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Top 12 Methods on Speeding Up Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 Boot Time

Top 12 Methods on Speeding Up Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 Boot Time

You might have experienced your system slowing down after using Ubuntu. Follow through to know about all the tweaks and tips to make it...
Free Linux Games for Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian

15 Best Free Linux Games For 2022 – Download Games for...

Best Free Linux games 2022 is one of the most searched terms whenever a Windows user switches from his comfort world to a Linux Distro....
Top 10 Android Emulators for Linux for 2019 - Android Apps in Linux

10 Best Android Emulators for Linux 2022 – Android Apps on...

If you are looking for the best Android emulators for Linux in 2022 this page is your best bet. These are emulators that will help...
How to Play PUBG Mobile on Linux (Ubuntu, Kali Linux, CentOS)

How to Play PUBG Mobile on Ubuntu, Kali Linux or CentOS

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds has turned out to be the most popular and most played game in recent time. Its number of players is increasing day...
Kali Linux Hacking Tutorial for Starters: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Kali Linux Hacking Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Professional Hacking 2022

If you are here to Learn Kali Linux Hacking or you want to learn ethical hacking, you are absolutely in the right place for beginners....

7 Best Linux Courses for System Administration Training 2022

More than 20 experts from the SecuredYou team have combined an article on the 7 best Linux courses for System Administration, Training and Certification....

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