Learn all about the Linux operating system. Here you will find helpful and easy to follow guides and how-to articles for your Linux servers. You will also find the best tips on security and recommendations.

8 Best Ways To Secure Linux Server (Linux Hardening Guide 2021)

8 Best Ways To Secure Linux Server (Linux Hardening Guide 2021)

Linux/Unix powers almost everything on the internet. Nearly all the websites that you visit on the internet are hosted on a server that is...
The Metasploit Commands Cheat Sheet 2019

Metasploit Commands List (2021) – Use Metasploit like a Pro

Want to use Metasploit Pro Framework or Metasploit Unleashed? Well, you will need to know their commands first!. Below we are sharing with you...
Top 8 Best Linux Distros for Hacking and Penetration Testing (2019 Edition)

8 Best Linux Distros for Hacking, Penetration Testing and CyberSecurity 2021

If you are trying to find the best Linux distro to learn hacking or penetration testing, you are in the right place. There are...

7 Best Linux Courses for System Administration Training (2021)

More than 20 experts from the SecuredYou team have combined an article on the 7 best Linux courses for System Administration, Training and Certification....
Top 6 Best Gnome Desktops for Linux Distros

Top 6 Best GNOME Desktop Environments for Linux 2021 (Download)

If you are bored with the Linux Terminal and want to enhance it. You will find the Top 6 Best GNOME Desktop Environments for...
Top 10 Android Emulators for Linux for 2019 - Android Apps in Linux

10 Best Android Emulators for Linux 2021 – Run Android Apps...

If you are looking for the best Android emulators for Linux in 2021 this page is your best bet. These are emulators that will help...

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