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Simone Margaritelli developed dSploit Apk download 2022. It is a penetration testing suite that was made for the android operating system. It carries many different modules that can perform network security assessments on wireless networks out there. With the help of dSploit latest version, users can perform different tasks which are as followed:

  • Network mapping
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Password scanning
  • Man in the middle attacks like password sniffing
  • Fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services
  • Attack logon procedures of many TCP protocols
  • Real-time manipulation

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What is dSploit 2021?

DSploit is an application that lets the user audit a wireless network that carries out a complete process of mapping to help them search for all the vulnerabilities. It can detect for all the devices that are connected with it, also being able to intercept their traffic in real-time.

Thus it is recommended to be used in cases in which the user is both the owner and the admin of the wifi network that is under question. Moreover, keep in mind that the application is going to be used only for security and maintenance purposes and not to violate any user’s privacy.

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dSploit Android App Features

dSploit APK Free Download Without Root

  • Wifi Cracking– It comes with the feature of wifi cracking. The wifi scanner shows in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, once you click on them allows you to crack the key very easily
  • RouterPWN– You need to launch the http://routerpwn.com/ service to pwn your very own router.
  • Trace – The user can perform a traceroute on the target.
  • Port Scanner– A syn port scanner is there that helps you to find quickly open ports on a single target.
  • Inspector– It can perform a target operating system and services deep detection that is indeed much slower than syn port scanner but more is more accurate.
  • Vulnerability Finder– It can search for known vulnerabilities for target running services that are upon the National Vulnerability Database.
  • Login Cracker– It is a high-speed network logon cracker that can support many different services.
  • Packet Forger– It can craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet towards the target like Wake on LAN packets.
  • MITM– Carries a wide set of Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) tools it orders command & conquers the whole network.
  • Simple Sniff– It can redirect the target’s traffic through this device and show all the stats while dumping it into a pcap file.
  • Password sniffer: It can sniff passwords of various protocols like HTTP, FTP, IMAP, IMAPS, IRC, MSN and much more from the target
  • Session hijacker: It can listen for cookies that are there on the network and hijack sessions
  • Kill connections: It can kill connections by preventing the targets from reaching any server or website
  • Redirect: It can redirect all the HTTP traffic towards another address
  • Replace images: It can replace images on the webpages with the particular ones
  • Replace videos: It can replace all the youtube video that is there on the webpages with the particular ones.
  • Script injection: It can inject a javascript into each webpage that is visited
  • Custom filter: It can replace custom text from the webpages with particular ones.
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dSploit APK Requirements

  • An ARM CPU
  • Gingerbread Android (at least Android 2.3)
  • Root
  • A full install of Busy Box (every utility, not a partial install)

You would be very much interested in controlling all the different aspects of a wifi network if you are the admin of it. This is where DSploit comes in hand and lets you do all of this. Though it is very much true that some of its functions go beyond the simple control features and we cannot even tell or discuss whether they are legal or not.

dSploit APK Free Download No Root

Once you have downloaded the DSploit there on your android phone device, then you can view on the panel all the devices that are connected and carry out any particular action directly on them like scanning ports, cracking logins or even detecting vulnerabilities. To put everything in other words, then the user can find out if their devices have access points and also know if they can steal passwords for Twitter, Facebook or any other service.

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Download dSploit APK Without Root 2021/2022 – Android Security Toolkit App

So here is the much-anticipated dSploit APK free download which you have asked me about recently. It needs no root and works without root.

dSploit APK Free Download [Latest]

dSploit APK Free Download 2021/2022
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