More than 20 experts from the SecuredYou team have combined an article on the 7 best Linux courses for System Administration, Training and Certification. It comes with both free and paid resources to help you learn Linux. All the available courses are suitable for beginners and intermediate learners as well as experts.

7 Best Linux Courses for System Administration Training (2021 Edition)

These courses also include Free Linux training videos to help you learn the command line. This will consist of learning how to run standard commands to advanced ones. At the end of the courses, you will be given a free certification that you can add to your resume/CV.


Top 7 Best Linux Courses – Administration, Programming, Certification and Training

Learn Linux in 5 Hours/ 5 days (Udemy)

Learning new skills is as important as time management. If you are searching for a class that will help you out to pick up professional skills to work on a Linux platform, then this is an evident contender. This was created by Jason Cannon, who is a professional system administrator.

This certification helps you to go through all the necessary skills that are required for working with this operating system in only 5 days. With the help of real-life and practical examples, all basic commands and concepts are covered. The lessons are designed for beginners so that they can understand and learn all the techniques in simple language. This is the best online Linux course you will find.

Key Points:

  • Its lectures shall be covering all the major commands and operations by going through them step by step.
  • You will have tons of practical exercises to solidify your knowledge and clarify all your doubts.
  • Every topic is covered elaborately with real-life examples that will help you learn faster
  • You shall learn how to install Word Press on Linux with the help of detailed instructions.
  • Comprises of 82 Lectures + 1 Article + 34 Supplemental Resources + Full lifetime access


It is for 5.5 hours



Start Linux in 5 Days Level Up Your Career Course

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Linux Mastery: Master Linux Command Line (Udemy – Updated)

7 Best Linux Courses, Administration, Programming & Training [2020]

This is the best course if you do not know or have no idea how to get started with learning the skills that are required for working on Linux. Ziyad Yehia is teaching this, and he is a Udemy instructor. This program can help you to become an independent user of a widely used OS.

This program starts from scratch and the sets of lectures that are being provided help you handle the command line as well as use the bash scripting to automate the tasks. It comes with various additional topics that include installing and managing the open source software with the package manager. This program is top-rated among students as it gets great reviews and ratings. On Udemy this is considered to be the best Linux course

Key Points:

  • This program is used to solidify the core concepts of Linux with the help of lectures and practical examples.
  • All the lessons are taught in fun as well as interactive ways through visualization.
  • This project-based course helps you to get a flavor of tasks in the real world.
  • These lectures are designed in a way to be thorough and time-efficient.
  • This program comprises of 67 Lectures + 1 Article + 11 Supplemental Resources + Full lifetime access.


It is of 11.5 hours



Linux Mastery Course

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Linux Server Management & Security Certification from the University of Colorado (Coursera) – Free Course

Linux system is involved almost everywhere, whether you are watching a show on Netflix or directly accessing a bank website. This course is designed and created by the University of Colorado, and it aims to help you understand how this popular OS is used in an enterprise environment.

This Program comes in two sections with individual goals for each section. The certification aims to help you understand how to manage file systems and tighten the security of files as well as operations. It comes with tutorials that are helpful for all from students, professionals to job seekers. Due to having the best instructors and high ratings, this course is a must-try for all.

Key Points:

  • -This course helps in applying and accessing system security techniques.
  • -It comes with lectures that are crisp and covered in a transparent and time-efficient manner.
  • It carries practical exercises that help you to gain experience in the topics covered in the lectures.
  • In this Quizzes and reading material is available along with videos as supplementary material.
  • The final task that is required for the completion of the certification is a real-world-based project which provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge that you have acquired throughout the lectures.


Five weeks



Linux Server Management and Security from Coursera

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Linux Administration Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced (Udemy Course)

Boot camps are usually very funny and relaxed. If you are looking for a Linux learning course that’s both fun and learning at the same time; then this is the right place where you have landed. Jason Canon also designs it. He is a professional system administrator. This course comes for all from beginners to experts.

Initially, it begins with lectures that cover fundamental terms before it moves to more complicated content and commands. You will get a lot many exercises and practical lessons for a better understanding of difficult topics. The certification comes with more than 20,000 students.

Key Points:

  • It carries lectures that are well designed and are also divided into relevant sections.
  • You can learn the fundamental topics and then apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner.
  • -It comes for all. You can learn topics from beginner to advanced level.
  • –It is the best and perfect place, to begin with, a career as a Server Administrator or something similar.
  • The course comprises of 74 Lectures + 2 Articles + 3 Supplemental Resources + Full lifetime access.


8-hour video



Linux Administration Bootcamp Course

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Linux certification by Linux Foundation (From edX)

Linux Programming Courses

The most popular operating system in the world is Linux. Linux OS is used by about 94% of the world’s servers, traders and supercomputers. Therefore if you can make your way through this OS safely, then you have the best weapon in your arsenal. This is an introductory level training that is introduced by the Linux Foundation.

This program will let you use different tools and techniques that are being used by the system administrators through practical and theoretical lessons. Moreover, the best thing about this course is that it covers both the graphical user interface and the command line. It has more than 250,000 students enrolled and is worth trying.

Key USPs

  • No prerequisite is required to enroll in this certification.
  • It is an excellent program, to begin with as a system administrator and developer on Linux.
  • It comes in with a Well-structured curriculum with a particular focus on each section.
  • You can quickly learn the basic command-line operations.
  • In this course, the system configuration and graphical interface are explained in detail.
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8 weeks

The Linux Foundation Free Linux Courses

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Linux for Beginners – Free Linux Course (Udemy)

It is considered correct about Linux that it is a very vast topic and its starting point can be very challenging at times. Now, this course is also designed by Jason Cannon, who is a professional administrator. This is a very decent starting line for beginners. The instructor ensures that the concepts are explained at a comfortable pace as most of the students of this course are novices. It comes with practical exercises as well, along with lessons. All of this helps students to get a better perspective of the fundamentals that are covered in the lesson

Key USPs

  • The course helps you to understand the fundamental theory as well as perform practical exercises.
  • You shall learn to manipulate directories, handle permissions, customize shell prompt and much more.
  • It comes with ideal certification for individuals with limited time.
  • The course comprises of 76 Lectures + 1 Article + 27 Supplemental Resources + Full lifetime access


5.5 hours



Linux Command Line and Administration Tutorial

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Complete Linux Tutorial Course: Become a Linux Professional (Udemy)

Many online classes are based on Linux these days. This particular course is created by Muhammad Torkey, Mohammad Yehia Zakareya, and a DevOps engineer. This course is perfect for students who are looking for a point and clear lecture. This certification is designed in a way to help students who are preparing for a job with profiles like system administrators.

The lessons usually begin with the necessary installations that are required for practicals. It also covers topics like file system management, security management, network configuration and much more. It also includes many additional concepts that will boost your profile up.

Key USPs-

  • This program comes with clear instructions about how to deal with downloads and installations, which makes the rest of the learning journey more comfortable.
  • It covers all the topics from scratch.
  • It comes with courses that are inclined towards the practical experience, which makes learning a much fun experience.
  • It includes many quizzes along with 24-hour support in the discussion forum.
  • It comes with a bonus topic that is included in the certification like a secure shell.
  • The course comprises of 107 Lectures + 8 Supplemental Resources + Full lifetime access.


14 hours



Complete Linux Course

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Which Linux Courses are you taking?

This page is all about the 7 best Linux courses for administration, training, and certification 2022. These courses include content for certification providers and companies including Linux Foundation, Redhat, LPIC, and Linux Mint. Some of these courses are FREE and include training videos to watch.

Have you taken any similar Linux programming and administration courses? Let us know so we can review and add them too!

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