7 Best Tape Measure Apps For Android in 2020 [Free APK Download]


Best Tape Measure Apps APK For Android

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to digitally measure something out in the house but did not have a tape? Well, the solution is simple and easy as for now! Here are the 7 best tape measure apps for Android 2020. In today’s technological world, you should not be surprised by using your smartphone to get accurate measurements. Like this, you do not need to carry around a measuring tape.

A handful of such applications use different technologies like AR that make surface detection a lot easier. There are now various APIs available that allow you to use data collected and processed through machine learning, helping in object detection.

Are Digital Measuring Apps Worth It?

Theoretically, Yes. Technically, No!

Here’s why!

Various phones have different hardware and camera sensors. The most famous one being the Sony IMX series. There are also cheaper devices which have less megapixel sensor.

Your results will vary a lot. This all depends on the sensor and how it picks up the objects. Many of them use technologies like AR, which make the distance it measures.

You can use them as a last resort when there is no other option! Absolutely. However, I wouldn’t personally rely on them.

7 Best Tape Measurement Apps For Android 2020 [APK Download]

Moasure – Motion-based technology

Best Ruler App For Android

The first one to make it to the list is Moasure. Though this is not compatible with all the smartphone devices but is seemed to be an excellent app for the purpose. It is a 300m or 1000 ft tape, ruler, goniometer, and protractor. You can get all in one application. It is effortless to use. For this:

  • The user needs to move his phone from one point to the other.
  • The Moasure is then used to display the distance or height difference between two points by using some behind the scenes trickery.
  • The application uses the phone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure how far you have moved your phone accurately.

Download Moasure Android App Free

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ARCore Ruler – A virtual measure app

Digital Measuring Apps For Android

ARCore Ruler is a compelling application used to measure tools on your android smartphone device. It uses augmented reality technology for this purpose. With this, the user can get results down in inches, cm, m, feet, as well as yards.

Moreover, it lets users take distance measurements, angles, and perimeters. The best part in that with this, you do not need to worry about the accuracy. As long as your markers are aligned with the application accurately, you shall get accurate results.

Download ARCore Ruler Android App Free

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AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure and Ruler

This is yet another measuring device for your android smartphone that uses augmented reality technology as well. It allows users to measure almost anything quickly. Once you have this installed on your phone, you would never have to carry a measuring tape with you. With this app, you can size almost anything if you have your pinpoint and makers correctly and also have a supported device.

Download AirMeasure Android App

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CamToPlan – AR Surface Measurement

Measure length apps

With this measuring application, the user can measure the area of any surface for length, distance, and much more. A digital ruler that does not lets you down. It works only on selected smartphone devices as it uses augmented reality and Google’s ARCore technology.

Download CamToPlan Android App

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Tape Measure – A digital take

Distance Measuring Apps

It all depends on the smartphone you are using to measure the particular objects as many phones are not supported. Now, this application uses your camera’s phone and pairs with some augmented reality technology; it provides with the measurements.

Now, this can be a little tricky to size as it requires the users to keep their phone at eye level. If they get the markers at the right spot, then this can be as accurate as any physical tape measuring device out there.

Download Measure App For Android

AR Ruler – Augmented Reality Measuring

Like ARCore in this is yet another application that uses augmented reality technology to provide users with accurate readings. If users have their markers all lined up accurately, then they can get perfect measurements. With this user can get results in inches, cm, m, feet as well as yards.

With this, you can even size down in areas, perimeters as well as 3D objects. This usually has a very super handy distance meter on it.

Download AR Ruler App For Android

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Ruler by NixGame – A great choice

Now, this application does not use your camera, so you can say that this is just like the standard ruler. The users need to put their phone up close and next to the object that they are measuring. Due to the limits of the screen size, users can measure up to 10 inches at a time. This application does not allow users to change the type allowing users to grab in meters, cm as well as feet.

Now all these measuring applications are too good to assess objects. All of them use augmented reality technology. Moreover, the applications are unique and allow taking measurements in various ways. If you are looking for the crème of the crop in measuring technology, then it cannot go wrong with ARCore, an application that provides accurate sizes.

Download Ruler App For Android

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Last Verdict

I am very sure that this article has answered your question about finding the best tape measurement app for Android. These are great digital AR-based tape measure applications that are free and also available in APK to download.


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