CQTools Free Download - New Windows Hacking Toolkit

The CQURE team has prepared a set of tools. These tools are packed in a tool kit and named as the CQ tools. CQTools are used during penetration testing. The devices are used to perform the following tasks:

  • They are used to deliver complete attacks with in the infrastructure
  • The devices start with sniffing and then spoofing the various activities that go around
  • The tools are used for information extraction
  • They are used for password extraction
  • They are used for custom shell generation
  • They are used for custom play load
  • They are used to hide coding from the anti-virus solutions
  • They have various key loggers and leverage this information to deliver attacks

A set of specific tools from the tool kit are based on discoveries that were released by the CQURE team towards the people for the very first time. The first-ever team that did full reverse engineering of DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) was none other than the CQURE team.

Moreover, it was also the first one ever to prepare the primary public tool that allowed Monitoring WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) features

It took years for some of the tools to complete. Almost all of the tools work in a straight forward manner. When you need to do a penetration test, then CQ tools is the best and ultimate tool kit for all the users. Moreover, the CQ tools work in a secure yet straightforward manner, and they are used in practice during the cybersecurity assignments. Once the user uses the CQ tools shall be amazed at how these tools help to increase and boost the penetration testing experience.

The CQ tools not only provide users with features that can be used for exploitation but they also offer with the user-friendly information that might be useful for different security researchers such as information extracted from DPAPI or WSL and other information regarding the windows internals. The CQ tools, which are a handy and beneficial tool kit for all, is used to deliver a penetration test and also do the security research.

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What is CQTools? – Paula Januszkiewicz

The CEO of CQURE Paula Januszkiewicz has developed her penetration testing tools for client engagement as well as her research work. She adds in further that the forensic investigation tools rarely come with all the features that her team requires and which provide the researchers with the ability to gather certain and specific information. For example, The CQURE researchers built their hacking tool for the cryptographic data protection application programming interface (DPAPI) in Windows.

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The CQURE performs the following tasks:

  • Consulting
  • Pen testing
  • Incident response services
  • Training
  • Security research

The CEO further adds in that she along with her team are rolling 39 of the company’s 200 homegrown hacking tools in which five new are added into the freebie CQ tools kit that shall be demonstrated and offered during their talk at the conference being held in Singapore.

The CEO said:

“I will be presenting different ways of revealing secrets from the operating system,” she says. “I will show how data and secret storage and encryption work on Windows and how we can compromise related operating system mechanisms.”

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CQTools – A powerful Hacking Toolkit for Windows

CQTools Black Hat Conference Release

The CQ tool kit consists of tools that include both the functions of exploit kits and information functions say the developer.

A consultation and penetration testing firm plans to release a free penetration testing tool kit at Black Hat Asia. The tool kit includes the following functions:

  • Privilege Escalation
  • Network attack functions

In March 2019 Paula presented in Singapore the briefings and arsenals sessions at Black Hat Asia. Below you can find all the details and information regarding the CQ tools made by the team and also become familiar with new yet exciting tools that are prepared by the team for Singapore.

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CQTools Announced at Black Hat 2019

Black Hat is the conference where cybersecurity masters meet the board-level executives who are indeed responsible for the security governance in different organizations and enterprises. For almost more than 20 years, the Black Hat has provided the privilege to attendees with the new and latest insights in the development and different trends in information security research. Thus this is the perfect platform to announce the new CQ tools which allow the ultimate privilege elevation s and network attacks.

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Download CQTools – Windows Hacking Suite

We have highlighted for you the CQURE tool kit that can be helpful when delivering the penetration tests. We have discussed its different features. You can download the CQURE CQTools hacking toolkit from the link provided below. Find more at Black Hat official site.

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CQTools Free Download

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