macOS Big Sur ISO/DMG/VMDK Full Version Free Download 2022

Apple revealed macOS Big Sur ISO/DMG/VMDK download in full version for its Macs. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, Apple has announced it the long-rumored successor to its stable yet famous OS X line. This was an annual, week-long event held in California but WWDC 2020 was conducted online for the very first time as online only.

The most significant announcement made at this event for the desktop users is MacOS 11, with the company leaping venerable OS X/macOS 10.x code to the latest new 11.0 base. It brought in new changes with a difference. It was unveiled to the world on June 22, 2020.

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What is macOS Big Sur ISO File for Virtualbox and Vmware?

These are simple installation files also known as Virtual Machine Disk that allow you to use virtualization tools for running another OS on your PC. This is a continuation of Apples’ OS that is used to power its lineup of desktop as well as mobile computers. As it is carrying the name of MacOS thus, it is the first significant and big version change in more than 15 years that id dropping 10.x and moving towards 11.x.

macOS Big Sur ISO Download for Vmware

Sharing its name with the natural wonder, it brings in many firsts for Apple’s newest OS. As it continues to expand, changes were made in the previous to unify the desktop experience with the best of its mobile Operating system.. IOS/iPadOS. This is done to create a user computing environment that is both unparalleled and powerful.

macOS Big Sur New Useful Features

macOS Big Sur ISO Download for Virtualbox

  • Notification Center has been revamped.

Although notifications have been introduced in the previous version, it has now re-designed its take on the notification feature, which allows them to be grouped by application for easy management. Moreover, both notifications and widgets are displayed together in the same window for a unified look. The widgets have also been redesigned and could be resized to further customize the information that is displayed in ways that work the way the user wants.

  • Control Center for Mac

The control center has moved a step forward in the new version by providing one-click access to different functions to control connections and features quickly. This includes wi-fi and Bluetooth, playing music and adjusting the settings of the screen. Moreover, additional controls can also be added to customize the experience that is based on your preference and likes.

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  • iMessage

Users can now pin essential conversions to the top of the chat for easy access and response time. These pinned conversations sync with Apple’s ecosystem with iOS/iPadOS 13 devices as well as MacOS Big Sur supported devices. It also carries a new feature; inline replies, with this, the user can directly reply to specific texts, causing it to thread. This makes keeping track of the responses quite easy.

  • Safari 14 – Privacy is everywhere

Safari has been given a lot of significant aesthetic and privacy overhauls to increase usability with in-built customizations for every user. It carries battery life adjustments to help the users be more productive. It also keeps the tabs of websites and web applications that try to keep costs on you as well as your private data by giving you an alert if passwords used by the sites have been compromised.

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The best, it now provides users with a weekly privacy report that is based on intelligent tracking prevention to show how their privacy is being protected all based on which sites they visit. It also provides the trackers across the internet are profiling a snapshot of the user.

  • App Store Privacy – Much better

The privacy information summary that is included for each application in the Mac App Store in a big win for the privacy advocates and a big step towards better transparency. This shall include information on the type of data collected by the developers, how they are managing it, what is done to that data, including if it is used to track down all your movement across the internet.

  • Maps and Guides changes

Maps to have been designed to the extent that now they allow the navigation application to take advantage of the big screen real estate that is afforded by higher resolutions that are found on the new Macs as well as 4K or 5K monitors. A new routing for the electric vehicles has also been added; with this, the user can plan a perfect route, which includes charging stops as well.

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Moreover, it also offers destinations of the best places that you can visit or of your favorite spots. The guide might be made for you or by you and can also be shared for smooth success. For now, it also includes indoor maps with detailed interior maps of all the popular areas like airports, bus stands and much more.

  • Apple Silicon Support

In its initial plan, Apple has announced to shift from Intel CPUs to processors of its design that is based on ARM architecture at WWDC 20. Apple had also developed its very own series of processing chips, or silicon-on-chip (SoC) for iPhone or Ipad line when the devices were initially launched and since then using them for these devices.

It wants to replace the existing Intel-based components with SoC. This change is projected to last two years that result in all the devices of Apple running its proprietary SoC with the first product there from the new lineup up due out before the end of the year.

Now similar to the transition from the previous Apple’s PowerPC-based OS, system OS 9 to OS X over 15 years ago, the apps shall require all the developers to re-write their codes for the applications to work with the architecture of SoC. It shall also offer Rosetta 2, which is an emulation application that will emulate the environment as per need to allow apps that have not been updated to run correctly.

  • New Language Features

To this many new bilingual dictionaries have been added for easy translations between various languages like French to German, Japanese to Chines and Polish to English. Moreover, an enhanced predictive input for both Chinese and Japanese languages has been included for better predictions. To put the long story short; new fonts have been added, and upgrades have been there for the existing fonts for India including localized text effects.

  • System Security

To protect user data, it expands on system volume enhancements that are made prior to cryptographically signing the volume. This ensures that once MacOS 11.0 is there installed in the system, it creates a key that is used to certify the integrity of the amount. Any malicious events that are used to temper it will fail in breaking the key; but should it fail, this would be much easy to identify and recover from immediately.

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Source: Apple.

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macOS Big Sur Supported MacBooks and iMacs

macOS Big Sur DMG Download

All the new releases of its OS are tested by Apple to check the compatibility among existing devices. In recent times, Apple has told which devices and its publications are capable of supporting at a minimum to new features that are included in every version of macOS. The same method of testing and verification continues with this one. The official list displayed by Apple consists of the following:

  • MacBook (2015 and newer)
  • MacBook Air (2013 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (Late-2013 and newer)
  • iMac (2014 and newer)
  • iMac Pro (2017 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2013 and newer)
  • Mac mini (2014 and newer)

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How to Beta Test MacOS Big Sur?

It has been re-released in the beta form for testing by different IT professionals and developers around the world. In previous times, Apple has been providing its users to participate in a limited testing capacity as part of the Apple Beta software program, and the company to is accepting online applications from all who want the opportunity to beta test it on their supported apple computer when the program goes live in July.

Apple Beta Software Program Signup

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Great macOS Big Sur Alternatives

Download macOS Big Sur VMDK File

  • VMware ESXi, Virtual Box or Xen

This is seemed to be a leader in the enterprise-class virtualization space. It is compatible with bare-metal hardware that was developed by a growing number of manufactures on its updated hardware compatibility list (HCI).

This is one updated frequently. Type-1 Hypervisor carries a proprietary Linux Kernel that is used to run the underlying host system to manage the resources that are used by its guest. As core hypervisor comes in free to use and is based on GPL license, High Availability (HA), and live, migration of VMs is available via commercially licensed offerings.

This is a Linux-based on Debian version that shares similarities with the Ubuntu distribution. It provides a stable computing environment; it includes full support from a vibrant community of enthusiasts and something for the new users new to Linux and experienced admins who are looking for a dominant open-source OS to boost productivity. An alternative to Ubuntu is also Kali Linux. However, that is more security-focused.

Windows 10 2004 comes with various security improvements including a much helpful Windows Hello, Improvements to connecting your phone with PC, a better Windows Defender and improvements to Shell and Cortana.

Download macOS Big Sur ISO/DMG/VMDK Full Version

Here is the most popular OS that Apple released now available for download macOS Big Sur 2022 in various formats including ISO, DMG and VMDK file.

Download ISO for Virtualbox and Vmware:

Download macOS Big Sur DMG File for Virtualbox

macOS Big Sur ISO File Download
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