The 10 Best Sandboxie Alternatives 2022 - Stay Protected

Sandboxie can be used to keep the windows system safe and secure. When environments are isolated then it allows users to install and run the software that might carry malware or are somehow harmful in a safe way to reduce the damage criteria. We have collected the 10 best Sandboxie alternatives that you can try for free with download links included.


10 Best Sandboxie Alternatives that are free

The best thing is that many of these programs come as a free download package. Either you are a programmer, developer, or even a student who intends to learn.

Cuckoo Sandbox – Versatile and dynamic

Cuckoo Sandbox

This is a malware analysis system through which we can ditch suspicious files really quickly. This is open-source software. This is used to make an isolated environment so that the user can learn more and more regarding software like its activity or if it affects particular components. In this, you are all safe as this is isolated from the main system.

This is a good alternative which we one can:

  • Analyze malicious files, trace IP calls, analyze network traffic and much more.
  • With this one can also undergo memory analysis of the infected system with the help of volatility.

It carries an open-source nature so that the user can customize the analysis environment, process results, report stage. It is a cross-platform run on the following:

  • Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

The best thing about this one is that it comes in completely free.

Cameyo – No performance impact

If you need to run apps without harming or affecting the system then you need to select this option. With this one can test any application they want without having the need to install them on their machine which allows exploring features in an isolated environment. This can also be compared with Hyper-V or VMWare Workstation.

It works quietly simply and converts a normal program into portable software which does not need any installation on the operating system. To run this, you simply need to double click on the file and it shall begin. Now keep in mind that this not only keeps the device safe but also creates a portable version of any application you want.

For many reasons it has gained a lot of popularity among users; carries easy-to-use features, a simple interface, is light in weight and is compatible with many apps thus allowing users to try different applications in a virtual environment.

Firejail – Sandboxing done right


You can protect your system in the best way if you are running Linux operating system. It is made using the C programming language therefore it works great to keep the system safe and secure. Now for running new software it provides an isolated environment.

Now, it works by isolating the environment of needed apps. This like many others allows apps to process in different kinds like user log in, graphical apps as well as servers. Moreover, it also carries security profiles that provide support to Chromium, VLC, Firefox and much more.

This is a light in weight program with some great features which are beneficial. It carries a simple and easy-to-use interface and configuration. Both beginners and advanced users can use this.

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Shade Sandbox – Isolate Apps

Protect your system from malicious malware using this. Now what this does is create a virtual environment to run the desired app so that malware is blocked from getting into the device. The best thing about this one is that it provides users with peace of mind whether they are running trusted or untrusted apps.

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It is used to highlight some solid protection against malware as well as threats that too new and unknown ones. You can secure your system easily with the drag and drop feature.

The best thing about this is that it is used to protect the browser. All you need to do is put your browser in an isolated environment and relax as you don’t need to worry about any kind of malware. If you wish to give extra protection then this is worth a try as it works great when combined with other security products.

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Shadow Defender – Recommended for virtual machines

Shadow Defender

This is yet another option on the list which provides protection to your system from all the threats and keeps the system safe. It works in the same context that is by running a virtual environment. This isolated environment known as shadow mode allows activities in any application which is not trusted.

This mostly focuses on flexibility to specify files as well as folders you which you won’t save in the real environment therefore any files which are important shall be kept. If you are the kind of person who explores new software but also wishes to keep the system safe and secure then do give this one a try.

Along with preventing viruses and malware it also helps users to browse safely and ditch traces. The best thing is that your privacy is protected plus also reduces the cost of maintenance. Keep in mind that though it does not have a free version its features are worth paying for.

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This one is a freemium application with which one can enjoy safe and secure browsing. Now, what it does is protect the system from malware and threats from isolating the web browser. Isolated components might include the browser of the web, virtual containers, email attachments and others.

While installing new software you shall get peace of mind. When it launches the browser is placed in a virtual environment safely. You shall see the red border on the browser to see it has been launched securely while should come with borders in green color.

The best thing about this one is that it allows reading rather than writing. Whenever you open the malicious web you can perform any function or activity without putting the system at any kind of risk. Also, keep in mind that whenever sites try to write against the system it shall be terminated.

Deep Freeze – Get back to being safe

Deep Freeze

This one is given out by Faronics and is used to protect the device from malware and such activities. With this, we can undo any change made by a virus or any user. For this, all you need to do is simply reboot the system and all shall be changed and reversed.

It works in simple ways; takes notes of any changes which are made when a user tries to write on your administrative file. All these changes are then deleted when the system is restarted but keep in mind that you need to set the administrative file should be.

Though it works differently when compared with deep freeze it allows the user to provide protection to the system from any changes which have been caused by viruses or any other suspicious activity.

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Windows 10/11 Sandbox – Integrated solution

If you are a user of Windows 10 which is either Pro, Education, or Enterprise then they already have this application in their Operating System. The best thing about this one is that we can run apps without the need to modify them.

Again, this software runs in an isolated environment therefore any kind of malware cannot harm the device. Once the application has been tested all you need to do is close it and all shall be gone forever. Keep in mind that changes of any kind shall not be saved in a real environment.

This one is not enabled by default therefore you need to manually enable it by making a few clicks. If you wish to add in more programs then all you need to do is get them from Microsoft Edge. Firewalls do not allow users to connect with the internet therefore you have to disable them.

Toolwiz Time Freeze – One tool for all

Toolwiz Time Freeze

If you are looking for software that works in a different way then do give this one a try. What it does is create a copy of the real system. With a virtual environment, we can run applications without the need to modify the real environment. To put the long story short it keeps your real Operating System in a frozen state.

This is indeed a good way to keep the system safe from malware or other threats. When you have it on your system nothing can harm it which is pretty cool. Once you are done with the test all you need to do is reboot the system and all shall be restored to the real system.

By everything, it means all changes made towards settings shall be restored. All files which are downloaded from the net shall be removed. With a simple restart, we can reverse unwanted modifications. This is used to keep the device in good shape so do give this one a try.

Any.Run – Based on Windows Sandbox

This yet again provides users with an isolated environment to handle all activities which are suspicious. It allows users to interact with OS and still enjoy quick yet fast responses by providing you with quick malware analysis.

It is simple to use, just sign-up through mail and passcode and verify password and that’s it you are good to service. Thought this has a lot of information but you might be interested in the task button to begin a new analysis.

Once this is clicked upon you need to select a file to analyze from the system, external device, or URL. The best thing about this one is that it comes in free but if you want to explore more features then you need to upgrade to premium versions.

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The Verdict – Which Sandboxie Alternative is the best

I know we have given you 10 different choices and options however you will only choose one at the end, correct? This is why we listed the best Sandboxie alternatives with more detailed information along with their advantages, disadvantages and features so you can make an informed decision. It is very important to keep security at the core hence why opening any malicious or unknown files in a sandbox environment is recommended. This will insure that any threats don’t move to wider horizons.

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