Learn all about the Linux operating system. Here you will find helpful and easy to follow guides and how-to articles for your Linux servers. You will also find the best tips on security and recommendations.

Free Linux Games for Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian

Best 15 Free Linux Games For 2021 – Download Games for...

Best Free Linux games 2021 is one of the most searched terms whenever a Windows user switches from his comfort world to a Linux Distro....
Chromebook Recovery Utility Download

How To Create a Bootable USB in Chrome OS (2021 Ultimate...

Do you have a Chromebook? If, Yes. This ultimate guide will show you step by step how to create a bootable USB on Chrome...
Top 6 Best Material-Inspired Themes/Icons for Linux Download (2020)

Best 6 Material-Inspired Themes & Icons for Linux Download (2021)

A Linux desktop is nothing if it is not appealing to the eye. We will be talking about everything about Linux themes and Linux...
How to Delete Linux Grub Files in Windows 10 from Boot EFI Partition

How to Remove Grub Files in Windows 10 from Boot EFI...

If you are one of those frustrated users who is searching for how to remove grub loader files from Windows 10 then you are...
10 Ubuntu Terminal Commands and Shortcut Keys You Should Know in 2019

10 Ubuntu Terminal Commands and Shortcuts You Should Know in 2021

If you don’t know anything about Ubuntu, its Shortcut keys and Commands, then you are reading a complete and easy guide which will make...
Top 8 Best GTK Themes for Ubuntu 19.10 Free Download (2020 Edition)

Top 8 Best GTK Themes for Ubuntu 19.10/20.04 Free Download 2021

The default theme of Ubuntu is pretty good enough itself but by no means is the best; hundreds of Ubuntu themes are available for...

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