The 6 Best Cooling Apps for Android (2022 Free Edition)

There are many reasons out there that your android smartphone device overheats. You may have the kind of apps installed that take up a lot of the resources, or it might also be the summer heat itself. Now whatever the reason behind this lies, you must cool down your phone as soon as you can.

This article will focus on the top 6 best phone cooler apps for Android 2022 that are free to download. These will keep your CPU cool, so it does not feel warm in the hand cause irritation.


6 Best Cooling Apps to Prevent Overheating on your Android

Cooler Master App

Cooler Master Android Phone Cooling App

You can now cool down your phone device by a simple button. This is a straightforward first option to use. As soon as the user opens the application, it provides you with RAM and CPU percentage. If it indicates that the temperature is not ok, then you need to click on the blue button below, and it then goes through your application.

The best part is that the user gets an option to unselect an app if they think it’s required. You just need to select the let’s calm down button and all the apps shall be closed there on the list to help the temperature go down. When you are going to leave your phone to cool down, be sure not to place it in direct sunlight.

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Phone Cooler App (Cooling App)

Cooling App Apk for Android

This is available in all the android devices. This is yet another easy one to use that provides you with the temperature of your phone as you open it. There at the bottom, you shall see a button that can detect applications that cause your device to overheat. You just need to click on it, and as the scanning finishes; you shall see the list of applications that are causing the problem. If you do not want an application present on the list to be closed down, then you simply need to uncheck it and then click on clean up.

This application shall tell the user to turn off his phone and leave it for some time. Though it seems to be quite impossible, you need to follow it to cool your phone down.

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Download Phone CPU Cooler App Free

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Smart Cooler App (Discontinued)

Smart Cooler App for Android

This one lets you monitor the temperature as well as CPU usage on your phone device. It is quite easy to use. You just need to open it and shall show you the status of your phone CPU and its use in the form of a graphical temperature report.

Users get a status regarding which app is causing their phone to heat. For this you need to click on “detect now”, and it shall scan your phone along with the installed applications. It also lets users cool their phone temperature, for this they need to click on “cool down”, and it shall optimize the phone all by itself.

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Cooler Master Pro – CPU Cooler App

Cooler Master CPU Cooler App for Android

Get this one to discover real-time temperature, usage of CPU and RAM status of your phone. It also shows the information about your device, including specific specs of your phone, CPU and battery. It also helps reduce the temperature by detecting all the apps that cause the phone to overheat.

You need to click on “find heat apps”, it shall scan your phone device to show which app is causing heat. Then you need to click on “cool down”, it closes the apps and reduces the phone’s temperature.

Moreover, it is also used to boost the performance of your phone by cleaning the RAM. Users can also clear the junk files to make space. It also carries a battery saver with which your phone can run a bit longer. Users can also set a widget on your phone screen to make it easier for you.

Download Cooler Master Free

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Super Phone Cooler Booster App

Super Phone Cooler App for Android

This is yet another application that is used to track the real-time temperature of your phone device. In this, all the details are presented in a relaxed and straightforward way. The best part, it shows temperature both in numeric and graphic form. It keeps itself updated to provide users with accurate results.

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You need to find out which applications are causing the phone to heat up. Once the scan is done, click on clean heating apps and the app shall begin a countdown of a few seconds. After this, it also shows the degree of temperature that has dropped. The best part it reminds users to cool their phone as it gets overheated. It is also used to monitor the temperature and overcharge as well.

Download Super Phone Cooler Booster App Free

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Finally Clean App

Finally Clean App for Android to cool your phone

This is used to help users with cooling and storage-related issues. It follows a simple interface that shows the Ram status and storage of the device. There on the dashboard, it carries a CPU cooler, just click on it, and it shall show you the temperature of the phone.

Moreover, it can also be used to help clean junk files and also boost the memory of the phone. The app manager lets you uninstall apps from your device; the user can also select multiple apps at one time.

Download Finally Clean App Free

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FACT: Do Phone CPU Cooling Apps Really Work?

Yes, they do. The reason why is that they throttle the processor base speed down which automatically drops the temperature of the CPU. However, the downside is that you WILL lose performance because of the lower clock speeds. As generally Samsung’s own Exynos line is reported to run hotter according to 9to5Google and slower when compared to their Qualcomm alternatives such as the Snapdragon range.

Your Turn – How are you keeping your phone cool?

I know it’s Summer and phones do get hot when you’re using them or playing Intensive games like PUBG or even Fortnite! However, there shouldn’t be an excuse. This is why we have talked about the 6 best cooling apps for Android in 2022 that you can download the free apk files for!

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