25 Best Free Premium 4K Windows 10/11 Themes in 2022

Microsoft has always been known to be a very imaginative company. Here is a collection of Top 25 Windows 10 and Windows 11 4K Themes that are classed as being “Premium”. All of them are free and come with a massive bundle of HD wallpapers to add life to your desktop.

  • Nature
  • Landscapes
  • Scenery
  • Building and much more.

You can get these themes from Microsoft Store which carries some beautiful sounds too. These theme packs look best, especially when you have a high-resolution screen connected to your system or device.


25 Best 4K Themes for Windows 10/11 that are Free to Download


These images can be used as desktop wallpaper only. The user can imagine watching a sweeping view, warm breeze along with rustling leaves from the vantage of all these 20 premium 4k images.

Download Treehouses PREMIUM Theme

Night Skies

With these unique themes, the users shall experience stars, moons, aurora borealis and the Milky Way. In all the 20 premium 4K images users can explore light in the darkness. Every star you see in the sky is more prominent and much brighter than our Sun.

Download Night Skies PREMIUM Theme

Japanese Islands

Japanese Islands Theme for Windows 10

This is yet another unique premium theme on the list that presents the Japanese Islands. The Islands are 7000 in number. Users shall enjoy the stunning coastlines of Aogashima, Kujukushima, Hokkaido and much more. Did you know that there are about 4,000 smaller islands around Japan?

Download Japanese Islands PREMIUM Theme

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These 20 premium images are so amazing that if they were paintings, they would be considered masterpieces. Great for people who love to relax when they look at their desktop and look in the sky above.

Download Clouds Theme

Water Retreat

If you intend to get these, then you would find peace in all these images. Did you know that there is so much water available that 68.7% is still in ice glaciers around the globe?

Download Water Retreat PREMIUM Theme

Xbox Series X Theme

If you are a game lover, then you can customize your desktop with these fantastic images of Xbox series X which is seemed to be the most powerful console ever. These are great if you are someone who plays Xbox Games and has been on this platform for a while.

Download Xbox Series X Theme

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Animals portraits

Animal 4K Theme for Windows 10

If you are an animal lover, then get up close and personal with horses, snakes, apes and other wild animals in these 4K images. These are 18 in number and come in free for windows ten themes.

Whales and Dolphins

This focus is just on all the themes related to dolphins and whales. Explore the underwater life with these images. Did you know that the Whale is the largest Animal?

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Download Whales and Dolphins Theme

The beauty of China

You can now discover all the breathtaking views of china in these 4K images. It carries a variety of pictures of China from pavilions to bridges to canyons to islands. It comes with a total of 16 icons representing China, its culture and its places.

Interesting fact: Hong Kong has the most number of skyscrapers in the world.

Download Beauty of Chine Theme

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World Ocean Day

Ocean World 4K Theme

Among different days celebrated around the globe, one is world oceans day. You can do the same with getting these 4K images which are 10 in number. The photos are full of beaches, sunsets, sea life and storms.

Download World Ocean Day Theme

Amazon Landscapes Premium

If you are a nature lover and cannot make long trips then no need to worry as you can bring nature close to you with the fantastic 20 images that put waterways and forests in your screen view from the most diverse regions of the world.

Download Amazon Landscapes Premium Theme

At Home 

With these beautiful 15 premium 4K images you can bask in the delight of all the peaceful moments at home, these too come in free.

Sloths Animal

Themes that carry an extensive collection of sloths from the wildlife, sloths spend most of the time handing upside down. Take a look at these fantastic 15 beguiling faces in 4k.

Trivia: A sloth can travel only at 0.24 Kilometers per hour.

Download Sloths Theme

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Amazon Wildlife

Amazon Wildlife HD Theme

Your love for nature can now be satisfied by getting these beautiful themes. The rainforest of the Amazon carries more animal species than anywhere else in the world. Have a look of these in the best 4k quality.

Did you know that the Amazon forest is so big that it stretches into parts of Colombia?

Download Amazon Wildlife Theme

Creating with Clay

You can experience the process of the ancient craft of pottery from the last eras in all these 18 images which come in free for Windows 10 themes. Clay is made from rocks that are broken off and are a fascinating mineral.

Download Creating with Clay Theme

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Desert Beauty

Make your desktop look like beautiful sunsets, wild mountains and a beautiful moon. You can now see stunning views of desserts from around the world in these 20 images. Did you know that only around 20% of all deserts have sand in them?

Download Desert Beauty Theme

Earth Day

Earth Day Theme for PC

This earth day gets thrilled and celebrates wildlife around the world in vivid images set for your eyeballs. Get all these for free and enjoy the view.

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Download Earth from Above Theme

Wooden Walkways

If you made you travel towards the northern areas or in the jungles, then you may have witnessed the beautiful wooden walkways. You can now set them as your main screen wallpaper and enjoy the peaceful paths to soothe your eyes. The images come in free and can only be used as desktop wallpaper.

Download Wooden Walkways Theme

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Earth from above

If you are a galaxy lover who fanaticizes earth and the moon, then you can now take long views of it. This includes continents, weather and global silhouette. You can grab all these 14 4k images from the Microsoft store.

Earth Day Natural 2022

You can focus on the different habitats from around the globe this earth day that too in amazing premium quality. It is a day celebrated to honor all the natural assets humans have used from this planet.

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Bending Lights

HD Themes for Windows 10

For a physics lover, this is the best option provided by the Microsoft store. You can now examine the elements of refractive and reflective light as it makes it goes in and comes out from different prisms. See how light plays around in all these 18 premium quality images.

Surfboards in the ocean

You can now make your desktop view as you are on the beach all the time. Have a look into the world of short and longboards in all these high-quality images. The first surfboard was made in 1926, now that is old.

Download Surfboards Theme


Many people have this immense love for sunflowers which can now be satisfied with these 17 images as they come in free. Get it now to bask in the warm, cheery glow of sunflowers up close and from afar.

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World of Bamboo

Bamboo is seemed to be the world’s largest growing plant. It is being used for various purposes like in construction, fabric textiles, food, musical instruments and much more. With these 20 images, you can now explore the best bamboo creations from across the world.

Download World of Bamboo


Beautiful 4K Themes for Windows

Go in the sweeping views of wildflower and explore the best-filled valleys in all these breath-taking 18 premium quality images.

Trivia: Indian paintbrushes flower digs its roots into other plants nearby so that it can eat its nutrients.

Download Wildflowers Theme

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Conclusion – Which 4K Theme Pack have you chosen?

These are the top 25 best 4K Premium Themes for Windows 10/11 that you can download for free. They include various countries, places, animals and also some are about Science and Space.

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