Today we are living in a digital world where everything is conveyed digitally. If we talk about uploading any video, the first thing that pops up in our mind is YouTube. Now, this is a website where millions and billions of videos are uploaded, viewed, and commented upon daily. YouTube has become a common platform both for individuals and celebrities. Today we will be sharing with you 7 of the best YouTube Alternatives 2022 to watch free movies and TV shows.

7 Best Free YouTube Alternatives 2022 - Top Sites Like YouTube
7 Best Free YouTube Alternatives 2022 – Top Sites Like YouTube

Today, Google holds a top position in the video industry, thanks to their $ 1 billion buyouts of YouTube. According to Alexa, YouTube is the world’s third most visited website that gives an unbeatable advantage over its competition. They have become the TO GO place for watching anything from funny cat videos to everything related to music and videos.

However, there cannot be a single-player that rules all over the internet. Just like everything else in the world, YouTube has stiff competition as well.


Why use YouTube Alternatives?

As users, many things come to our minds when we most likely use the same app every time for uploading a video. Some might say things like what is the need to have alternatives when YouTube is the most popular?? Well anyone who says this is both right and wrong. Well, YouTube is the most popular, but it does not mean it’s the best.

We have seen a few drawbacks with YouTube, and here come the competitors. Here are a few things that went wrong with YouTube.

  • YouTube suspends your account, and once you get interrupted you cannot get your account back
  • Videos cannot be downloaded unless you are a premium-paying customer. However, you can download YouTube Videos using apps.
  • The infamous comment section of YouTube
  • DMCA takedown the system.

Great Alternatives to YouTube for Watching Videos/Movies/TV Shows (Updated for 2022)

Today the internet offers a healthy dose of other websites that play and provide even better functions than YouTube. They are as followed: is based in Tenerife, Spain, which is a tech-friendly island and a part of the Canary Islands. utilizes blockchain technology and is very interesting. Here you can import all of your original videos from YouTube. is a revolutionary, decentralized video streaming platform that puts all the power back in the hands of creators and viewers.

Now, how are the creator and viewers getting benefits from all of this? Well to start with the creators get the right to speech and will be able to monetize their content and earn in BitTube coins. They will get the same rate of reward irrespective of the place where their video is being viewed, unlike the YouTube ads revenue system. The viewers get to watch videos that add free and will be getting the share of mined revenue as ultimately their computing power will be used in extracting the

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Watch Free Videos and Movies in Vimeo

Vimeo means “video with me” was launched back in 2004. It outclasses YouTube in every way. It is one of the best video-sharing websites on the internet. It does not directly compete with YouTube, but where it works best is that it focuses more on quality rather than quantity. Creative individuals, filmmakers, and video creators who wanted to share their original videos and work created Vimeo.

You get a great feeling when you see the home page of Vimeo, and it attracts the user by putting everything in a categorized way, you can find everything in the explore tab and are a click away from seeing new things.

Vimeo is about snapshots of satisfying people’s lives, classy videos, lyric videos, and much more. The upload limit of the website is 500MB that can be upgraded to 2 GB.

Vimeo’s video player is just great as it focuses more on the video and less on the surrounding.

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Daily Motion

Watch TV Shows in Daily Motion

Daily motion is a French-owned website that was launched back in 2005. If YouTube has an equal competitor, no doubt that would be Daily motion. It shares the same type of video categories and layouts. It allows data upload at 150 MB and video upload of about 25 minutes in length. The daily motion has gained popularity in Europe, Africa, and Asia, not in the US yet.

Professional quality videos are promoted by Daily motion and among the best are advanced in their featured columns. For pro users, the HD uploads are locked. If you have videos made up of excellent quality, then there is more chance of coverage for them.

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Metacafe Watch Free Movies TV Shows

Metacafe was launched back in 2003 in Israel. Being one of the most fabulous community-based video-sharing websites, Metacafe specializes in the short-length original videos. Metacafe have the following words about themselves:

“We don’t have full-length television episodes or movies chopped into pieces. The average video on our site is just over 90 seconds long”.

Metacafe has a traffic of 40 million unique viewers every month. It holds top-quality videos for viewers. To get the best of Metacafe, check out their original pieces, exclusives, and partner channels. The remaining rest is what we can say the short-cut version of YouTube.

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Photo Bucket

Photo Bucket YouTube Alternative

Photo Bucket is more famous for its repository of images but at the same time has a tremendous and impressive collection of user-generated videos. Moreover, the photo bucket does not limit videos to 90 seconds.

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Flickr YT Alternative for Watching Movies

The first question that will come in a user’s mind after seeing Flickr as an alternative would be that what is it doing in the list? Isn’t Flickr a photo-sharing website, well, yes, but what many of us do not know is that Flickr also features videos online. Flickr, owned by Yahoo, is not a website that has a small startup or is in the early days of rising; instead, it is pretty established and offers some great features.

Flickr keeps its videos interesting by putting them on a limit of 90 seconds. They give it the name “long photos.” The user is allowed to put two videos a month of 60 seconds, and paid subscribers get unlimited uploads for $25. Flickr videos are for the creative people who experiment with their short videos and fit them in those 90 seconds. It too has a few lacks, but they are sure to be improved shortly.

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Veoh – Free Movies and TV Shows Site

YouTube Alternative Veoh

Till now, you have seen the alternatives for the short form of videos and limited uploads, but if you are the kind of user who seeks longer videos, then Veoh is the place for you. You have all the freedom as there is no limit on the size of the uploaded video. With Veoh, it becomes easy and quick to upload and view large videos online. You can find movies of full length and short films on Veoh.

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Which YT Alternative are you using?

In this guide, we have discussed the YouTube alternatives that are available all over the internet. We have discussed how websites other than YouTube are providing us with better videos than YouTube that come with good quality and great content. I hope you liked our list of great YouTube alternatives for watching free movies and TV shows.

Watching movies on YouTube alternatives is currently not such a great experience. This is why we have given you our second choice to YT where you can view all the favorite shows and movies you wish.

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