Are you interested in owning a Google Chromebook or proudly owning one? Then you may have heard a lot about all the praising reviews of how well optimized this laptop is. The chrome book can work on the Chrome Operating system that is a Linux-based OS. Today we have handpicked the three best Chromebook Antivirus software for free download. That’s not it. We will also answer the most common question of “Does my Chromebook need an Antivirus?” too.

On the one hand, the chrome book laptops, are very much famous for their lighting fast performance and various selection of applications that are there for users to use, on the other hand, its security is of much concern for the users.

3 Best Chromebook Antivirus Software For Free Download 2022

For some time, different rumours are circling regarding the chrome books level of security. There are various points of view that we have seen some of the experts say that it comes with an OS that is very secured in the market while others say to attacks as the chrome book does not require antiviruses. This myth is fading away slowly.

If you believe that your chrome book is going to work for a longer time if you are not going to install an antivirus to keep it secure, then you are wrong as it is only going to last for some time. Just like any other OS, an antivirus that is added to the chrome book is considered as a very sensible purchase. Follow through the article to get to know about the best antivirus for the chrome book.

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How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software for your Chromebook?

It is essential to tell all the users out there that the chrome book laptop is much-secured and does not require any third-party antivirus software to protect itself. But it is all up to you; you can install any antivirus software there on the OS of chrome. The point we are trying to make here is that the Operating system can tackle its online problems.

Now when you are choosing an antivirus for your chrome book, you need to keep in mind a few things; download protection. Files that you download from the internet come with all types of different elements. Thus, you may want to consider antivirus software that offers you an option to scan the downloading files.

You also need to keep in mind email scanning as it is also an important feature to keep in mind while you are choosing for the best antivirus for your chrome book. This can save your laptop from getting its hard disk erased or prevent your data from being revealed to any spying eyes.

You also need to pay attention to how fast you can perform a scan on your chrome book. The best choice for your device is going to be any software that can offer you a quick or speedy scan if you wish to perform a scan at a moment’s notice. This is quite important if you do not spend much time on your laptop. Keep in mind that the best antivirus for your chrome book is going to be the one that not only protects you against all the viruses but also keeps an eye out for Malware, spyware, and phishing.

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3 Best Chromebook Antivirus Software of 2022 (Free Download)

Avira for Chromebook – Your Best Choice from Ransomware Protection

Does Chromebook Need an Antivirus Software

Avira is seen as a top-rated cybersecurity company in the market. It was crowned as the winner of various antivirus tests in 2019. Overall it is an excellent antivirus and security tool that comes in totally free. It is deemed to be best for the chrome book due to its built-in ransomware protection. The ransomware keeps you all safe from the devastating attacks along with scanning local files, external devices, and applications for Malware. Avira carries an android application that is very much compatible with the chrome book.

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If you have some valuable information there on chrome book and fear that you may fall victim to ransomware, then it is recommended that you sync your data automatically to Google Drive. By doing this, Avira’s ransomware protection prevents the Malware from encrypting the information and later extorting you for a decrypting key.

Moreover, Avira brings for you an excellent malware scanner that offers real-time user protection as well as protects their identity by tracking down the data breaches for your data and also rates the application automatically according to the user’s privacy concerns.

Avira comes in the list of a few security vendors that can utilize a sensor network that is provided by its global customer base. Such a feature helps a lot to identify threats when they appear across the world daily and in real-time. Keep in mind that the network consists of local machine learning as well as malware scanning plus is found at the heart of their cloud-based security scanning. Around 200 unknown files are uploaded daily to this cloud-based security service.

It comes with yet another great feature that is the software’s web protection. With the help of this, it offers excellent protection by blocking malicious links, blocking all the access towards suspicious websites as well as highlight malicious results there in your search engine results.

Download Avira Antivirus For Chromebook

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TotalAV for Chromebook – A complete 360 Degree Protection Solution

TotalAV Chromebook Antivirus Free Download

Another one on the list it Totals AV, which is the most established and most recognized cybersecurity company around the globe. It has got good marks from the antivirus test labs. It tops the list of the best antivirus for chrome book as it comes with an advanced level of detecting Malware as well as a host of other handy security tools. It provides users with a free version so that they can test it without paying the subscription fee.

The best advantage of total AV is that it can provide all kinds of protection to your chrome book. Either you require regular antivirus scans for chrome book, heuristic monitoring for ransomware protection, protection for online shopping or web browsing, or a firewall to secure perimeter. The right choice for you is Kaspersky.

If you want to know what kind of threats it protects, then do keep in mind that it can protect is a threat from the excellent anti-malware and anti-phishing protection to the near-perfect worm, Trojan and virus control.

With Total AV, you can never go wrong. Industry testing through AV comparatives, AV-TEST, and some other labs have proven again and again that Kaspersky can lead the pack when it comes to stopping all kinds of threats. As it is secured as the best, the Kaspersky internet security can keep you all safe from any danger that comes in the way. No single virus from existing Malware to zero-day threats can pass Kaspersky.

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The Total AV software has minimal impact on your computer system even when it performs a full scan. Moreover, the Total AVs android products are robust plus score much higher in performance. The KIS available for android can run there on your chrome book it is supporting the android application and has received excellent ratings both from AV comparatives and AV-Test to protect against all the many Malware. To stamp out Malware, the total AV software uses a real-time scanner.

Download TotalAV for Chromebook

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Malwarebytes for Chromebook – The best product for fighting Malware

Malwarebytes Antivirus for Chromebook Download

The malware bytes have told that its android application can be used as an antivirus for the chrome book. This software can provide robust protection against all the adware and Malware out there. If you wish to have some additional security for your chrome book laptop then malware bytes is the best option for you. You shall have the chrome book’s inbuilt security. To this Malware, bytes shall add in some extra kick towards protecting with the heuristic scanning artificial intelligence and via scanning.

The antivirus is used to utilize the virus signature to identify unknown threats, and the malware bytes also come with the same capability. Such a virus is time-tested, which means it focuses on all the actual viruses or malware that the other chrome book users have been affected. Moreover, the software includes some of the Malware and signatures and is limited to specific active threats.

All this allows the malware bytes software to have a smaller footprint as there is not enough virus signature database to take as much space as your chrome book. Keep in mind that the malware bytes do not deny primarily on signatures where it uses the advanced heuristic analysis that can check down the behaviour of the programs, the structure as well as other factors to determine either it is malware or a legit program.

The best thing about malware bytes that makes it to this list of the best chrome book antivirus is its privacy audit feature. With the help of this, users can access privileges of every application that is there on your chrome book.

When users run such a feature, then the software gives them an exhaustive list of permissions together with specific information regarding which application can control their hardware, track down the location as well as have access to their network that has granted permission. If somehow, you are not comfortable with what you are seeing, then you can also choose to uninstall the offending application or even revoke its permissions.

Download Malwarebytes Antivirus for Chromebook

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Other recommended antivirus programs:

Does your Chromebook need an Antivirus?

So this was our collection on the best antivirus for Chromebook to free download. These include popular brands like Avast, Avira, and AVG that provide premium protection. The question in the highlight is “Does a Chromebook need an Antivirus?”, Yes, a Chromebook does need antivirus software to some extent. An extra layer of security never hurt anyone.

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