Kaspersky Internet Security Free Download 2022 - 5 Device 1-Year Trial

Kaspersky Internet Security is another popular antivirus software of the year. Here are offering a free download for 5 devices with a 1-year trial. It offers the following things:

  • Comes up with extensive features
  • Provides supreme effectiveness
  • Minimal performance impact

Kaspersky is considered an effective anti-virus tool.  The latest results from both AV-comparatives and AV-test helped Kaspersky to achieve a mind-blowing clean sheet against different types of malware. Moreover, it did so with the best false positive rate of only 0.01% thus this is as near to perfection as it makes no odds.

To put a long story in short the independent anti-virus testing labs have ranked Kaspersky anti-virus consistently at the top. Moreover, it is an editor’s choice among paid anti-virus utilities and retains its position.


Why use Kaspersky Internet Security?

Below are some reasons why this security product is the best for you:

  • It comes with extensive features
  • Very fast to work with
  • Effective in work
  • Not much expensive
  • Provides excellent scores from independent testing labs
  • Enhances malware protection
  • Gives good results in phishing protection tests.

The Kaspersky free includes behavior-based system watcher, it carries all the antivirus protection that you can get in all the premium anti-virus. We are going to summarize for you the shared features so that you can get more information on this.

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Kaspersky Internet Security New Features

Rescue Disk – Recover from any data disaster

Kaspersky Internet Security Full Version Download

Rescue disk is one of the features that are carried by Kaspersky. It might add in an extra cost in Kaspersky free but as far as we know it comes in free and anyone can download it for prior use. However, it comes with a big download, a full ISO file of more than 500MB. You need to burn it to any DVD/CD and you are good to go.

What else you can do is also create a bootable USB drive but for it, the instructions are a bit different. They begin with “use a tool to create bootable drives in the ISO/DDO mode. For example win32 or Rufus disk images. We recommend you to use the ISO mode.

Another thing you need to note here is that the process is made a lot easier by the Bitdefender anti-virus pan. In this, you just need to click on rescue mode and reboot. For this, you do not need to burn any disk or prepare any USB.

When we booted from the rescue disk we had to decide on a few things like the language, we had to pick one and decide if the system will show full or limited graphics. Once we ran the scan it finished within minutes as it checked the hard drive boot sectors, malware and star-up objects. We advise you to click on change parameters and set it to scan if you want to boot into a special alternative OS scan. As a result, it will take a bit over an hour.

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Browser Configuration Check – Keeping your browsers healthy

The browser configuration scan can detect all the problems with the internet explorer. As you use it a second option will be there for you to hit back any changes you have made.

At first, we did not get much out of these features as it had no progress bar for scanning, it reported immediately that no problems are found. From this, we concluded that there is a good amount of overlap between it and the vulnerability scanner.

If we check out the vulnerability scan and un-fixed items that are related to internet explorer then it showed results in the form of a tree format under the heading “Problems that can be fixed”. After consulting help we got to know that one might see headings for problems recommended or strongly recommend to be fixed.

We are sure that there will be cases when this and the vulnerability scanner won’t step on each other’s toes.

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Vulnerability Scanner – Stay secure from viruses

Download Kaspersky Internet Security Trial 5 Devices

The malware coders find different ways to exploit vulnerable codes in popular programs. As soon as an exploit comes out the designers of the program work quickly to patch it. If you ignore the patch then you’re helpless

The vulnerability scanner is Kaspersky can look for these missing security patches in the OS system, browsers and other popular programs. On our test, we discovered 9 OS vulnerabilities of which 4 were in-app.

To find such an output we were disappointed. The software updater that comes with the Avira total security suite can automatically handle update tasks, so does Avast Premier. You need to keep one thing in mind that although these two are on the top in their product lines, automation is not included in automation.

Missing windows updates were not included in the list of OS vulnerabilities and it all makes sense as we keep our tests system fully updated. It showed a list of settings that are made for the poor security. Many involving Autorun showed the status “Strongly recommended to fix” or “recommended to fix”. Some showed “not necessary to fix”. When we selected the items to get foxed then the Kaspersky internet security did its job in a flash. Moreover, if you do not like the fixed effect you have the option to roll back to how it was.

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Privacy Cleaner – Your Data is Kept Private

Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows 10/8/7

You accumulate a trail of activity traces as you surf the web and use your computer system. A hacker can get a lot if he examined your cookies, browser history, recent files and much more.

In the beginning, this component will not warn that its cleanup can cause some inconvenience. Like, cleaning cookies can wipe the saved settings for websites that use them. On our test results as the scan finished it listed many activity traces. When the browser got checked it was divided into strongly recommended actions, recommended actions and available actions, with the items in the first two categories checked off.

To save yourself from all these you need to clear cookies, history and temp files for internet explorer, Opera and Chrome. Firefox is available on the system but did not occur on the list.  It was also suggested to clear the temp folder, cache and temp files that are used by the flash player. The cleanup went quickly. Once completed you still have the option to roll-back undesired changes.

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Troubleshoot and System Tuning – Speed up your PC

Kaspersky internet security offers to run Microsoft windows troubleshooting wizard after the malware cleanup. It did not happen at this time around but you can run the troubleshooter to check for any damage that is created by the malware.

Such a scan follows the pattern to offer strongly recommended, recommended and available fixes. On our test system, it’s advised to auto-run the related items from the vulnerability scan. We think that Kaspersky’s internet security should work on fixing this problem by merging all these overlapping scans into one.

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Download Kaspersky Internet Security Free 1-Year Trial (Full Version)

Today we have provided you with the best Kaspersky Internet Security free download which comes with a 1-year trial for 5 devices that lets you experience the full version. For a better understanding of the users, we have explained in detail its features and what outputs come. Get this now and secure your data.

Update: Users have reported that their trial is only being set for 180-days.

Kaspersky Internet Security Free Download (1-Year 5 Devices Trial)

Kaspersky Internet Security Download (Review and Free Trial)
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