ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2022 - Working Proxies to Unblock ExtraTorrent

This is well-known and quite popular within the torrent ecosystem and seemed to be the best sit like KickAss and Pirate Bay. It got developed back in 2006. Today we bring you the best ExtraTorrent proxy sites to use in 2022. They can be used for:

It hosted an assortment of both torrent and magnet hyperlinks for a wide range of content material. One of its highlighting options which it carries is:

  • Superior search performance.

There is nothing the user cannot discover by typing within its search field.

Like various sites, it additionally irked copyright watchdogs and was shutdown back in 2017. Once the site went offline many attempts were made by all the torrent lovers to clone it or put mirror websites like Extratorrent.unblockninja.com. It has survived while others did not share identical density and got vanished.


What is ExtraTorrents and how does it work

The best part about this one is that it carries its own site along with hosting services. Therefore, downloaded file carry correct security and access links. This can:

  • Download different files to its service and storage.
  • Create links and trackers to download files to the device directly.

Now whenever a person downloads a file then he is able to install or share it using its tracker. This is quite a simple process.

All you need to do is:

  1. Insert the file into the downloaded software such as Utorrent, Azure or BitTorrent.
  2. Once done, download it to your PC.
  3. After this save it in the same place and do not delete it from the software.
  4. Allow it to install and compare the content; by default, this option is activated.

This content can be shared with many people and they can further share it using this.

Note: Sites mentioned are only for merely informational purposes as we do not utilize them to obtain copyright-protected content material.

ExtraTorrents- Proxy List Table (Works)

Following is the checklist:

ExtraTorrent Proxy List Table

How to unblock ExtraTorrent

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent

If the working site that is extratorrents.cd has been blocked in your specific area then you need to use proxies in order to bypass it and obtain them. Here we have listed some proxy sites that you can visit.

If you do not know how proxies work then the ones mentioned in the list work as intermediate servers that are used to conceal IP deals with the intention to enter the site without permitting vacation spot side in order to trace you.

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VPN’s are also a good choice

For all the people who are living in rustic such as Chine or India where sites are banned then they can use VPN to unblock them. For this:

  • You need to get its software, we recommend CyberGhost.
  • Then select a server of one other nation.
  • Then go to any of its proxies that have been listed below.
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If anyone of this is working for you then you can see a checklist for KickAss and Pirate Bay to go look and obtain torrents.

Best Alternatives for ExtraTorrent that work in any country

In spite of this there are other sites as well on the internet that are trustworthy to download:

  • TV shows and movies.

These are as followed:

EXT Torrents

The first one is EXT.to. For this, you need to create an account to use it. The login requires details like:

  • Email address, username and password.

With this users can manage subscriptions to more than 1300 TV shows and 30k movies.

EXT Torrents Site

This is seemed to be the best movie site. In here you can find many movies and TV shows and download files or get the magnet links. Now, these with more than 2 million verified torrents manage to make zero noise in the specified world out there.

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YTS Site

If you depend on torrents to download movies then this one is recommended for you. This shall amaze the user for sure. It carries an intuitive user interface with latest versions available in 4K resolution.

This is also known as Yiffy and is known to be the best movie download website.


This is yet another best alternative on this list. It was launched back in 2007. Such a site is based on the community where users are able to share the best files for free download.

With this users can easily download:

  • Anime, movie, games, software, TV shows and music.

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Alternative Proxies (Safe to use)


This is a very famous proxy. There are many downpour web crawlers but this one is used to discover the most recent motion pictures and diversion that are discharged. It encourages the users to find out the preferred division and live it up.

It carries different records shared as well such as programming and various items that can be downloaded. This is marked as the acclaimed downpour webpage on the internet, where many sites go back and forth. It carries the option to have an effect, due to this it is one of the most popular websites. Now as compared to other deluge sites this one is not open totally.

This is seemed to be the best possible way to access extra torrentsmovies.cc unlocked. You need to utilize intermediaries and VPN administrations in order to ensure you can get to the site. There are certain mirror destinations as which can get you to this quite effectively.

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A portion of this is:

  • ch/.
  • net.

With this user can download their most favourite and loves motion pictures.

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This is a widely used search engine that is used to download movie and also find them quickly. It is one of the acclaimed middle people. These are a colossal measure of web crawlers. This is devoted to discovering the most recent motion pictures as well as redirection that is discharged it stimulates the user in finding his most favored redirection and carries an incredible time.

This is quite a decent method to unblock extratorrents.cd. It has various records shared as well such as:

  • Programming and various things that can be downloaded.

This is seemed to be one of the most tempest pages available on the internet, where goals in a general sense go back and forth. This one carries the choice to have an effect that has made it quite popular yet remarkable. This is not open completely.

This is the best way to unblock it. User needs to utilize go-between and VPN associations in order to ensure they can make their way to the website.

Reflect objectives are here as well which can get to this effectively. Centre individuals are:

  • ch/.
  • net/.

With these users are able to download their most valued films.

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It is deemed to be one of the most acclaimed intermediaries. This is used to find:

  • Latest movies and redirection that been released.

It energizes the user to discover their favored redirection and lets them enjoy a great time.

It is a good way to unblock123 extratorrents. It carries different records shared as well such as programming and other things that can be downloaded. This is yet another acclaimed whirlwind page on the internet where portions of objectives go to and fro in general. This one had an impact and is one of the most wonderful pages. This again is not open totally.

This is a nice yet ideal approach to get it blocked. These users need to use go-betweens and VPN relationships in order to guarantee they can get to the website.

Pinch of middle people are:

  • ch/.
  • net/.

With this users can get the choice to download their most loved and esteemed movies. It carries different records shared as well such as programming and other things that can be downloaded.

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So this was our list of the best ExtraTorrent proxy list that you can use for unblocking ET in your country! Not only this, but you are also safe from your ISP finding out what you have been doing.

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