If you want to enhance your user experience and members on your server, have a look at the below 18 Best Discord Bots for better collaboration. These will help you get your audience more engaged, have fun, and not feel bored! The best advantage of Discord is that you can add any bots for the best experience in gaming.

Bots are simple programs that enhance all of the functionalities of a server that you already have created. These bots help you manage your server in a whole different way while providing you with some of the extra features or add-ons too.

If you are unaware of the Discord Server, then the first thing that I am going to do is give a brief description of it. Discord is a freeware Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and digital distribution platform application which is designed for the video gaming communities. It is a perfect and intuitive platform that has been embraced by gamers all over the globe; the best thing about this software is its customizable and robust nature.

18 Best Discord Bots 2022 - Make Your Servers Great Again
18 Best Discord Bots – Beast Mode for your Servers


18 Best Discord Bots For your Server in 2022

As I have mentioned before that there are different bots for different purposes. Each bot has its features or working. Discord has excellent support for bots and a broad API on its platform. Due to this, there are thousands of bots that you can use to make your Server look Professional for gamers. We recommend you read our tutorial on how to add bots to your discord server first.

Here is the list of some Discord Bots which I found helpful, fun and entertaining:

Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot

This single bot consists of a whole pack in which there are tons of commands. These commands are the abilities to kick, ban and mute users from the chat itself. The most important and useful feature in this pack is “Softban.” This feature or command is used to ban and then unban any user to delete all of his/her messages.

GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is also a multipurpose bot available in the Discord Server. GAwesome is a powerful and highly customizable bot. It doesn’t only just give you perfect moderation in chats, but it also gives you a ton of interesting or fun features.

You can use it to increase the user activity for the users available on your Server. This particular bot can be used for the award, kick or ban member ranks. The other functions that this bot can do are Giveaways, Generate sick memes, Conduct Pols and much more.

Mee6 Bot

This Bot does many things other than just modification or moderation. This particular bot has a very useful and automatic auto moderator and spam filter. You can enable this feature from the “Moderators” section which is available in their online dashboard. From that dashboard, you can turn on or off things such as emoji spam, external links, mass mentions, and annoying caps.

Tatsumaki Bot

Tatsumaki Bot

Tatsumaki is an adequate Bot that is mostly used by different online game players or streamers. This Bot offers you a ton of commands which can be used for different moderations such as Notifications, Setting Welcome Messages and many other features. It cannot only be used with the discord, but it also allows you to change the settings of the bots from the dashboard which is dedicated.

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Gaius Bot

Gaius Bot

This bot is a bit complicated than the other bots which I have mentioned in the list, but still, it is the most powerful. The one most useful feature in this bot is the Server-wide slow mode. It just works like the quiet mode which is available in another bot named Twitch. With the help of Gaius Bot, you can also create some custom Filtered auto moderators.

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I know that you understand what memes are? If your answer is a big NO! You should know that the memes are those images that consist of some jokes which can make you laugh. To always keep you laughing Discord has added this funny bot just for you. With the help of MemezBot, you can share some best quality memes with different users available on your Discord server.

Twitch Bot

This bot consists of many features of the twitch Integration bot. This bot offers you to set Browser twitch, view stats, set notifications for streamers or users and also allows you to listen to the streams in Discord voice chat.

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Zandercraft Bot

This is personally one of the best bots which I have used, and I used this bot in my Discord server for a pretty while. This bot consists of different features and functions such as Productivity gifs and an entire package of the significance chat. One of the best features of this bot is that it can play Hi-Fi Music and Extra HD (XHD) music.

Medal Bot

This bot comes with the offers with the integration of medal.tv which is a site that is used for sharing the game clips. You can use this fantastic Bot to share your gaming clips to the Discord Server directly.

GameStats Bot

The name of this bot describes its working and features which are embedded inside it. You can use this particular bot to set a profile in which you can share all of your gaming stats along with the gaming aliases with friends. With this bot, you can see your stats from various games such as Rust, Paragon, Xbox Live including PUBG.

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Patreon Bot

Patreon is a website that owns a bot that allows you to give out roles to your patron automatically. You can add this Bot from the settings which are available on this site by just merely clicking “Connect to Discord.” 

Typical Bot

This fantastic bot is Ironically-named because of its power and ease of usability. This bot provides you with all of the necessary tools which you can use to perform several moderations such as Music streaming from YouTube, playing mini-games along with music and much more. 

Equalizer Bot

This particular bot has more than 260 useful commands. The equalizer can perform server configuration, sending random memes, temporary voice channels, image effects, and many other fun features.

Trivia Bot

This Bot is also known as the IQ bot because of its unique game which consists of 24 categories and more than 3000 questions that are asked to test your IQ or Knowledge. The 24 groups are about television, sports, science, nature, and film.

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Translator Bot

The Translator Bot is a handy bot when you have players or users from different countries. As they speak different languages than this bot can easily understand their message and translate it for you in any language you want.

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RuneInfo Bot

This bot allows you to play a trendy game on your Discord server named RuneScape. Well, it is a sort of surprise that how you can play a fantasy game inside a client which is used for messaging, but still, it is possible. This bot gives you 113 sets of commands to play the game with other users.

You can guess the use of this bot by simply reading its name. This simple bot is used for receiving payments from the other users or players available in your server. The payment will directly be transferred into your PayPal account. This bot is perfect for receiving the payments through which you can make money from gaming.


The last bot which is available in our list is a bot for the team gamer which is named “GuildedBot.” This bot is specifically designed for the team players who play games called: PUBG, DOTA, or Warcraft. This bot helps you recruit new players into your team, complete missions together and for improved your abilities. You can manage the activities of your team with the dashboard of GuildedBot which is entirely accessible in your Discord server.


This is another bot recommended by our visitors. It is intended for players that like listening to music while they are playing games. It has been proven to improve the productivity of the players and also increase activity on the servers as many people like lit.

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What are your Favorite Discord Bots?

In today’s guide, we discussed the Best Discord Bots available for Discord Servers. In the start, I gave you a brief introduction to the Discord Server for the newbie user of Discord. Then after that, I told you about the Discord Bots and their functionalities. After that, I gave you a list of Discord Bots that are popular nowadays and especially for the multiplayer gamers who play PUBG and Fortnite, etc. According to Discord, they have a similar list showing the top bots.

After that, I explained each bot and gave you all of the information of their features which I was able to gather. I also told you about some bots which I used in my Discord Server. Before I end this guide, I would like to give you quick information that each bot has its abilities and features. You can add and use any of the Bots which I mentioned in the list above. Happy Gaming!

Let us know below in the comments if you have any other discord bots for 2022 to add.

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