On this page, one can learn ways to run Windows apps on macOS. The point was to overcome the lack of multi-platform software. Different methods have been used this time to help the user understand and pick routes to run Android apps on macOS. As various people have different purposes, we have different methods too. We are going to share 5 free Android emulators for mac to run apps/games on Mac. These Android emulators are fast and great for playing android games on mac.

5 Best Android Emulators for Mac 2022 - Android Apps on MacOS
5 Best Android Emulators for MacOS – Android Apps on Mac


Top 5 Best Free Android Emulators for Mac to Run Apps/Games

Blue Stacks – Running the Best Apps/Games Always

Blue stacks, also known as Blue Stacks App Player. It is the most popular and oldest way of running Android Apps for Mac. Using this simple emulator, you will be able to run almost any Android App. If you want to run Whatsapp on your Mac or access your Instagram account, this would be the best choice. Isn’t it great when you can run both Mac apps and Android apps side by side? Indeed it is!

Blue Stacks App Player for MAC

The Blue Stacks interface is very impressive. You can open apps individually on different tabs and can also have access to the Google Play store. Blue Stacks help you handle multiple apps with ease, but it depends upon the specifications of your Mac. Along with optimization for running apps, Blue Stack is capable of offering Android feel as well. Changes can be made from the settings sections.

It is effortless to download and use Blue Stacks. You only need to download the free installer from the official site and run it. Go for a clean uninstall before you reinstall it if you have previously installed Blue Stack. Once it is installed, it takes a few steps for starting it up. You must sign in to your Google account before installing any app. So, we can see it’s all straightforward to install Blue Stacks

For the running apps, Blue Stacks is doing an excellent job. We installed and used apps like Instagram and Whatsapp without facing any problem. We also played Alto’s Odyssey game.

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  • Easy is setting up
  • Does not involve long installation process
  • Apps performance is optimized


  • Not suitable for games
  • Not suitable for development

Blue Stacks App Player – Why you should use it?

Blue stack is the best option for those who want to use android apps on Mac. If we talk about apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, then they work fine. The gaming performance is played, yet there are other better options as well.

Virtual Box – The Best Emulator Overall

Android is a Linux- based OS. As this happens, by using a tool called Virtual Box, you can install Android on Mac. To do this, first of all, you have to create a virtual box and then install Android in it. The virtual box option offers better control over the Android device and apps you have invested in it.

Virtual Box for Mac

The virtual box gives a pure Android experience once it is installed. This is all because we are introducing an underlying Android OS on Virtual Machine. Nevertheless, you should never expect an optimized environment for running games or apps. There are individual chances of some bugs. However, on the bright side in the virtual machine, you can deploy Android v8 Oreo.

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Android on virtual box, however, is not easy to set up. In the long run, there are certain downsides that one has to tolerate. To do this, you have to download Android x86, a project that ports the popular OS to PCs. You can create a virtual machine based on Linus android. You will face a full-screen Android experience once the installation is completed.

Apps like Instagram and Whatsapp work almost fine but lack in performance. So we do not suggest this method if you are not involved in gaming.


  • More control over Virtual Android Devices
  • Full-fledged Android OS experience.
  • Helps you run the latest version of Android


  • Composite installation process.
  • There are chances of Bugs.
  • lack of performance optimization

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Virtual Box – Why you should use it?

When you need better control over the process, it is better to use Virtual Box for running Android on Mac. Here you can customize performance as well. But, in the long run, you may need to compromise on the overall performance and gaming controls.

Nox Player Mac – Best Game Optimization for PUBG and Fortnite

Nox player for mac

Nox player is the best option for playing graphics costly android games on Mac. Being an Android emulator, it gives preference and priority to performance and speed. It carries certain features like screen capture, on-screen button mapping, and much more. Nox player also offers a standard Android experience and is capable of running apps as well. Nevertheless, the app download is not as smooth as Blue Stacks. The main reason is that if you want to lay high-quality games like PUBG on Mac, then you should install Nox player

How to Install

  • In the first step, sign up into your Google account and use the built-in Google play store or download the apk using the browser and install it directly.
  • It is indeed straightforward to install and saves a lot of your time just run the installer, and after a few seconds, you will find the fully-fledged Android Virtual Tablet.

Nox player is capable of handling favorite apps. It runs Android v4 KitKat, which when compared to others, is a downside. So, choose Nox player if you want to bring some universal apps and high-end Android games to Mac.

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  • Easy to set it up
  • Optimized performance
  • Includes advanced features (keyboard mapping, location manipulation, etc)


  • Runs on Android KitKat
  • Not excellent and suitable for development
  • Ships with some bloatware

Nox Player for Mac – Why you should use it?

If you love high-end Android games, then Nox player is the best option for you. It offers the best performance even if you have a mod-end MacBook Air. Moreover, we also recommend the tool for running Whatsapp and all because of having macro and mapping features.

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Genymotion – Best for Programmers and Developers

Genymotion is the best yet innovative way to run Android apps on Mac and Cloud. It comes with some different options. You can create a virtual Android device on a Mac or in the cloud if you are a professional. Now, let us talk about the excellent desktop version. You can create a wide variety of Android configurations for testing.

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Genymotion app for mac

You can change the Android version, device hardware, and much more for instance. If you want apps to run correctly on all android devices, then Genymotion is the best option out there. If you are starting as a developer, you can find standard solutions as well, Genymotion also offers some additional features like embedding your android app on the website and allowing people to try the app.

It is not necessary to install Genymotion on your Mac as it can be used as a cloud service as well. Genymotion Desktop, on the other hand, is easy to install. We have used the personal version of Genymotion as well, and it is more convenient.


  • Android configurations
  • Best features for Developers
  • Best control over Applications


  • Optimization performance can be made better.

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Genymotion – Who is it for and why you should be using it?

If you want to run android apps on several virtual devices, then Genymotion is the best. It syncs with the coding process and customization needs. You can now integrate this program with Android studio as well all thanks to Plug-in.

Andy – Increased Efficiency and Workflow

Another way to run Android apps on Mac Andy is another way to do it. It offers a very smooth workflow. You can get a 100% full Android experience when you startup. You can get built-in apps like ES file explorer, Gmail, and a lot more.

Andy Simulator for Apple Mac

As Andy comes with play store access, you can download and install apps. It has certain other essential features as well. Like, you can run the Android emulator in vertical and landscape mode. It has location manipulation and critical mapping. These features help a lot when you want a more optimized way to run Android apps.

It is installed very quickly. There is an online installer that downloads files over an internet connection. Once the installation process is completed, Andy will show you the standard Android interface. Mouse and keyboard can be used to manage the virtual android tablet.


  • Best app optimization
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to manage
  • Standard Android Experience


  • lags a bit when other apps run
  • runs on KitKat

Andy – Who is it for?

Andy offers the best optimization and android experience. If you need a real-like virtual Android device on our mac, then Andy is recommended for you. However, there are certain performance lags, but you overcome that by avoiding multitasking.

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Final Words

We all love different platforms, however, cross-platform compatibility is not always available. This is why in this day and age we have started using simulation software. These have allowed us to play different games and install apps on platforms they were not made for! We have shared above the best Android Emulators for Mac. They are very easy to use and are available to download for free.

That was all for this tutorial. I hope you will find this piece of hard work helpful if your answer is yes then please help us by sharing this article with your friends. If you have questions regarding this topic, feel free to use the comment section.

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