SuperVPN Free Download (v1.4 Latest) For PC 2022 - #1 VPN

If you are someone who is paranoid about their privacy and data. Then, SuperVPN Free Download For PC is your best choice to go. It provides you security and prevents your ISP from collecting data about you and knowing your browsing history.

  • Surf the internet privately and safely.
  • Provide mandatory services to each user.

It is one of the best, top-ranked applications that are available on the Google PlayStore. This application is produced only for smartphone devices.


What is SuperVPN and why do you need it for Windows 10/11

What is SuperVPN For PC

It is a must-have tool for all as it carries a simple interface. Users love to get the services of this application. Moreover, you do not need to pay any amount of money to use services. It focuses on providing users with fast-speed internet.

As many users avoid accessing services of a virtual private network it due to the fact that locational proxies slow it down and users often get frustrated while accessing desired stuff on it. With this, users are able to surf without being bothered by slow networks. If you want elite services then SuperVPN pro is also there in the market.

SuperVPN List of Features (New)

SuperVPN PC Features

Privacy-first code, design and servers

Having a fast net connection is good but what if it is not secured? Would you still want to use it? Every one of us knows that a VPN with privacy services is no good to a user; this is why it ensures the security of all its users.

As it carries variant proxy servers known for working well for users who want to hide their online identity from the time an end-user clicks on the connect button, he is provided with a secured pathway which is a VPN tunnel to surf with a strong encryption process of 256-bit.

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Servers in various countries that respect the privacy laws

It helps you get a free connection regardless of the time and place. It helps users with help of proxy servers. To be honest, there are many proxy locations there in the application. Use the one you desire.

Popular ones are Canada, USA, UK and many others. Moreover, it provides users with a fake IP address for their safety and security. If he uses this then nobody will know in which country or region to look for him.

Why it is the best

SuperVPN Proxy Free Download For PC

  • You can surf whatever you want if you are a user of this.
  • Get access to foreign sites or social media portals that are blocked by geo-restrictions.
  • By-pass strong firewalls that are built by the administration of big industries.
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If you are in university and youtube is banned then no need to get frustrated as you can use this to get whatever you want.

  • Get unlimited bandwidth.
  • Download a lot of data or play blocked games such as PUBG in your country.
  • Live stream videos.

The application is torrent-friendly thus users are able to enjoy lots of torrents without any botheration from bandwidth restrictions.

New Alternative Choices

  1. JustVPN For PC
  2. CyberGhost VPN for Windows 10
  3. Download HMA! Pro VPN

How to Install SuperVPN on Windows 10, 8, 7 (Step-by-Step)

  • Install BlueStacks on your system – That’s all you need.

This is not going to bother you with any lame services but you need to make sure that your PC meets all the requirements for installing it. Make sure that you have installed 4GB+ RAM and it carries 450MB for downloading it .exe file. It would work great if you carry 5GB disk storage.

  • When you have met all the requirements; install “.exe file”, wait for it to complete.
  • Once done, install it and run on your system.
  • Make sure to see the startup properly and when required “enter credentials”.
  • Open “PlayStore”, therefrom its main interface.
  • After this, type in “SuperVPN Free VPN Client there in the search box of PlayStore. Click on “Enter”.
  • Then you need to click on the “Install button” and accept the installation.
  • After some minutes, this shall be installed successfully.
  • All you need to do is access its icon available at its home interface.

This is it, and you are done!!!

Does SuperVPN keep a log of all the data and traffic

SuperVPN Logging Policy

The logging policy is far too sparse for our liking. What is the monitor is the most important section. Not being able to monitor traffic is the basic standard that you must expect from it – it is a good start but won’t earn any of its additional points.

Monitoring IPs against blacklist is not a standard practice or part of its logging policies though. It comes along more as an excuse to keep a record of your IP than the necessary procedure.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, the policy refers towards the Data Protection Act 1998, an outdated law of the UK that got replaced back in 2018.

Another concerning detail is a reference to where it stores data or information.

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This is used to set off alarm bells around any office; what does it collect? Why it stores data in privacy-unfriendly US and UK?

Users do not require any email address or an account in order to use this thus it is hard to imagine any sort of information regarding users that is necessary to run the service.

This discrepancy is quite suspicious. A proper sort of proper privacy policy like this one from the private internet access may not be able to resolve it, but this one does not have any proper privacy policy.

A bit more worrying thing is that first when you install it, it asks for permission to access the phone and stored files and media on it.

There is no reason behind VPN to request any sort of information that is coupled with privacy policy’s reference to store data which it implies it may be collecting personal data.

Now, even with the best encryption, when users use this they entrust their providers with their personal information as well as data. It is quite important that either you ca trust your VPN, and this SuperVPN has done nothing to earn our trust.

It can excel in all our other criteria and therefore should not be recommended.

Its shady behavior and vague, over-reaching privacy policy are both huge red flags that need to be absolute deal breakers when choosing for a VPN.

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Download SuperVPN For Windows 10 PC and Mac v1.4 – #1 Free VPN

How to Download SuperVPN (Quickly)

This is an application and no official version free for Windows 10 and Mac exists. Still, there are many users who want this application because of its many benefits.

If you want to install this for PC then:

  • First, you need to get an android emulator on it.
  • Think of this as third-party software which carries a reputation to impress other android users.

As previously said, data is the new gold and privacy is the new security standard. SuperVPN Download for PC is free and works on Windows 10/11 without any issue. It provides you with end-to-end encryption and security through the use of a proxy. There is also an Android version that you can use on your mobile.

Now updated to support Tor’s encrypted protocol and with support for Windows 11.

SuperVPN Free Download For Windows 10, 8, 7, 11 PC

SuperVPN PC Download - Why I recommend
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