Top 28 Best iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks List (2022 Edition)

Do you think the iPhone carries secret codes just like an Android smartphone? Yes, it does indeed! Every smartphone device comes with its own sets of hidden dialer codes that are derived by its manufacture. At times it becomes quite challenging to track down all of them and utilize them.

These work just like shortcuts on a desktop and speed dial. You just need to enter a set of unique numbers followed by (* or #) and viola! This will either open a hidden menu that you have never seen or do something very unusual for you such as showing battery, iCloud unlocks and resets its got them all. Follow through the list to know about the 28 best iPhone secret codes in 2022!


28 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks List 2022 (New)

Users need to enter these into the call app to know about various details like device, masking calls, troubleshoot issues, IMEI and much more. Let’s see some best secret dialer codes for your iPhone device.

iPhone Secret Dialer Codes

*3001#12345#* (Field Mode)

With this, users can open their field mode that carries iPhone personals settings, the newest network and cell information. With this, they can also get a more granular look at their network’s signal strength. Bars are an excellent way to have a view of this, but if you want to know about the exact power, then you can use this to view in the form of decibels.

Check Your IMEI Number (*#06#)

Display phone’s IMEI number. This is an identifier for the mobile hardware.

*646# (Postpaid only)

This is used to display the available minutes.

(Check if Call is Being Forwarded) *#67#

With this, users can check the number to call forward when the phone is busy and again, but only when it is busy.

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*777# (Check Prepaid SIM Balance)

With this you can check the account balance, it is only for prepaid.

*225# (Postpaid only)

iPhone Secret iCloud Unlock Codes

A unique code that you can use to see if you have any credit left on your SIM.

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*#76# (Check Line Presentation)

This is used to check connected line presentation is enabled or not. Moreover, you can also check to see whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.

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*#33# (Check If Baring Service is Enabled)

With this, users can control bars. This can be used to see whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing. Moreover, check usual suspects such as SMS, Fax, Voice information and much more.

With call barring users can block all the incoming or outgoing calls on their phone, and if they wish to check its status or enable or disable it, they can use this code as well. Pin here states the SIM pin which is a lock on your SIM card. To enable this, you need to go to iPhone settings > phone > SIM pin.

*#62# and *#61# (Verify Call Number and Missed Calls)

Verify number for forwarding calls if no service is available. With this, users can check several missed calls.


Let user’s knowledge regarding the use of information info.

*#21# (Call Forwarding Settings)

Hidden Dialer Codes for iOS

Users can set an inquiry for the call forwards. Find settings of call forwarding. You can check to see either SMS, fax, voice, knowledge, async, async, paid access or packet access call forwarding is enabled or disabled.

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Check to see the call waiting for status.


Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.


Users can check the SMS center.


EFR mode enhanced full rate is used to improve the voice quality of the phone but will reduce battery life slightly.


With this, users can activate awaiting. With this, users can deactivate waiting.

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31 dialer code for Apple Phones

Check outgoing call anonymity of the current call.

##002# (Disable Call Forwarding)

This is used to disable all call forwarding.


With this check to see where your text messages are going.

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Users can disable the test alert system after checking.

*5005*25371# (Shows you the weather alert system)

Check to see whether the alert system is working correctly or not.

*67# (Make your phone number anonymous)

User needs to input *67 before they enter in a phone number like this an anonymous call shall be made, and their name won’t show up in the receiver’s caller ID.

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*#511#  (Get Traffic Information in your area)

With this, users can get local traffic information. In times when we have many navigation applications such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple maps that keep you in the loop with all the information related to traffic, this code seems to be useful.

Which iPhone Secret Dialer Codes are you finding exciting?

We all love some tips and even tricks that might be fun and help us in achieving something great, right? This page has listed the 28 best iPhone secret codes and hacks 2022 that will bring the most of your iOS device!

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