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This is a popular manga scanlation that no longer appears on the internet. Famous online mange comics’ site on Twitter and Facebook has disappeared. Their new domain name returns with a full blank page with the following error:

IP Address not found

This news created distress in the tech world. This is why I have written this page about the top 10 MangaStream Alternatives 2022 for Manga lovers.

Let’s begin!


What happened to the REAL MangaStream?

No news has been provided by the website or their small-sized staff regarding its immediate shutdown. Folks at Reddit did some findings to find the reason. This year, Sheishua, writer of WSJ manga subpoenaed Cloudflare in US court asking for some details for the owner. This led to events that might have med to its closure.

This is one of the most leading comics around the globe which started from japan and became popular due to its:

  • Unique characters.
  • Representation.
  • Style.

It carries different genres like:

  • Sci-fi.
  • Action.
  • Drama.
  • Romance and others.

This site is used to provide a scan of Manga by fans:

  • Who translate and edit comics into different languages along with subtitles.

These are published by artists under an issuing company that owns the right. This was a violation of intellectual property rights like piracy and the imitation of publishers like Shueisha has a great loss of revenue to publishers as well as artists working on.

10 Mangastream Alternatives (Latest Sites) – Read your Favorite Manga Free!


MangaFox Site

This has the same interface as the original website. In this site, all the manga comic series can be mentioned.


MangaFreak - MangaStream Alternative

This is one of the most underrated websites that carry a torrent of content across different genres.

This does not have gained that much popularity as compared to others mentioned in the list. The best thing about this is that it is among the few websites that allow downloading such comics.


KissManga Website Link

It carries over more than 1 lakh comics and you shall never run out of content. With this, you would be able to read many good-quality scans of all the popular and exclusive ones.

These get updated chapters once they officially launch to ensure the best experience of stories. The best thing is that you can get notifications and even a list of new chapters.

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Renowned Alternative

Two sites are named after this, the one we mentioned is:

  • Renowned updated.
  • Provides with one piece manga stream.
  • Carries both WSJ and WSM series.
  • Add Shotacon, Smut.

The other one does not.

This is quite common among users of smartphone devices using. Apps are not available of official app stores of leading OS like iOS, Android. It recommends MangaZone app for reading their scanlations.

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MangaOwl Website Link

This is yet another best alternative present on the list. It is known for releasing WSJ series episodes even before the official release. The website carries more than 51 genres of it from Action to Yurl.

Users are able to submit it from the collection section as well. Each series and episodes carry individual user ratings which might help users discover about the good series.


Manganelo Website

This website is used by many manga search engines, books index for streaming its comic’s uploads on their policy.

A vertical scroll feed for studying the next episode is available on this.

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MangaHere Website Alternative

It carries a collection of more than 10 thousand comics and the number is increasing day by day with different versions. Site address (URL) keeps on changing frequently as the DMCA case against the site can watch free sites.


TenManga Site

This is a new site with the perfect ingredients to provide users with some respite to readers of the veteran comic site who are searching for alternatives that are reliable.


MangaPark MangaStream Alternative

This is seemed to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is considered as a decent alternative to now-defunct KissManga which was considered as the place for reading it.

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MangaDex Site

This is another site with one of the largest collections of Shonen, Sheinen and webtoon. These are there on the site in more than 20 languages like German, Italian and many more.

Many versions of these are available, this includes:

  • Coloured version.
  • Alternative fan-fiction endings.
  • Official crossover series.

Groups are formed for:

  • Sharing, collecting, discussing or uploading the series.
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Readers are able to find certain groups of their personal liking based on its releases, edits, and others.

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Last Words

So these were the 10 sites like MangaStream in 2022 that you can use to read your favorite manga for free. Do remember that the original site is no longer available and was taken down.

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