iOS 14 Beta Profile allows you to install Apple’s latest mobile OS without needing a developer account that is NOT free. This method has been working for years and is the most efficient way of trying out the new OS before the official release. This article provides you the iOS 14 and iOS 15 Beta Profile download for your iPhone or iPad in 2022.

Download iOS 14/15 Beta Profile Free for iPhone and iPad (2022)

You can now get the iOS 14/15 beta download scan downloaded on any compatible device but already without a profile for the developers out there. Right, still, there are certain limitations.


iOS 14 Beta Profile Supported Devices

It supports the following devices:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • XS
  • XS Max
  • XR
  • X
  • 8
  • 8 Plus
  • 7
  • 7 Plus
  • 6s
  • 6s Plus
  • SE
  • iPod touch 7

Preparing the Device before Installing the Beta Profile

Now before you get the new version of OS, we recommend that you back up the device. This is required in case anything goes wrong during the process of installation, or you decide to go back to iOS 14. Most complain regarding the firmware that it does not get up for the first time.

Note: please keep in mind that the iOS 14 beta backup is not compatible with ios 13.3 and below.

On your iDevice itself:

  • In the first step, you need to go to settings, then apple ID > iCloud > backup. Always take a backup!
  • After this, you need to turn on the toggle switch iCloud backup and wait for the process to complete.

How to Install iOS 14/15 Beta from iTunes

  • In this first step, you need to connect the iPad or iPhone with a computer system through the wire and then open iTunes.
  • Then you need to go to the top of the program towards the section with the help of your device.
  • Select this computer, there in the automatically create copies section
  • Once done click to create a back now and then for it to finish
  • This is how we have prepared ourselves if something wrong happens.

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How to Install iOS 14/15 Beta from MacOS

  • In the first step, you need to upgrade macOS with the latest version
  • Then you need to download this file, open it. The Xcode 11 is not required
  • After this download the firmware file for this device from here
  • Once done you need to open iTunes, connect the device with the computer system
  • Then hold the option, click on update and select the downloaded IPSW file.
  • We wait for the installation process to finish and then enjoy the iOS 14 beta download!

Apple Beta Software Program Sign Up

How to Install iOS 14/15 Beta Profile from Windows 10 and 11

Over here, things are a bit complicated as on windows; there is Xcode required to install the OS.

  • In the first step, you need to download the IPSW firmware file from here
  • Then you need to download the ZIP archive then unpack it in the same folder where the IPSW is present.
  • Now in the windows search, you need to write cmd and run as administrator by clicking right on the icon that comes on the screen
  • After this on the command line, you need to write

Cd / “the path to the folder where the IPSW file is located like “cd C: / iOS/.”

  • On the command line write

Idevicerestore.exe –d”name IPSW.ipsw

  • Wait for the installation of iOS 14. It will take about 2-3 minutes to extract the firmware; another 10 minutes shall be needed to install and restore the data.

During the process of installation, iTunes shall open; therefore, you should not press anything.

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Fixed Error (IBEC Error -8) and Massive Bug Fixes

Most people encounter errors unable to send IBEC (error -8) and are also unable to place the device in the restore mode (error -10) during the process on the installation of iOS 14 there on windows. There is a solution for this which is as followed:

  • In the first step you need to put the smartphone device in recovery mode and by all means not disconnect from the computer system
  • Then you need to open the device manager item from the control panel
  • You need to look in the list of Apple recovery (IBOOT) USB composite devices. By clicking right on it, you need to delete it
  • Then reconnect your iPhone to the PC again
  • Repeat the firmware installation
  • If you see the error appearing again during the process of installation, then you need to look into the list of apple recovery back and repeat this step but make sure that now you do not need to disconnect the iPhone from the computer system.
  • Install iOS 14 betas, win!

If you change your mind regarding the update, then here is a utility on how you can remove an iPhone from its recovery mode.

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Ios 14 Beta Profile – Coming for you soon

Apple is working on its next update to the Ios and iPadOS operating system that seems to run on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch at its headquarters in California.

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There is some time till the IOS 14 comes in the market for you, but the test version has been leaked, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the update. There are many functions and features that we do not know about, the ios updates carry hundreds of tweaks and many new features, but some of the features have been unveiled

Apple has most of its focus on performance as well as quality there in iOS 14 due to many bugs seen in iOS 13, but there are many features in work.

A new development process is being used by apple that overhauls how the testing is done. The test software shall carry toggles to display by default the buggy features, which enables apple’s internal testers to enable to disable selective features that are being worked on to focus on what needs to be refined.

Now the result is that many of the features that are seen during the testing periods may not end up being in the final version of ios 12 betas and might be delayed, which is essential to keep in mind while you are reading rumors about ios 14.

What we know about 10s 14 we have outlined for you in the guide below, so follow through.

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The Home Screen menu will change

Apple allows all the installed applications to be view in the form of a list there on the apple watch, and something similar to this can be seen in iPhone on its ios 14 updates.

The list helps the user to see all the different applications that are installed on the iPhone, that are organized in an alphabetical form. Moreover, users shall also be able to set the viewing filters to see the application categories like the applications that are used recently or applications with unread notifications.

New Apps and Changes to Current ones

A redesigned fitness application

Apple is also working on a fitness application for iPhone, apple watch as well as Apple TV that shall allow users to download all the videos related to fitness that shall help them to walk through various workouts.

iOS 14 Beta Profile Free Download Signed Working

Apple watch shall be used to keep track of all the progress through workout routines that are going to be displayed on the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. It shall include various types of workouts like indoor running, rowing, stretching, cycling, core training, strength training, outdoor walking, dance as well as yoga

Features for iMessage

Apple is also seen testing new features for the iMessage, and new functions can be included in the iOS 14 updates when compared to iOS 13. These are as followed:

  • A new slack-like mention system that allows users to tag contact along with their names like @Leila. In busy group chats, this feature shall help to mute the conversation but, at the same time, receive push notifications whenever direct mentions are included.

iOS 14 Working Beta Profile for iPhone and iPad

  • It is also working on a feature with the help of which users would be able to retract iMessage once it has been sent, with retraction being visible to both parties.
  • Typing indicators might be included there in the group chats, which helps you to see who is typing in a multi-person conversation; it may also add support for the / me command, which for now is only limited to MAC.

How to Download and Install iOS 14 Beta

  • We may also see a new feature that would mark messages as unread that allows them to retain the unread icon to make it more notable, thus creating a request or task to be in mind.
  • There is also evidence from the past that Apple is working on a catalyst-based version of the messages application for MAC. If this is the case, then many of these features can make it to Mac.

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New augmented reality application

Apple is also planning to introduce a new augmented reality application is the ios 14 that is codenamed the Gobi. The app allows users to get information regarding the world around them.

The application might also feature integrations with Starbucks and Apple stores that suggest that’s users may do something like hold up an iPhone in an apple store and know about all the information regarding the different products. The augmented reality through QR code tags in a particular area, and there are also chances that the I Beacon’s or Apple’s upcoming air tags can work as triggers.

Improved Apple Maps – AR Maps

Apple maps might provide some additional information for the select business there in the new OS like the specific genius bar services by an apple store, locations with discounts for children, and movie theatres with the IMAX showtimes.

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Minor changes:

  • OS Recovery
  • New Apple Watch Ring Activities
  • New Home Screen design in the list view will also be released according to Mac Rumors.
  • Updated Keychain password features

Update: iOS 14 Source Code Leaked

According to The Verge, there has been an early version of iOS 14 leaked online. The version is dated December 2019. The leaks have revealed a new Home Screen design, along with some changes to iMessage, Apple Pencil, iCloud Keychain, and some under the hood performance changes with new wallpapers.

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This can be a great opportunity for hackers who are after 0-day exploits are want to build an iOS 14 jailbreak. This was because now the File System is open for anyone as the code has been leaked. There are various users on Twitter that are selling the source code dump.

Update #2: According to a Twitter user (Majin Bu) iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Profile leaked before WWDC on 22 June and you were able to install it using the Apple Developer account.

Those who have installed it reported that they had not received the official iOS 14 build as the link was taken down quickly.

Update #3: iPhoneOS 14 has now been released after the WWDC keynote!

New Features just announced:

Apple has just released a lot of new information about its mobile operating system:

New Home Screen and Widgets: The home screen design has changed and now includes widgets. These widgets are more data-rich than ever. They can now be moved out from the “Today View” and added onto the home screen. You also get a “Widget Gallery” which allows you to choose different sizes of your widgets.

App Library: This feature organizes your apps in a helpful view. It uses intelligent suggestions to organize the apps you use the most so you can have quick access to them.

Translate App: Apple now has its own translation app to rival “Google Translate”. It can do on-device translations while you speak.

Picture in Picture: iOS 14 now supports Picture in Picture mode meaning that you can watch videos in the background while texting or using another app.

App Clips: This new feature gives you mini versions of your apps so they can be experienced without being downloaded. They can be viewed with an NFC tag or can be scanned from your camera.

Siri: It now has a completely new design and a smaller footprint. It has also gotten much more smatter with 20X more fact data.

CarKey: You can now unlock your car using just your iPhone and NFC. That is not all. You can also share your digital CarKey with your friends or family using iMessage.

Update #4: iOS 14 Developer Beta 1 is now also available to try out.

Note: The below work without a Developer account. Just install the Profile and you will receive the update in OTA. No sign-in or sign up required.

UPDATE #5: iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 and Public Beta 2 have now been released with a new Calendar Icon, Files Widget, Further Privacy Improvements, Further System Stability, and small UI tweaks.

UPDATE #6: iOS 14 Beta 3 has now landed to developers and testers around the world. It comes with a new Music app icon, the Music widget is now more colorful, a new weather widget in iPadOS and support for translation on-device. Along with these new features, Apple has also squashed various bugs in this release.

UPDATE #7: iOS 14 Beta 4 has now been released and comes with various improvements and additions such as a new Apple TV widget, the search function has now been massively improved with deeper findings, 3D Touch has made a comeback on various devices where it was unavailable before and the Exposure Notification API has now a dedicated settings menu.

UPDATE #8: iOS 14 Beta 5 has now been released with changes to permissions being asked when users open their widgets. This update brings account view changes so you can see your credits. Photo albums can now also be hidden. AirPods Pro bugs have now been fixed. A new screen appears when you open the Shortcuts app.

UPDATE #9: iOS 14 Public Beta 6 has now been released by Apple. This brings a totally new interface in the Alarm section of the Clock app where you can change the time. The other new addition is the ”Spatial Audio” surround sound feature. It follows your head when you are playing something from your iPhone or Apple TV. A new Maps splash screen has also been added along with support for Speed Cameras.

UPDATE #10: iOS 14 Public Beta 7 has now been released to the public. It comes with Dark Mode Rainbow Wallpapers to support the pride. The App Library has now been tweaked to show more categories. The AirPods connectivity banner has now also been fixed and pops up when you connect your earphones.

Download iOS 14/15 Working Beta Profile 2022 (iPhone/iPad)

In this article, we have shown you everything related to downloading iOS 14/15 Beta Profile for free for your iPhone or iPad before its release in September 2020. There is still some time left for the new update to come out. Details have been provided of what can be expected. I would also recommend keeping an eye WWDC 2020 for more updates.

Download iOS 14/15 Beta Profile

Download iOS/iPadOS 14 Beta 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Link 2)

NOTE: This article is just a guide, iOS 14 has not been released yet! When it is fully released and the Beta is available to the Public the above link will provide you with the profile.

Update: Now available.

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