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This is a site that carries a search engine to find free and premium vector designs. A simple site where we can easily find all the vector graphics in which some are free while others are premium and need to be purchased. Today we will provide you with Freepik premium accounts and passwords to use for free in a massive list.

If you want to use free resources then you are required to provide credit to the original creator and if paying for vector graphics then there is no need to provide any kind of attribution. The resources can be used both for personal and commercial reasons. This is why we have developed a Freepik premium downloader to allow you to download images, vectors, or PSD from the website.

We cannot ignore the power of visuals it matters a lot if you find the correct image, icon and design but keep in mind that today not everyone is a designer and some might need to find elements of graphics from third parties.

For now, the website has more than 100 million downloads across various platforms.


Freepik Premium Account Benefits

Freepik Premium benefits


Vast variety of media

It carries a vast collection of PSDs, pictures and vectors for all. We have the choice to select from many components. It is easy to find what kind of graphic or image we require. But if you don’t it, you shall still get something to fill the gap.

Earn for your work

Earn money if you are a photographer or designer by profession, submit your work on this and get it reviewed by the editor. Once your work gets approved, submit your work and earn when someone makes a purchase.


Everything on this is categorized into 4 categories; stock photos, icons, PSD files and vectors.

This further has multiple sub-categories which help to narrow down the search. It comes with a user-friendly navigation system.


Limited downloads

We totally understand if you do not want to invest and become a paid member but keep one thing in your mind that free users have the choice to register or not register with the website.

If you don’t wish to register then you have the option to download 3 resources per day, such limit increases to 10 with registration.

Only a chatbot to talk with

Many customers have complained regarding its bad customer service. We have heard that support staff if very rude, customer support is not reliable and that credit cards get charged even when a subscription has been canceled. For anyone, this can be a terrible turn-off.

Contributions aren’t that useful

We have seen many complaints regarding its model that it is not good. Many users have spent a lot of times like months in creating graphic resources just to end up earning only cents. Users say that its publishing standards are very high and a hurdle for contributors to get in.

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Freepik Premium Account Features

Freepik Premium Account Features

Different kinds of graphics are offered by this which can be downloaded and used. These are as followed:


These are the primary offerings by the application and have around more than 100,000 plus vectors in 40 categories. It carries all from maps to logo templates to human silhouettes. If you are provided with proper attribution then you can receive more than 80k resources for free whereas 3 million premium resources can be used without giving attribution.

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If we talk about icons then these redirect to flaticon where one needs to register to get an icon pack. These flaticon have a free download option which is limited to 10 downloads per day.

For more downloads, you need to become a premium user with which you cannot only download the complete icon pack but also erase the need to give attribution. Premium membership costs around €7.49 per month if you get a yearly subscription, a monthly subscription shall cost you €9.99 per month.

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Stock Photos

This yet again is a premium service, some images are free but attribution is required as without this things won’t work. We use this because this does not require us to give attribution.

To use this keep in mind that you need to give the necessary attribution. The best thing is that if you are looking for buying premium images where no attribution is required is also possible.

It carries around 7 million pictures that users can use. Moreover has 50 categories filled with images. The less popular categories shall not yield many relevant images in such a case you need to narrow down your search.

PSD files

The best thins which is offered by Freepik are these which are templates for a huge range of subjects divided into more than 20 categories. From mockups to emails to objects they have a lot to offer. For now, it has more than 200,000 premium PSD files.

These are great for bloggers, editors and marketing teams. You simply need to download a PSD file, edit it and make the perfect image required. In this again some come in free and others are premium.


Stories are illustrations that are able to meet our needs. Again one can edit different elements such as background, foreground, color and much more.

The best thing is that we can animate illustrations, adding animation is very easy and we can use loop animations such as spinning, shaking, heartbeat and much more.

When you add in animation then you have the chance to define its duration. We can set a delay for every action as well. It carries an easy-to-use interface.

Exporting this is easy and can be saved in the form of a GIF file or even in the form of a video. If you want you can also get the embed code. Its export screen comes with a preview window as well where we are able to see how it looks on our smartphone device or even desktop.

These are the best ways to create great visuals which grab the user’s attention quickly; it has one issue you might not get the kind of illustration you wish. This however is best for rudimentary tasks.

Furthermore, if you want any kind of customization then for this you need to hire professionals. For now, it comes in free and has a link on the Freepik site.


This is a new offering in which one can edit slide templates both for PowerPoint as well as Google slides. For now, has no premium offerings thus can be used both for personal and commercial use but attribution needs to be provided.

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Freepik Pricing Structure

It has a simple price structure. We can either go for

  • Monthly subscription – Pay €9.99 per month.
  • Yearly subscription – pay €89.99 per year.

We suggest that you opt monthly subscription as it is very profitable as it helps us save a lot over the longer run.

All you need to know about Freepik Editor

Freepik Editor

It offers users a free online editor through which we can edit its templates. If you wish to create stunning visuals for both online and offline use then this one is a great resource.

From different categories, we can make a selection such as Facebook covers, flyers, cards, Instagram posts, photo collages, logos, youtube thumbnails and much more.

For now, it is in the beta stage and can be used for free. We think that this is a competition to Canva but not as powerful. It still works pretty much in the same way, carries premade templates that can be edited. The elements can be edited as well and we can change font size, color, style, rotate elements, change colors and much more.

Freepik Premium Cookies (Updated Daily)

Browser cookies usually keep track of your online movement. However, we have utilized these so that you can use them to access premium features for free on the Freepik website.


  1. Copy the Freepik Cookie details from the .txt file below.
  2. Paste them onto your browser with the extension of your choice.
  3. Enjoy superior access.

Freepik Premium Cookies

Freepik Premium Downloader

Freepik Premium Downloader

Now, if you are a premium member on this does not give you the power to get as many resources as you want whereas it has been cleared in the above section that for free members download options are limited.

  1. Registered Free Users: 10 downloads a day.
  2. Non-Registered Users: 3 downloaded a day.

If you are a premium customer then for you the download limit is 100. We can say that this is quite a terrible restriction as many other competitors in the market offering unlimited downloaded against premium membership.

If you individual users or own a small business then such restrictions are fine but for bigger organizations, these can be choking.

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Version: v1.


Freepik Premium Downloader

Browser Extension

A browser extension is currently in development that will allow you to download directly from Chrome or Firefox.

Freepik Premium Accounts Password – Unlock Access

Freepik is a top site for vectors and PSD files so you do not need to use CCMaker. We have put together a list of Freepik Premium account usernames and passwords to use for free. Yes, you read that correctly. These will allow you to log in and use any vector files or such feature to your will. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: These have been contributed by users and/or collected by various sources online. We do not condone or support any illegal or hijack of accounts.

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