a much more prominent display as Tubi can support chrome cast, apple, amazon fire TV, Roku devices, and many other streaming devices. Last but not least it is 100% legal and offers unlimited streaming

The Good

  • It is available on Play Store
  • It can Support Chrome cast and Firestick TV
  • It is used to suggest Personalized content
  • It carries a dark theme
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Visit Tubi.TV Site

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Youtube – Full of Free Movies

Youtube is such an application that comes pre-installed on every smartphone device. It carries a massive collection of movies. Different old videos are uploaded on youtube channels by their production companies. The majority of indie filmmakers also upload their content on Youtube. If you are looking for a movie downloader application, then youtube is the best choice.

Keep in mind that you can also buy the latest movies on youtube as well. The best part is that youtube comes with unmatched streaming quality, reliability, and speed. Individual users also upload the entire film on their youtube channel though these movies are taken down but still can be found.

Visit YouTube Movies Page

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Popcorn Time

Another application that you can use to download free movies is popcorn time. It remains at the top for downloading free movies on PC and your android smartphone device. One of the significant highlights of popcorn is that all it contains is streamed directly from torrents. The best part is that you can find almost any movie or TV show on popcorn time. The majority of the content available on it is in high definition and also provides subtitles.

The popcorn time is present for all the major platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, Ios, and Linux. Moreover, popcorn time provides some vital user interface customization tools with which you can also change the language of the application.

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Free Movie Downloader App for Android APK

Last but not least, Iflix is another popular application. It claims to be a forever-free application that is funded by ads. You can stream on two devices at the same time while using Iflix

You can download it from the Google Play store. The content available on Iflix is either in 720p or 1080p. As it is very much compatible with chrome cast, you can easily cast your content on a more prominent display. The material on Iflix is distributed in various sections that are based on movie genres, language plus there is a dedicated section for kids and news as well.

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Which Android App APK are you using to Download Free Movies?

This article includes all the best free movie download apps with direct apk download links. These will allow you to watch all English movies, US movies, Hindi movies, Asian movies, and more. These are all in HD and MP4 quality. I would also recommend having a look at sites like and The Pirate Bay for some great content.

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